3 Best Neighborhoods To Live In Salt Lake City

Spread over more than 110 Square Miles, Salt Lake City marks a great location to settle in the United States.

The city is famous for its beautiful sights, high affordability, and lively people. 

As someone planning to move to Salt Lake City, you will need to search for a place to live in one of the many suburbs of the town. This guide brings forth the best neighborhoods in the city, allowing you to make the most of life in Salt Lake City. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get going! 

1. The Avenues

Let’s start the list with one of the oldest communities, located just northeast of the Downtown. Renowned for its heritage, The Avenues is an applauded neighborhood by the locals for being rich in the town’s history. 

This suburb provides many settlement options, including Victorian houses, framed cottages, and brick bungalows. The Avenues remains a great choice for people looking to attain a cosmopolitan feel and those wanting to avoid commuting frequently. 

In conclusion, The Avenue consists of residents ensuring a tightly-knit community, ethical diversity, and a long list of amenities. Moving here will give you quick access to the city’s attractions, including coffee shops, yoga, and many more. 

Pros of Living in the Avenues

1. Easy Access to Cultural Attractions

Due to its location so close to many city’s cultural attractions, The Avenues remains a great place to immerse yourself in art and culture. Living in The Avenues, attractions like restaurants, museums, art galleries, and theaters always remain within hand’s reach. 

2. Beauty

Located on the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, The Avenues has picturesque views and easy access to recreational activities like hiking. 

3. Prestige

 Being one of the city’s first suburbs, The Avenues remains a prestigious neighborhood. You will see various housing designs, including Victorian-era homes basked in the beauty and tree-lined streets. 

Cons of Living in the Avenues

  1. Higher Livings Costs

With living costs and housing options costing higher than the other suburbs, The Avenues is one of the town’s most expensive neighborhoods. You can afford to live here only if you can spend the big bucks. 

2. Limited Parking

The streets on The Avenues are winding, and they turn drastically narrow, making it hard to find safe parking. Many homes in the neighborhood also come without off-street parking, which makes it difficult for you to park the car. 

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2. Sugar House

Here is another one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods that comes with 21’s century’s wave of vanguard chops, condos, and restaurants, while still retaining its vintage flair. 

Sugar House is the perfect place for people who love quaint and old-school vibes. Apart from its heritage, this suburb’s location and neighbors make it easy for newcomers to settle in. 

Sugar House has a bevy of diverse restaurants, a couple of mega shopping centers, local shops, and different amenities. With its easy access to quality education, lesser crime rate than the city, and access to city attractions, Sugar House is a great place to live. 

Pros of Living in Sugarhouse

  1. Walkability

Sugar House is a top local hit for being a walkable neighborhood. Living in Sugar House, you will have easy access to many amenities within walking distance of residential areas on foot, including restaurants and shops. 

  1. Community

Living in Sugar House, you will notice a strong sense of community. The suburb houses many festivals and local events annually, making it a great place to live and develop a strong connection with neighbors. 

  1. Access to Recreational Activities

The location of Sugar House gives its residents easy access to various parks and many outdoor recreational areas. Living in Sugar House, you will find sights like Sugar House Park and Shoreline Trail within your hand’s reach. 

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Cons of Living in Sugarhouse

  1. Traffic

With so many attractions in the neighborhood, Sugar House qualifies as one of the most popular neighborhoods in Salt Lake City. Popularity brings problems like longer commute times and traffic congestion during peak hours for its residents! 

Living here can become hectic for someone who travels out of the neighborhood frequently. 

  1. Higher Living Costs

Sugar House has so much to offer, which makes living here an absolute charm. But living here doesn’t come at cheap prices! Sugar House has some higher housing costs and living costs than other suburbs of the town. Living here, you will have a hard time sticking to a budget.

3. Downtown

If you want to experience a full of life lifestyle, there is no place better to live than in Salt Lake City Downtown! 

As a resident of this area, you will find this neighborhood rich in commercial and residential development. Downtown is full of housing options, including modern-styled condos, townhomes, and an elevated number of chic, high-rise avenues. 

The downtown area also provides access to hip restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Living Downtown, you will find activities, parks, and boutiques closer to you! 

Conclusively, choose Downtown for having one of the best living experiences in Salt Lake City! 

Pros of Living in Downtown Salt Lake City

1. Easy Access to Amenities

Being the city’s Downtown, this suburb has plenty of amenities. Living Downtown, you will notice an abundance of outdoor activities, including restaurants, shops, and access to many entertainment venues. The easy access to amenities makes Downtown a great area to live if you are outgoing and like to explore the city’s best spots! 

2. Public Tranpsortation

The downtown area of Salt Lake City has a well-established public transportation system. You will find an abundance of light rail and many bus routes converging to all areas of the town. The availability of public transport allows you to get around the town without having to take your car everywhere. 

3. Nightlife

The many entertainment options make Downtown a lively area of the city. With many bars, clubs, and music venues, you will never run out of places to try. If you enjoy socializing and are outgoing, relocating to the Downtown area is an absolute win! 

Cons of Living in Downtown Salt Lake City

1. Noisy 

Being a fundamental part of town, Downtown is no stranger to many festivities, carnivals, and sports events. While the presence of these events allows you to enjoy life in Salt Lake City, it serves as a drawback for people wanting to live in a peaceful and quiet area. 

Additionally, the crowd here will make it hard for you to travel during the peak hours. 

2. High Living Costs

Downtown is more expensive than The Avenues or the Sugar House. After all, the downtown area is the center of the town and comes with the most elite lifestyle in the city. 

While living Downtown is a charm, it comes at high living costs and expensive properties. If you choose to move Downtown, ensure to keep your budget flexible. 

Final Words

There is no doubt that Salt Lake remains one of the country’s best cities to live in. With a diverse array of neighborhoods, the town has something to offer all its residents. 

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