12 High-Paying Seasonal Jobs

With the economic difficulties stacking up constantly, most full-time, year-round positions aren’t enough to keep up with the expense influx and have savings at the same time.

The rising tide of inflation has caused many of us to go looking for alternatives or better-paying jobs. 

However, some businesses, such as those in the tourism industry, enjoy healthy sales during specific times of the year.

To bridge the gap between the supply and demand of their services, these companies require more customers during these seasons. 

Although these high-paying seasonal jobs last a few months, they allow you to make good money and earn extra cash to meet your financial goals. 

So, what are these seasonal jobs? Let’s find out! 

Package Delivery Driver

Loads of companies have huge sales during the holidays.

With all those extra orders coming in, delivery companies need extra help so they don’t burn out their regular crew. That’s why they bring in seasonal delivery drivers to help get everything out on time.

These jobs pay approximately $16 per hour and come with minimal requirements. So, if you have a valid driver’s license and good driving history, you are a good fit for the company. 

Although, you might also need to do some heavy lifting while working as a package delivery driver. But that is as tough as it gets. According to SimplyHired, there are 700+ seasonal delivery driver jobs available.

So, if you want to make good money while delivering packages, becoming a seasonal delivery driver sounds like a job! 

Resort Jobs in Tourist Areas

Tourist areas, whether they’re beachfront paradises, mountain retreats, or any other sought-after vacation spot, tend to house a plethora of resorts.

These resorts, especially during peak seasons, are constantly on the lookout for employees to help manage the inflow of vacationers.

Working in a resort can encompass a wide range of roles. You might find yourself at the front desk, greeting and assisting guests as they check in.

Or perhaps you’re more inclined towards the hospitality side, serving in the resort’s restaurants or bars.

There’s also the operational aspect – think housekeeping, maintenance, or groundskeeping. For those with a knack for entertainment, many resorts hire individuals for recreational activities, guiding tours, or even putting on performances.

The pay scale in resort jobs can vary widely based on the position and the resort’s location.

On average, entry-level positions, like housekeeping or front desk assistants, might earn around $10-$15 an hour.

However, roles that require specialized skills or training, like chefs or entertainment directors, can command higher wages, anywhere from $20 to $50 an hour, or even more.

And, don’t forget the tips! Positions in service, such as bartending or guiding tours, often come with the added bonus of gratuities from satisfied guests.

Another perk of resort jobs is the potential for accommodation and meals to be included as part of your employment package.

This not only eases daily living costs but also enhances the experience of living where others vacation.

Retail Stores

Retail stores see a significant increase in customers during the holiday season.

With this influx, they often need additional staff to assist and serve the shoppers effectively.

Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or any sports event, retail stores get hefty sales, considering they have products matching their customer’s interests. 

One of the reasons to consider working at a retail store is the flexibility of opportunities.

For example, if working at a cash register isn’t your preference, you might consider roles in ordering, merchandising, stocking, or other positions available within the retail store.

The best thing about working at a retail store during the holiday season is their jobs are easy to find. Take a quick stroll across the town or nearby malls to check if the retail stores need an extra hand.

While most stores will advertise hiring on their windows, you can also ask the store personnel for any seasonal vacancies. 

According to Indeed, the best retail companies to work for include: 

  • Costco 
  • Nordstrom 
  • Trader Joe’s 

Customer Service Representative

Handling customers is always a big part of doing business.

Sometimes, companies get swamped and need extra hands to handle all the questions coming in. To keep their customers happy, they bring on more customer support folks.

A customer support staff helps the customer with any problems a customer might face while using the company’s product or services. 

Working as a customer representative can be a lucrative opportunity for you if you’re a people person and know how to communicate well. On the other hand, if conversations are not your strongest suit, there are better options available. 

Most customer support jobs are also available remotely, allowing you to work as support staff from the comfort of your home! 

According to our research, the best platforms to search for remote jobs include: 

  • FlexJobs
  • Remote.co
  • Pangian

Water and Amusement Park Attendants 

When summer heats up, who doesn’t dream of hitting the water park? Even better, how about working there as a water park attendant?

During peak season, water park management considers hiring more attendants to ensure smooth operations of the park. Water Park attendants have a lot of stuff to do at their workplace.

From handling ticket sales, cleaning up, and snack bar operations to operating rides, the management could assign you any responsibility. 

Amusement park attendants also have the same job description. Additionally, you earn almost the same amount working as an attendant at either of these places. 

As an attendant, your pay rate will depend on the nature and intensity of your duties.

Forest Firefighter

On a good 14-day stretch, you could pocket around $7,000. Sounds tempting, right? But don’t jump in just for the cash.

This job is demanding, physically and mentally. You’ve got to be fit, ready for unexpected challenges, and able to keep your cool when things heat up.

Apart from the pay, there’s the sheer beauty of nature. You’ll be amidst some jaw-dropping landscapes, watching sunrises and sunsets that most people only dream of.

And there’s something about facing the raw power of wildfires – it gives you a unique perspective on life.

Thinking of giving it a shot? Check out job openings between September and February at https://www.usajobs.gov. That’s where you’ll find all the info you need.

Travel Nurse

Travel nurses are registered nurses who take on temporary positions in various locations, often filling in for staffing shortages in hospitals and clinics.

This role is not just about the paycheck; it’s about experiencing diverse medical environments, patient populations, and healthcare practices across different regions.

