10 Best Neighborhoods In Jacksonville, FL

Many Americans consider Jacksonville a great place to live for all the right reasons.

I’m going to share insight on the 10 best Jacksonville neighborhoods.

Learn about each area’s proximity to downtown, local attractions, and median home costs in each neighborhood.

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A residential neighborhood in Jacksonville, FL, known for its serene environment and abundance of green spaces. It offers a variety of restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment options, making it a well-rounded place to live.

Some of the major attractions in Greenland include Palmetto Leaves Regional Park and Greenland Park. The neighborhood mainly consists of single-family homes, providing a suburban lifestyle.

The housing market in Greenland is characterized by a median sale price of around $360,000, catering to various budgets and preferences.


Let’s kick off the list with Avondale, a hit amongst locals for its well-designed housing and tree-lined streets. Named one of the best neighborhoods in the world, Avondale exhibits an active arts scene and lively nightlife. 

But living in Avondale has more to offer than just entertainment options. As a resident, you will find abundant amenities. Apart from the amenities, the suburb also has ideal infrastructure, allowing the residents to strike a balance between the cultural attractions and the many recreational activities of the city. 

Whether you have a knack for art or looking for a greatcommunity with plenty of activities to partake in, Avondale has it all. With its top-notch housing options and ideal location, Avondale is your queue to experience the finest living in Jacksonville! 

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San Marco 

Known well for its trendy bars, boutiques, and Bistros, San Marco is a quiet, small riverfront neighborhood that brings the best out of Jacksonville. Located close to Downtown, many locals and visitors in the city are drawn to the suburb’s quiet atmosphere. 

San Marco inhabits the city’s heritage with its historic riverfront mansions, adding to its beauty. Most homes in San Marco follow either Italian or Mediterranean-inspired architecture, giving you a unique variety to choose from. 

Associated with the city of Venice, San Marco is home to the Italian business district. It remains a prime destination with many cultural attractions, including art galleries, fountains, and cocktail bars. 

Moving to San Marco allows you to enjoy a new outlook on life in Jacksonville. Being one of the safest suburbs of the city and having access to all the best parts of the city outside the suburb, moving to San Marco is worth it. 


Located on a peninsula in South Jacksonville and is known for its beautiful waterfront properties and scenic views. The neighborhood features a mix of historic mansions, modern single-family homes, and waterfront houses.

It’s home to the Ortega River, offering various water activities like boating and fishing. Residents also enjoy nearby parks and historic attractions such as Stockton Park and Bettes Park. The median sale price in Ortega is about $418,000​​​​.


Nothing beats the fast-paced lifestyle of the city downtown in Jacksonville! 

Located on the right of St. John’s River, living Downtown allows you easy access to the city’s gorgeous beaches. You will find beaches just across the street in the downtown area. 

Apart from the beaches, the city downtown exhibits a very laid-back atmosphere. Try out the many beloved pubs and seafood restaurants of the city. Apart from the many food options, living Downtown is a charm for an avid sports fan. Downtown has many professional sports teams, including the Jackson Jaguars NFL team. 

With many work opportunities, ideal living conditions, and close access to beaches, Downtown is one of Jacksonville’s best places to live! 
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East Jacksonville

Also known as Eastside, is a neighborhood just outside of downtown Jacksonville, FL. It offers easy access to major attractions such as the TIAA Bank Field, home to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Jacksonville Fairgrounds.

The area is also adorned with several parks, including the A. Philip Randolph Heritage Park, adding to its appeal. Housing in East Jacksonville varies from quaint bungalows to modern townhomes, accommodating both renters and homebuyers.


Situated along the St. Johns River and is celebrated for its historic charm and architectural beauty. It features a mix of Victorian and Craftsman-style homes and is known for popular attractions like the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens and the Five Points area, which have numerous boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries.

This neighborhood offers waterfront views and quick access to downtown, so it is a great area for residents who appreciate both history and modern urban amenities​.


A neighborhood noted for its charm and a wide selection of housing options. It offers good public transportation accessibility, adding to its convenience for residents.

The area is not elaborated upon extensively in the sources, but it’s indicated that Sandalwood provides a comfortable living environment with various amenities​​.


Craven is another neighborhood in Jacksonville, characterized by a low-key atmosphere and safety, making it an ideal place for families and retirees. It’s not known for an entertainment scene, but residents can easily find essential services like restaurants and stores.

Craven is noted for not having significant crime issues, adding to its appeal for those seeking a peaceful living environment. The neighborhood offers an average atmosphere, suitable for those looking for a quiet and safe community.


This is one of the oldest settled areas in Jacksonville, with roots dating back to Europeans in the 1500s. The neighborhood is known for its mid-century modern architecture, quiet streets lined with oaks, and a mix of retirees, families, and young professionals.

Significant attractions in Arlington include the Fort Caroline National Memorial and Park, the Tree Hill Nature Center, and the Jacksonville Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. These sites add to the area’s charm, offering outdoor activities and historical insights.

Wrap-Up: Best Neighborhoods In Jacksonville

Greenland is the best neighborhood in Jacksonville. Along with Greenland, there are other great neighborhoods like East Jacksonville, that are close to downtown and affordable.

That said, I’m sure you will not regret moving to Jacksonville because it has different kinds of neighborhoods for everyone.

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