8 Best Neighborhoods In Milwaukee, WI

Looking for the best neighborhoods in Milwaukee?

Each area in this city has unique features and benefits to suit different preferences. Whether you’re in search of a family-friendly environment, a quiet lakeside community, or an area with a strong community feel, Milwaukee’s diverse neighborhoods offer a range of options.

Here are the top ten neighborhoods in Milwaukee that you need to know.

Bay View

Bay View is the best neighborhood to live in Milwaukee. It offers scenic views of Lake Michigan and features a mix of housing options suitable for homeowners and renters. The neighborhood’s lively atmosphere is enhanced by its diverse entertainment, dining options, and outdoor recreational spaces.

As for real estate, Bay View’s market is moderately competitive, with homes selling close to or slightly below their listing prices. For instance, a home on E Montana St sold for $380,000, which was 9% over its list price. Another home on E Estes St sold for $334,800, 16% under its list price.

East Town

East Town is considered a great place to live for several reasons. Bordered by Lake Michigan and the Milwaukee River, it offers picturesque waterfront views and a walkable environment. This makes it particularly appealing for those who enjoy outdoor activities and easy access to nature.

The neighborhood caters to a diverse demographic, with modern condos and apartments that are well-suited for young professionals and singles. At the same time, East Town also has elegant and historical mansions that are more appealing to established professionals and families. This mix of housing options provides a range of choices for different lifestyles and budgets.

East Town’s central location is also a significant advantage. Being close to major city attractions, including cultural institutions, professional sports events, and a variety of shopping and dining options, it’s an ideal place for those who enjoy city living. The easy access to these amenities enhances the quality of life for its residents.

Walker’s Point

Walker’s Point is one of Milwaukee’s oldest neighborhoods and is known for its historical significance and architectural diversity. The neighborhood has a rich history, dating back to when it was one of the three original settlements that formed Milwaukee. It has retained much of its original character, with a variety of housing styles that serve as a “living museum” of the city’s early years.

A significant aspect of Walker’s Point is its blend of different architectural styles, ranging from workers’ cottages to large, architect-designed homes, as well as craftsman’s shops and large factories. This architectural diversity reflects the neighborhood’s history as a home to various immigrant groups, including Germans, Scandinavians, Irish, and Polish.

Today, Walker’s Point is a neighborhood that successfully combines its historical roots with modern living. Its diverse architectural heritage, coupled with its role in Milwaukee’s industrial history, makes it an attractive place for both residents and visitors.

Third Ward

The Historic Third Ward in Milwaukee is a neighborhood with a notable past and a focus on arts, dining, and shopping. It’s located close to downtown Milwaukee and near Lake Michigan. The area has a lot of history, with architecture reflecting its past. This includes buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many of which have been preserved or repurposed.

This neighborhood is popular for its art scene, hosting a variety of galleries and artistic venues. It also offers a wide range of food options, from quick bites to more formal dining experiences. The Third Ward is known for being the host location for several of Milwaukee’s major festivals.

The area has evolved from its initial state as a marshland to a thriving part of the city. It has a history of being home to Irish and Italian immigrants, which has influenced its character. The Third Ward is a mix of historical elements and modern development and it is an attractive place to live for a wide range of people


Riverwest makes a list for its quieter lifestyle yet still being close to all the action Milwaukee offers. 

Compared to other neighborhoods in the city, living costs in Riverwest are affordable. Riverwest is full of diverse housing options for newcomers. According to Realtor.com, properties in Riverwest Start have a median value of 249.9K, which is considerably lower than the median home price than the national average. 

Apart from the housing options, Riverwest has many amenities to offer too. Whether it be education, restaurants, recreational sights, or cultural attractions, you will never get bored of life in this suburb. 

In conclusion, relocating to Riverwest gives you many housing options, access to the town’s amenities, and many education offering quality education. 

Whitefish Bay

Whitefish Bay is a village located in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. It’s a predominantly residential area, stretching over about 2.4 square miles, and is home to around 14,000 people. The community is known for its single-family homes, with over 4,800 residential properties and more than 100 commercial properties.

The area is valued for its sense of community, high-quality public and private schools, and well-maintained private and public properties. It boasts a diverse range of housing, an attractive location near Lake Michigan and downtown Milwaukee, convenient shopping areas, a safe environment, and excellent local government services.

Historically, Whitefish Bay was inhabited by Native Americans, fishermen, and farmers. In the late 19th century, it became a popular summer destination, thanks in part to a resort built by Captain Frederick Pabst, one of Milwaukee’s beer barons. The resort featured attractions like a Ferris wheel, concerts, rowboats, and outdoor movies. However, its popularity faded by 1914, and the area was later subdivided for residential use.

Education is a strong focus in Whitefish Bay, with the community establishing its own school system in the late 19th century. The Whitefish Bay School District now includes several public schools and a recreational facility. There are also Catholic and Jewish schools in the area.


Shorewood is a small community with a European flair, located near Lake Michigan and the Milwaukee River. The area is characterized by its walkability and the charm of its streets.

Shorewood is home to highly-rated public and private schools, making it an excellent choice for families. There is a variety of housing options, employment opportunities, and convenient commuting options in Shorewood. The neighborhood’s low crime rate compared to Milwaukee overall contributes to its reputation as a safe neighborhood in Milwaukee.


Often referred to as “Tosa” by locals, is a suburb located just west of Milwaukee. It’s known for its dense suburban feel, which combines the comfort of a small-town atmosphere with the conveniences of a larger city.

This neighborhood is popular among young professionals and families, thanks to its strong sense of community, highly rated public schools, and diversity of activities. Wauwatosa offers a variety of dining, nightlife, and outdoor activities, making it a well-rounded place to live.

What is the most violent neighborhood in Milwaukee?

Metcalfe Park is often cited as one of the most violent neighborhoods in Milwaukee. It has a high crime rate, with many shootings, robberies, and other violent crimes.

Other neighborhoods with high crime rates and considered dangerous include Park West and Garden Homes. Of course, crime and violence can occur in any neighborhood, and residents should always take precautions to ensure their safety.

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Wrap-Up: Best Neighborhoods In Milwaukee

In Milwaukee you will find a variety of neighborhoods that cater to different lifestyles and preferences. From the trendy and hip Third Ward to the family-friendly Bay View, there’s always a neighborhood that will make you feel at home.

Whether you’re looking for an urban landscape or a peaceful community, Milwaukee has plenty of options. As a city known for its charm and friendliness, Milwaukee’s neighborhoods will leave you with lasting memories of a great place to live in.

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