Each assignment can last from a few weeks to several months, giving travel nurses the flexibility to choose where they want to work and for how long.

This way, they get to see different parts of the country or even the world, all while gaining a wealth of experience in their field.

Besides the adventure and the diverse work experience, travel nurses often enjoy competitive pay and additional benefits, including housing stipends and travel reimbursements.

Alaskan King Crab Fishing

Alaskan King Crab Fishing is no ordinary job; it’s an adventure set against the picturesque yet challenging backdrop of Alaska’s icy waters.

While this profession can be demanding and perilous, it also offers significant financial rewards, especially during the peak fishing seasons.

Alaska itself is an incredible place to both live and work. Beyond its majestic glaciers, northern lights, and breathtaking wilderness, it’s a land teeming with opportunities, especially for those in the fishing industry.

As a King Crab fisherman, your primary duty would be to set and retrieve large traps, known as pots, braving the frigid waters and unpredictable weather conditions.

But, it’s not just about the physical work. The experience fosters teamwork, as the success of the catch often relies on the collaboration and synchronization of the crew.

Financially, it can be very lucrative.

Within a few months, diligent fishermen can earn an amount equivalent to what many make in a year, making the hard work and risks worthwhile for many.

Tax Preparer

Every year, as the calendar flips to January, a particular group of professionals gear up for their busiest months: tax preparers.

For many people, the idea of wading through tax codes, deductions, and financial statements is daunting. For tax preparers, the hustle is real during the first few months of the year, but it comes with a perk: it is a job with summer off!

Being a tax preparer involves helping both individuals and businesses navigate the intricate world of taxes.

Their role is to make sure that financial activities from the previous year are recorded accurately, all eligible tax deductions are identified and claimed, and the entire tax filing process is smooth and compliant with the current laws.

A keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of financial regulations are key traits of successful tax preparers.

Some tax preparers, recognizing the potential for a steady and lucrative client base, choose to specialize. Focusing on personal returns for upper-middle-class retired folks can be especially rewarding.

This group often has more complex finances, with various investments and sources of income. They value and are willing to pay for expert assistance in managing their tax obligations.

From January to April, tax preparers often find themselves immersed in work, dedicating long hours to ensure their clients’ tax returns are in order.

But once this peak season winds down, the pace changes drastically. While there might be some occasional work to tend to, the volume is nowhere near the start-of-year frenzy.

This more relaxed period is what many tax preparers cherish. Some might delve into professional development or other financial ventures, but many relish the chance to unwind.

It becomes a time to catch up on reading, spend quality moments with family, travel, or simply enjoy the outdoors during the warmer months.


Water parks aren’t the only hot spots to cool down during summer. Lots of folks head to the beach too. And with more beachgoers, there’s always a need for more lifeguards!

While working as a lifeguard can be a laidback job, it comes with certain requirements. For starters, you must be an efficient swimmer. Apart from swimming, you must also be physically fit. 

Once you come through on physical tests, you must also undergo some training. This training procedure teaches you important safety procedures, including CPR certifications. 

After completing the training and completing all the requirements, you can earn anywhere between $15 and $17 per hour. 

This might not sound like much, but $17 an hour is a decent salary in many places.

Commercial Roofing

When you think of seasonal jobs, your mind might drift to beach lifeguards or holiday retail workers.

But have you ever considered commercial roofing? Just like how water parks burst into life during the summer months, the roofing industry has its own peak season.

As the months transition from spring to summer, commercial roofers are in high demand.

The period from mid-May to the end of September marks the prime time for roofing, primarily because the warm weather provides ideal conditions for the job.

During these months, roofers can get consistent work, repairing or replacing the roofs of large commercial establishments.

The role itself is quite extensive. As a commercial roofer, you’ll be responsible for assessing damaged roofs, deciding on the best materials for replacement, ensuring that the new roof is weatherproof, and of course, physically installing the new roof.

This often involves working with materials specifically designed for flat or low-slope roofs, which are common in commercial settings.

Now, here’s the cherry on top: due to the seasonal and demanding nature of the work, commercial roofing can be quite lucrative. Many roofers find that they can earn enough during this peak season to cover their expenses for the entire year.

So, if you’re not afraid of heights and are looking for a high-paying seasonal job, commercial roofing might just be your summer calling.

Farm Work

Whether you’re thinking about running a large agricultural operation or a smaller, organic farm, the tasks can be varied and endless.

You might find yourself rising with the sun to feed the cattle, spending hours meticulously sowing seeds in the fields, or learning the intricacies of modern farming technology to optimize yields.

The beauty of farm work is its direct connection to the cycles of nature. It teaches patience, as you can’t rush the growth of crops or the birthing of livestock.

Farmers learn to be tough because they deal with everything from changing market prices to wild weather swings.

Now, if you’re pondering where to lay down your farming roots, location plays a pivotal role. Land quality, climate, and local agricultural regulations can all impact the success of your farming endeavors.

We’ve detailed this extensively in our post on the best states to buy farmland, a must-read for those looking to make informed decisions on where to establish or expand their farming operations.

Final Words

Seasonal jobs offer a fantastic opportunity to make good money without a long resume.

Whether you’re drawn to the snowy slopes or sun-kissed beaches, there’s a role for you.

And the best part? Many employers offer on-the-spot training. With competitive rates, often around or above $20 an hour, seasonal jobs are a win-win.

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