Guide to Getting Free Perfume Samples by Mail

Looking for a new signature scent, or just like to change up your vibe every now and then? Getting free perfume samples by mail allows you to test out new brands and scents before committing to a purchase. Below, we’ll go over some a variety of ways to apply for free perfume samples by mail.

Clubs & Websites for Free Perfume Samples by Mail

There are almost always websites offering limited-time perfume samples while supplies last.

Check these sites to see if they have active campaigns for free perfume samples by mail:

The good news is that by signing up for free sample and product review websites, you can try many other kinds of products in addition to perfumes!

Follow Companies on Facebook and Watch for Ads

We all know that today’s companies love targeted advertising. Sometimes this can work to your advantage! Try following the Facebook page of companies that sell perfume, and also visiting their websites and browsing their perfume selections. You may just find that the cookies bring some sample offers across your Facebook feed.

Here are some good Facebook pages to follow:

By following your favorite companies on social media (this can also include Instagram), you’ll be the first to know when they’re advertising new perfume samples.

Contact Companies for Free Perfume Samples by Mail

Finally, it never hurts to just ask! If you’re interested in a sample from a company, shoot them an email or use their website contact form. Some, like Hermes Paris, even encourage you to get in touch and ask if samples are available for a fragrance that interests you.

If you have retail outlets nearby and are open for asking in-person at stores, that can be another effective way to leave with a sample or two in your hand.

Get Free Samples With a Product Order

If you’re already planning to place an order for beauty products, popular retailers might sweeten the deal with an extra free gift offer. These can include makeup, skincare, or perfume samples.

Check current free gift options on:

Perfume samples by mail won’t often come in large sizes, but we can’t complain when they’re free, right? If you’re an avid sampler, you’ll probably be able to smell wonderful all year with the help of free perfume samples by mail. Or you might fall in love with one and decide to splurge on a full-sized version—just make sure it fits into your budget.

Let us know about your favorite perfume scents and sample websites in the comments!

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