7 Jobs Where You Get Paid to Do Almost Nothing

Often, jobs can get too much. The increased workload can kill your motivation and make you lose interest in your job. 

You may have often heard people say “Work Smart, not hard.” But how does this saying apply here? Apparently, there are jobs available where your responsibilities are little to nothing! However, the key is to know where to find these jobs, and this is where this guide fits in.

Jobs Where You Do Nothing

This guide brings you a list of jobs where you do nothing! So, are you ready to start earning without doing anything technically? Let’s dive in!

1. Test Subjects for Sleep Studies

How about getting paid to do what you love most – sleep? If that sounds tempting, then signing up for sleep studies could be just the thing for you. Some of these gigs can shell out over $100 a night, and all you’ve got to do is… well, sleep.

Sleep studies are all about diving deep into how we sleep. They look into our sleep cycles, any disorders, and how our snooze time affects our health. So, as you’re catching those Zs in a comfy, controlled setting, researchers will keep tabs on things like your breathing, eye movements, and even brain waves.

To get on board, it helps if you have a pretty regular bedtime routine and no major sleep issues. There might be a bit of homework, like keeping a sleep log or having a quick health check. And, while you don’t need any specific qualifications to be a part of this, it’s always good to know what you’re getting into and be aware of the study details.

At the end of the day (or night), you get paid to contribute to important research, helping scientists solve the mysteries of sleep. Sounds like a dream job, right?

2. Netflix Tagger

This job opportunity rose to fame in 2018 after many influencers and people started posting about it. As the name suggests, your job as a Netflix tagger is to denote apt tags for shows and movies. 

For instance, if a movie has pg-rated content, gore, or violence, you must add the tags accordingly. Tagging shows helps Netflix bring suggested content to the viewers and also serves as a disclaimer to tell viewers beforehand what to expect from the show. 

Adding tags can also tell people the languages they can watch the show. For instance, if the audio is available for an English show other than its native language, you can tag the show with the language’s name tag. This way, users can see content available in their language. A

However, the one downside of working as a Netflix Tagger is the lack of choice. Netflix does not let you handpick any movie or show to tag. So, whether a show belongs to your preferred genre, you still have to tag it. 

While your input qualifies as metadata for Netflix, for you, it’s no more than watching entertaining shows and films and getting paid for them.

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3. Testing Mattresses

Testing Mattresses is the literal definition of a job where you do nothing. Companies hire mattress testers to determine the quality of their products.

While there is some pre-job paperwork and writing a detailed evaluation of your experience, mattress testing is mainly about sleeping on the products. 

Your evaluations give companies a way to improve their product and induce any necessary changes. According to Kiro News, you can earn up to $3K testing mattresses! 

Sounds like a win-win. 

4. Waiting In Line!

Back When the iPhone 5s was about to launch, Robert Samuel saw an opportunity to capitalize. Considering the hype built around the new Apple phone, Robert figured many people would jump at the chance of getting this new phone. 

Robert took his chance by posting an ad on CraigsList. In this ad, Robert posted that he’d wait in line for someone standing in the queue. His idea took off, and according to EliteDaily, he once made $14K in one day waiting for people in the queue! 

Since then, Robert has assembled a team of fellow waiters that follow his lead. The average rate for the first two hours is $45 and $10 for every additional half hour.

5. Listening Music

What if we told you that listening to music can also help you make money? 

Platforms like Slice The Pie pay you to review new artists and music on Spotify. Similarly, HitPredictor is another platform that asks reviewers if the song is going to be a hit or not. 

While listening to one song only pays 2-3 cents, any music aficionado can listen to multiple tracks and accumulate a hefty sum quickly! 

6. Taking Surveys

Technically, answering surveys requires effort, but it’s almost non-existent. While surveys are a way for companies to collect data and make changes and improvements to their products accordingly, it also gives you a way of making some quick bucks by answering a few simple questions! 

Most survey platforms also pay you a bonus for just signing up on their platform. For instance, signing up with Swagbucks gives you a $10 bonus. On the other hand, Survey Junkie rewards you $5 for signing up on their platform. 

However, Swagbucks has a diverse range of tasks for you to earn money. Apart from taking surveys, you can make money by playing games and get paid for watching ads on the platform. These tasks are usually entertaining and take little to no time to complete. 

So, if you don’t mind answering a few questions, answering surveys on various platforms is an easy way of earning money. The best survey platforms include

  • Survey Junkie
  • Branded Surveys
  • Swagbucks 
  • InboxDollars

7. Night Security Guard

Looking for a laid-back job where you can enjoy the peace of nighttime and have space to yourself? Become a night security guard.

As a night guard, you’re essentially the eyes and ears of a building or property when everyone else is gone. Whether it’s an office building, apartment complex, or construction site, your main gig is to patrol the place, keep an eye on the cameras, and make sure everything’s on the up and up.

Now, even though things are generally quiet, you’ve got to stay sharp. If there’s an odd noise or something’s not right, it’s on you to check it out. And if anything out of the ordinary does happen, jot it down in your logbook.

In terms of pay, you’re looking at roughly $28,000 a year on average. While you don’t need a degree to get started, some basic security training can be a big plus.

Final Words

While getting paid to do nothing sounds exciting, these jobs usually don’t offer the same satisfaction and money you require. Even if we don’t talk about money, these jobs usually don’t give you any sense of achievement, causing you to lack motivation and feel uninterested. 

Having said that, it’s best not to rely on these jobs completely. These jobs can help you make some extra cash on the side, but they shouldn’t be seen as anything more than a temporary side hustle

However, it’s worth noting that working hard is not the only way of earning money. Sometimes, you can do it without doing anything at all as well! As an added benefit, most of these jobs are entertaining, allowing you to elude the dull moments incorporated with a full-time job! 

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