How to Get Paid to Move to Florida

While there isn’t a specific program in Florida that pays people to move there, there are several cities in the state that offer incentives for relocation.


Escambia County, where Pensacola is located, does offer various business grants and incentives.

These incentives are primarily aimed at encouraging significant business start-ups, expansions, and relocations in the area, with a focus on job creation and investment in targeted business sectors or geographic areas.

While these incentives don’t directly pay individuals to move, they can benefit those who are starting or relocating a business in Pensacola.

On a broader note, moving to Pensacola can be financially advantageous due to Florida’s lack of a state income tax.

The Pensacola real estate market offers attractive housing prices, which are lower compared to larger metropolitan areas in Florida. The average median home price in Pensacola as of early 2024 was around $254,926.

If you like outdoors in Pensacola you will find a year-round playground with sunny days and an average temperature of 68°F, ideal for various outdoor activities like water sports, golf, and exploring recreational parks and nature trails.

The city also has a strong job market, particularly in sectors like military, tourism, healthcare, education, and professional services.


To get paid to move to Orlando, you would typically need to have a business that’s either relocating or expanding into the area.

Orlando offers various incentives for businesses, particularly in job creation, quality of wages, and capital investment. These incentives might include tax exemptions, matching grants for research and development, or assistance with development costs for small businesses.

It’s on a case-by-case basis, so your business’s specific details would determine the kind of support you could receive. However, these incentives are focused on business development rather than directly paying individuals to move.

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Tallahassee, one of the most progressive places in Florida, offers various incentives through the Office of Economic Vitality (OEV), which assists businesses in expanding their operations or relocating to Florida’s capital.

One of the key local incentive programs is the Targeted Business Program (TBP), which offers rebates for a portion of property taxes, development fees, and permit fees for businesses in targeted industries.

The amount of funding and eligibility depends on factors such as job creation, capital investment, location, and environmental considerations.

Additionally, state incentives like the Qualified Targeted Industry Tax Refund (QTI), which offers refunds for creating high-wage jobs in certain industries, and the Capital Investment Tax Credit (CITC), offering credits against state corporate income tax, are available.

For businesses focusing on research and development, partnerships with local universities and matching grant programs could be beneficial. CareerSource Capital Region provides workforce services, including recruitment assistance and training incentives.

The Florida Venture Capital Program and the Small Business Loan Support Program are state initiatives offering financial support for business growth and expansion.

These programs are generally aimed at businesses rather than individuals and are based on specific eligibility criteria.

To find out if your business qualifies for any of these incentives, you should contact the respective program administrators directly for guidance through the application process.

Jobs Paying You to Move to Florida 

While the government may not offer any financial rewards for the incoming residents, the established businesses in the state don’t shy away from offering relocation assistance to get the best ensemble.

These companies offer benefits and compensation packages, exempting you from incurring relocation costs and gaining other benefits. 

Holman Motors 

Holman Motors is a renovated business enterprise in Florida committed to helping its commercial and individual clients. While they require employees with various skills, they’re more aligned to find new employees in the sales field. 

The average annual pay for employees at Holman Motors resides between $324-414K. This income range is ideal for enjoying all the amenities of Florida while still having a good sum in your hand. 

Apart from a good income, Holman Motors offers various compensation benefits to its employees, such as tuition reimbursement. Its employee Assistance Program further makes working here a profitable endeavor. In some cases, Holman Motors also offers sign-up bonuses accumulating to $10K! 

Additionally, Holman Motors offers life, health, dental, and disability insurance for its workers. With all these benefits, you don’t have to worry about the rainy days, giving you a chance to live peacefully and enjoy life. 

CORA Physical Therapy 

If you have experience working as a therapist, CORA Physical Therapy offers a warm welcome to Florida! Specializing in treating work-related and sports injuries, CORA Physical Therapy also deals with neuromuscular conditions and orthopedic issues. 

With the company’s franchise located in Orlando, signing up with them gives you a chance to enjoy the Orlando lifestyle and its amenities. 

CORA Physical Therapy offers a healthy relocation package that’ll help significantly in getting settled in Orlando. CORA Physical Therapy also offers a flexible work schedule, allowing its employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, CORA Physical Therapy also offers medical, life, dental, and disability insurance. They also provide future planning services that are crucial in managing your savings and retirement plans. 

Kelly’s Animal Hospital Inc. 

For those who have a soft spot for pets, Kelly’s Animal Hospital Inc. is the ideal choice to help you make the move to Florida. This business is about providing veterinarian services to the pets in need. 

As a veterinarian at Kelly’s Animal Hospital Inc., you’ll also gain professional mentorship and VetBloom resources crucial to polishing your veterinary skills. 

The average pay for Kelly’s Animal Hospital Inc. lies between $110-142K. Kelly’s Animal Hospital also offers several benefits for its employees, including incentive, medical, dental, and vision insurance. They also have a 401K and offer a bi-weekly stipend adequate for covering employee enrollment. 

They also offer IDEXX diagnostic fee coverage for your pet, ensuring that they get the best care without worrying about financial ties. 

Wrap-Up: Get Paid to Move To Florida

While there isn’t a straightforward way to get paid to move to Florida, there are multiple ways of doing it. As you go through this piece, you’ll discover a diverse range of choices that will help you get paid. 

Ultimately, Florida offers a lavish lifestyle with benefits like tax exemptions and a considerable scope for career growth. And when you get paid to move to Florida, it’s a complete win-win! 

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