3 Safest Chicago Neighborhoods

Being a huge metropolitan city, Chicago is a mix of many safe and dangerous places. 

According to Stats, Chicago has a 62% higher average crime rate than the national average, meaning that Chicago residents experience violent crimes per 100,000 people. While some areas in Chicago have a higher crime rate, some neighborhoods are also safe for the residents. 

Say what you will, but Chicago’s distinct lifestyle remains unmatched by any other city. You shouldn’t miss an opportunity to live in the Windy City because of safety concerns. We have compiled this list to help you find the safest places to live in Chicago. 

Forest Glen

With a crime rate 71% lower than the city average, Forest Glen is a good place to start when looking for safe places to live in Chicago. 

Forest Glen exhibits a laid-back vibe with its family-friendly community and helpful residents. This neighborhood is home to many retirees and families raising their young.

Considering the number of families and retirees living in the area, it’s easy to conclude that living in Forest Glen offers the most family-oriented life in Chicago. 

With plenty of entertainment spaces and outstanding schools, moving to Forest Glen is a great idea. 

Pros of Living in Forest Glen

Naturistic Touch

Living in Forest Glen, you will notice an abundance of lust greenery, nature reserves, and parks to visit. Living in a residential area full of greenery allows you to enjoy a relaxing moment and forget about life’s daily hurdles. 

Peaceful and Quiet

Due to this suburb’s location away from the city center, residents here enjoy a peaceful life, with no sounds from traffic or people flocking the neighborhood. Moving to Forest Glen allows you to bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city and live in a peaceful environment. 

Tight-Knit Community

Forest Glen residents enjoy a healthy sense of community spirit. The residents of this suburb are helpful towards neighbors and are very supportive, thus explaining the high safety in the area. The strong community here also organizes many community events and activities to make everyone feel like essential members of society. 

Cons of Living in Forest Glen

Numbered Amenities

Due to its secluded location away from the city, Forest Glen experiences a shortage of amenities typically found in urban areas. Residents should anticipate fewer shops, restaurants, and entertainment options in the suburb.

Longer Commute Times

Since Forest Glen is far from other parts of the city, commuting to and from this suburb requires comparatively more time. While on the bright side, there is adequate public transportation in Forest Glen, commuting here will take a lot of time, making traveling inconvenient. 

Edison Park

Edison Park qualifies as one of the best places to live in Chicago, and crime stats 77% lower than the average city work as a cherry on top. Edison Park is home to many police offers of CPD, too, further improving the safety of the suburb.  

Edison Park is located in Far North Chicago and offers many benefits to its residents. This serene neighborhood offers ideal living with its tree-lined streets, quaint shops, delicious eateries, and quiet living. 

Being home to many police offers, providing easy access to amenities, and many different places to explore, moving to Edison Park allows you to live safely in Chicago. 

Pros of Living in Edison Park

Public Transportation

The residents of Edison Park enjoy easy access to public transportation thanks to its ideal location and connectivity with the rest of the cities. Living in Edison Park, you can easily find transport options like CTA Blue Line and many bus routes. With its ideal location and public transportation, traveling to other parts of town is easy. 

Good Schools

Edison Park harbors some of the best educational institutes in Chicago. With the availability of various public and private schools, the options here are plenty. The availability of good schools nearby is a great plus for those with a family. 


The residents of Edison Park share a strong sense of community and go the distance to ensure that Edison Park remains a family-friendly neighborhood. Living in Edison Park gives you access to many fun sights, including parks, playgrounds, and other family-oriented activities.

Cons of Living in Edison Park

Limited Nightlife

Although a few bars and restaurants are located within the suburb, the options remain considerably fewer compared to other areas of the city. To enjoy a night out with your friends and experience the vibrant Chicago nightlife, you may need to move to another district, such as Downtown. 

High Living Costs

The luxurious lifestyle and safety come at a price. Living in Edison Park has higher living costs than the city’s other suburbs. The properties in Edison Park also cost higher than Chicago’s average. 

If you are looking for more affordable neighborhoods, then check out our list of Cheapest Neighborhoods To Live In Chicago.

Lake View

With a crime rate 40% lower than the city average, Lake View is yet another safe place to live in Chicago, protected well by the active police presence. 

The neighborhood is adjacent to the Cub’s Wrigley Field and is famous amongst Chicago residents for many cultural events. Apart from the cultural events in the area, living in Lake View gives you many amenities, including excellent public transit. 

The neighborhood’s name feels apt with the scenic views of Lake Michigan from the suburb. In short, moving to Lake View gets you access to the best amenities in the city, a safe place to live, and a beautiful environment. 

Pros of Living in Lake View


Lake View is one of Chicago’s famous suburbs for its lively nightlife. The presence of many entertainment options, including restaurants, bars, and music venues, always helps you stay on the move and enjoy life here. 


Lake View counts as one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Chicago, as it harbors people from different ethnicities. Living here, you will come across people from all walks of life. Lake View’s added diversity helps create a rich cultural experience and a strong sense of community. 

Easy Access to the Lakefront

Due to its proximity to Lake Michigan, Lake View residents enjoy easy access to the lakefront.

The easy access to the lakefront allows you to enjoy tons of outdoor activities, including running, biking, or enjoying the picturesque view of Lake Michigan. 

Cons of Living in Lake View

High Living Costs

Living in Lake View has a lot of benefits. Unfortunately, these benefits come at a steep price. While moving to Lake View is well worth it and allows you to experience the best life in Chicago, living costs here are significantly higher compared to other parts of the city. 


While the presence of many cultural events and its ideal location puts you close to many festivals, it also comes with a disadvantage. As events happen in Lake View, the suburb becomes crowded, making it difficult for the residents to commute to and out of the suburb or to find parking. 

Final Words

While moving to Chicago opens the door to many opportunities and things to try, Chicago remains infamous for having a significantly higher crime rate. However, let’s be real here; There isn’t any city where you don’t have to worry about your safety completely. 

Although, you can take some steps and precautions, such as considering moving to a safe neighborhood. Above, we have mentioned the safest neighborhoods present in the city. Moving to these neighborhoods is a sure way of experiencing Chicago life without making zero compromises on your safety. 

Here’s to hoping that you found the information in this guide useful and that you stay safe!

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