10 Places to Get Free Appliances (Charities And Freebies For Low-Income Families)

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your home or replace a broken item, here is how to get free appliances for your family.

After the cost of purchasing your house itself, buying appliances can be one of the largest expenses that homeowners make.

Buying a new refrigerator, washing machine, a deep freezer or dishwasher can be a major expense, and it may not be in your budget.

So what do you do if you do not have a couple thousand dollars handy for a new refrigerator or washing machine?

Have you ever wondered how to get free appliances? Is it even possible? The answer is yes!  Getting appliances for free is possible if you know where to look.

How to Get Free Appliances

There are different online groups, charities, and government organizations that might be able to help you obtain the items that you need. Here are some of the places to start looking for free appliances near you.

  1. Repair rather than replace
  2. Charities that help with appliances
  3. Curb surf for free appliances
  4. Search for freebies on Craigslist and Facebook
  5. Help recycle old items through Freecycle
  6. Find free items through the Furniture Bank
  7. Utilize government assistance
  8. Contact 211
  9. Contact the Red Cross
  10. Find what you need on a freebie app
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1. Repair rather than replace

If your appliance might have some life left, it may be cheaper for the time being to keep your existing appliance and make the repairs rather than to buy a new one.

If you are handy, do searches online and watch Youtube videos to see if you could fix yourself. Or if you have friends or family members who can assist, ask them if they can help make repairs for you. 

2. Charities That Help With Appliances

Did you know that different charitable organizations can often help with free appliances?

Some larger churches will often have items for those in need that have been donated by other members.

If they don’t have the appliances themselves, they may be able to refer you to organizations that can assist with how to get free appliances.

Other organizations such as the Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul.

3. Curb surf for free appliances

Have a truck or large vehicle that will transport appliances? Keep an eye out and you may spot free items located on curbs for free pick up.

These may be older models and some may be in need of repair. However if you are handy and can make any needed improvements yourself, you may find a treasure in someone else’s trash. 

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4. Search for Freebies on Craigslist and Facebook

While you might have shopped in various online groups for great deals, did you also know that there are “buy nothing” groups and posts where individuals are giving away items including appliances.

While you will likely have to find a way to transport them, and some items may need some repairs, these online groups can be a great way to find free appliances and to keep old items from going to landfills. Do an online search to find online groups and forums offering buy nothing opportunities for your area.

5. Help recycle old items through Freecycle

Want to get rid of items or find items that others are getting rid of at no charge? Freecycle helps put used items to good use and helps keep them out of landfills.

With over 5000 groups nationwide, there is sure to be one for your area, and you can even post a wanted ad to let others know that you are looking for a particular item. Find Freecycle groups near you here

6. Find free items through the Furniture Bank

Did you know that there is an organization specifically created to help individuals find free appliances and furniture? This organization helps connect gently used items that are donated by those who no longer need it and donates it to those who are struggling financially.

These furniture banks are nonprofits or charities that can help provide appliances, furniture or other household furnishings to families and individuals who need them at little or no cost. Click here to find a Furniture Bank location near you. 

7. Utilize government assistance

If you or your family have a lower income, you may qualify for a government that helps homeowners with utility costs. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (also known as LIHEAP) can not only assist lower income households with cooling and heating costs, bill payment assistance and energy-related home repairs, but they may also help you replace your older and less efficient appliances for newer models.

Available funding for this program does vary by state, so there may be a waiting list. You may also have to provide documentation to prove that you qualify for available programs including proof of income and expense. However, if you qualify financially, it may definitely be worth the work and the wait to qualify for assistance. Learn more here

8. Contact 211

If you are low income and in desperate need of an appliance or other services, the United Way may be able to help. Call 211 from your phone and see what assistance may be available in your area. 

9. Contact the Red Cross

Have you lost your appliances in a fire or natural disaster and need replacements? If so, the Red Cross may be able to help you with your recovery. Visit their website or contact your local chapter for more details. 

10. Find what you need on a freebie app

Looking for free appliances or free furniture? Did you know that there is an app for that? There are several apps where you can find free and inexpensive items including appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators. Start searching popular apps like Varagesale and OfferUp. (Also check out these other apps like OfferUp)

By knowing where to look, it’s possible to find some great freebies. Our family has saved tens of thousands of dollars over the years by doing some research and keeping open to different opportunities.

While it can take time, research and sometimes some creativity, you can find creative ways on how to get free appliances for your family. 

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