7 Cheapest Fast Food To Eat When You’re On A Budget

Who doesn’t like fast food?

Most fast food items are irreplaceable, and no other food option can match their distinct taste. In fact, ordering fast food has to be one of the best feelings until you look at the pricing side of the menu.

Keeping their distinct taste aside, fast food items can do a number on your budget, causing you to stretch thin until your next payday. 

Only if there was a way to enjoy fast food without worrying about going over your budget. Oh, wait, there is?  

Read on to find out what is the cheapest fast food to eat when you’re on a budget!

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1. Jack in The Box

Many restaurants offer impressive deals during midnight hours. With its 2-for $1 deal, Jack in The Box arguably brings one of the best deals for budget junkies! 

People living in areas with Jack in The Box branches in their vicinity greatly love the restaurant for its amazing taste at unbelievable prices. Jack in The Box has also won over the internet with their tasty tacos.

Social media platforms are loaded with “#TacoObsession” posts glorifying the Tacos from Jack in The Box. Considering their price and taste, it’s safe to say that Jack in The Box is one of the best restaurants in the fast food industry. 

2. Little Caesars

As a Pizza lover, it’s impossible to stay away from delicious pizzas made by Little Caesars. Little Caesar’s taste is not the only thing special; they make their meals affordable too! 

Little Caesar’s lets you grab its Hot and Ready Pizza for $6. This 14-inch pizza comes with pepperoni, sausages, and cheese for the same price. The Hot and Ready Pizza from Little Caesar’s is a punch of taste and a must for any meat lover. 

Given that the whole pizza costs $6, every slice costs $1.59, making Little Caesar’s the perfect place to satisfy your cravings on a budget. 

3. Ikea

You might wonder how Ikea ended up on this list, albeit being a furniture store. While Ikea is technically a furniture store, its cafeteria offers some value deals and remains favorable for your budget.

Compared to the other restaurants, including Mcdonald’s, IKEA’s kid menu is much more affordable. 

So, if you still want to stick to your budget, just walk straight past the furniture section and to the cafe! 

4. Rallys/Checkers

Although they’re separate joints, Checkers and Rallys offer some of the best cheap fast food options, including their $1 All-American Cheeseburger. 

This burger comes with an apt name and carries all the traits of the classic American cheeseburger. These burgers come with mustard, pickles, American cheese, and a single beef patty.

Despite its affordable pricing, this burger gives other joints a run for their money! 

5. Taco Bell

Priced at $4.59, Taco Bell’s Breakfast Burrito Combo is just what you need to start your day right!

This affordable deal comes with a breakfast burrito containing a hash brown wrapped inside. As an add-on, Taco Bell also gives you a fountain drink to complete the meal. This bargain deal is enough to refuel yourself and last till dinner!

Considering the value for money this deal provides, it won’t have a huge effect on your budget. 

6. Wendy’s

A recent study marked Wendy’s as one of today’s most expensive fast-food chains but, the “4 for $4 meal” suggests otherwise! 

This deal offers you exactly what it says; you get four items, including a junior cheeseburger, fries, drink, and nuggets, only for $4. If you have ever eaten at Wendy’s, you’d know that this deal provides the most bang for your buck.

The 4-for $4 deal is enough for one person, allowing you to enjoy the scrumptious Wendy’s taste and have a fulfilling meal. 

It’s hard to resist a dessert craving after a fast food meal. Fortunately, a small frosty from Wendy’s has you covered here too! The $1 Small Frosty from Wendy’s allows you to treat yourself to chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

7. McDonald’s

For anyone wanting to enjoy a delicious meal on a budget, McDonald’s is the place to be. A budget of $5 unlocks many burgers and breakfast options on the menu. That being said, one of the best items on McDonald’s menu is its Premium McWrap. 

Priced at $4.39, this wrap comes with chicken and bacon options and a ton of healthy vegetables, including tomatoes and lettuce.

McDonald’s allows further customization by allowing you to choose between filling your wrap with either crispy or grilled tortilla. 

Final Words

With food prices going through the roof, satisfying your fast food cravings has become considerably difficult. Luckily, some restaurants believe that prices should never become a barrier between you and your cravings. 

Having said that, we have listed some of the cheapest fast food to eat when you’re on a budget. The deals mentioned above not only give you access to a premium taste but also allow you to save some money.

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