8 Pros And Cons Of Living In Salt Lake City

Is Salt Lake City a good place to live and raise a family?

Everyone dreams of living in a place surrounded by beautiful views, an adventurist landscape, and an active chance for growth. Backdropped by beautiful mountains, a developing economy, and a number of activities to do, Salt Lake City offers the finest living in all of Utah. 

As time passes, Salt Lake City is getting increasingly recognized for its beautiful sights and unique lifestyle. With the city listed as one of the Best Places to live in America, many people are considering moving to Salk Lake City. 

But just like every other city, Salt Lake City has ups and downs. So, let’s check the pros and cons of living in Salt Lake City so you can decide if it’s the right place for you to call home!

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Pros of Living in Salt Lake City

Recreational Activities

Utah is renowned nationwide for its incredible natural splendor. Being located in a monumental position in the state, living in Salt Lake City allows you to enjoy the picturesque views of many amazing places like the Wasatch Mountains. 

Not only are Wasatch Mountains full of beautiful views, but they also provide ample outdoor activities for the city residents. Living in Salt Lake City allows you to partake in activities like Skiing and Snowboarding on the Wasatch Mountains. Apart from the Wasatch Mountains, the city has a few famous natural parks known as the “Mighty Five.” 

With many recreational sights close to the city, you can go fishing, climbing, hiking, or horseback riding. According to Hotels.com, some of the best recreational activities in Salt Lake City include: 

  • Taking a hike at Ensign Peak
  • Skiing at Park City Mountain
  • Experience the magical views of Snowbird Resort and the Hidden Peak

Job Market

Although Salt Lake City’s job market has seen rainy days in the past, the city’s economic conditions have improved significantly and are currently booming. 

While the national unemployment rate lingers around 3.7%, the current unemployment rates are significantly lesser, with the unemployment rate at 2.4%. 

Salt City’s tech market has seen significant growth. However, the job market here is diverse, which makes it easy for you to find a job. With employment opportunities spanning industries like tourism, education, hospitality, and tech, you can find a job catered to your preferences. 

Ultimately, moving to Salt Lake City can be great for fast-tracking your career. According to Builtin, the biggest employers in the town include: 

  • Zion’s Bancorporation 
  • Intermountain Healthcare
  • Stryker 
  • Smith’s Food and Drug

Diverse Culture

The residents of Salt Lake City are a friendly bunch, making it a home to people from different cultures. The people’s hospitality also allows the newcomers to settle in quicker and not feel estranged. 

Although Salt Lake City has a strong religious presence, the locals respect the other religions and give others an equal chance to indulge in their religious activities. 

Since the city is home to diverse cultures, cultural events always occur here. Apart from enjoying the events, living in Salt Lake City will also allow you to experience cuisines from different parts of the world. 

The helpful residence and the presence of many events will allow you to experience a joyful life and live here easily. 


Another pro of living in Salt Lake City is the ideal weather conditions. Even though the town experiences more snowfall than the national average, the town also has more sunny days than the national average. 

While the national average of sunny days is 205, the average sunny days in the city are 238. Additionally, rainfall in Salt Lake City is significantly less. 

Since the sun shines through for the better part of the year, the weather conditions in this town are great. The amazing weather conditions of the city account for a soothing living experience and allows you to enjoy the city’s recreational activities. 

Public Transportation

The town municipality has invested a lot of effort in making Salt Lake City a commendable place to live, which has led to the development of a well-established public transportation system. 

The transit system in Salt Lake City allows the residents to get around the town quickly and easily. The transit system is also eco-friendly, providing the citizens with the means to travel without compromising the city’s natural beauty. 

Apart from the rail and bus options, the extensive bike lanes also account for a bike-sharing program named “Greenbike.” The city’s many transportation options allow you to explore every inch of the city, excluding the need to have your vehicle. 

On the other hand, the roads in Salt Lake City are well-connected and developed, making it easy for you to travel to the many recreational sights and landmarks like the City Airport. 

Conclusively, the many public transportations and ideal road conditions make traveling in Lake City a breeze. 

Cons of Living in Salt Lake City

Inactive Nightlife

While the city has many recreational attractions, downtown life in Salt Lake City is fairly “dry” compared to other Utah cities. 

Living in Salt Lake City, the biggest absence you will feel is alcohol. Since the majority population of this city is religious, they prefer refraining from consuming alcohol. So, the distilleries and bars in this town are considerably fewer. 

However, the city’s downtown area has amazing bars and restaurants serving amazing food and delicious wine. Nevertheless, the food scene here is lagging comparatively behind the other metropolitan cities of the country. 

So, if you are an avid enjoyer of the nightlife, moving to Salt Lake City deprives you of this luxury. 

Expensive Housing

With so many people flocking to the town, housing costs have steeply increased. The median housing cost in Salt Lake City is $550K, and the average rent is around $1,400.

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The median prices here are $130K higher than the national prices. Finding a housing option based on your budget might become significantly difficult depending on where you choose to move from. However, the abundant amenities and facilities of the city allow the residents to get value for their money. 

So, if you have the budget to match, Salt Lake City can be a great place to move. 


Crime is the biggest concern when moving to Salt Lake City. As a resident of Salt Lake City, the chance of facing a violent crime is 730 per 100,000. 

The statistics conclude that the crime rate in twice in Salt Lake City is twice that of the national average, making safety a serious concern for its citizens. Although the municipality and law enforcement are consistently reducing the rates, it’s suggested to stay vigilant and avoid cruising through the city during late hours. 

However, there are some safe neighborhoods in Salt Lake City too. Moving to these suburbs will allow you to enjoy everything the town offers without having safety concerns. According to Extra Space, some of the safest neighborhoods in Salt Lake City include: 

  • Central City
  • East Central 
  • Yalecrest

Final Words

Salt Lake City is lively and has caught many people’s attention for its picturesque beauty. Whether it be the booming economy, ideal living conditions, the friendly people, or the long list of amenities, more and more people grow wishful of moving here. 

However, just like every other city, Salt Lake City has some shortcomings too. Before choosing to move here, measure the pros and cons of the city to see whether Salt Lake City meets your preferences.