10 Jobs With Summers Off (Make $20 an Hour or More)

Jobs With Summers Off

No matter what your experience was at college, the one thing that everyone liked about them was that you got summers off! 

The daily hustle and bustle at work and the sheer disbalance in work-life balance strengthen the need for having a job with summers off. Fortunately, there are still some jobs where you get summers off! 

Getting the summers off is a good chance to lay off some work-related stress and enjoy duty-free time. So, in which careers do you get summers off? Let’s find out!


Whether you’re a school teacher or a college professor, working in the educational sector comes with the added benefit of summers off! 

Since the institute gives students summers off to lay off some heat and spend some happy time, there is no need for teachers to be at school.

However, as mentioned earlier, most teaching jobs get unpaid leaves during summer. 

Nevertheless, some institutes allow teachers to choose from different payment models.

They can either receive their compensation for 10 months or money for the whole year.

If you choose the yearly model, the school will deduct some money from your pay every month.

By capping your salary monthly, the schools pay you during summers to match your salary for the working months.

Academic Researcher

If you have a passion for discovery and scholarship, becoming an academic researcher can offer not only intellectual fulfillment but also a flexible schedule.

Many researchers work on nine-month contracts, leaving summers free for travel, family, or personal projects.

Educational requirements vary but typically include at least a Master’s degree, if not a Ph.D., in your field of study.

Your days will be filled with data collection, analysis, and publishing findings, often with the freedom to set your own hours.

The opportunity for summers off and the potential for a decent salary make this a compelling option for those with an academic inclination.

Ski Instructors

If you know how to ski, why not earn money by teaching others? 

With many tourists and people taking vacations during winter, ski instructors are a hot pick for the cold months.

As a ski instructor, your job is to provide instructions to groups and individuals wanting to learn skiing art. 

You must also complete an orientation with your guests and ensure they stick to all safety protocols when skiing. 

However, as soon as the season ends, so does skiing. You can utilize the summer months to take some time off or to find other part-time positions.

School Bus Driver

Driving a school bus is a job that pays around $20 an hour and provides a perfect work-life balance, especially for those seeking summers off.

In most places, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and pass a background check along with a specialized driving test.

Once you’ve met these qualifications, you’ll typically undergo a training program to learn the ropes of safely transporting students.

And just like that, you’re ready to hit the road!

The job mainly runs during the school year, offering you the chance to enjoy your summers freely.

Tax Preparer

Some people assume you need to be a financial genius to prepare taxes, but that’s far from the truth.

Tax preparers focus on helping individuals and businesses file their annual returns, mainly from December to April.

During tax season, you’ll be busy, but for the rest of the year, just a few hours per day can suffice.

Responsibilities often include gathering financial documents, applying tax codes, and filling out forms.

Getting into this role is surprisingly easy. No degree is needed, just a $35 Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) from the IRS, and you’re set to start.

The earning potential is attractive, making it a high-paying job without a degree for those willing to dive into the numbers.

School Nurse

Becoming a school nurse is an excellent job for those looking for a healthcare role with the added perk of summers off.

Usually, you’ll need to be a registered nurse, which does require a degree and state certification.

Once you’re certified, the job involves everything from tending to minor injuries and illnesses to managing students’ ongoing health conditions.

You’re often the first point of medical contact within the educational system.

School nurses usually work the same schedule as teachers, meaning summers, weekends, and holidays off.

With competitive pay and a balanced schedule, this role makes for a rewarding career that aligns well with family life.


Becoming a consultant has to be one of the most laid-back jobs but requires having extensive experience obtained from working long hours in your relevant field.

Your experience makes you a sensible person to ask for advice regarding the domain in which people are struggling. 

Usually, being a consultant is a flexible job. Since people usually set meetings, there is no need for you to be in your office all the time.

Basically, as a consultant, you choose your working hours. 

However, if you still want summers off, you can stop setting meetings during those months. 

If you don’t have the experience to become a consultant, you can still get summers off!

Many consulting firms provide summers off for their employees. So, by working at consulting firms, you can still enjoy getting summers off! 

Wedding Planner

Being a wedding planner, your job is to assist the happy couple in planning things for their marriage.

From planning the logistics, touring the venue, working with vendors, and ensuring timely payments, a wedding planner is expected to do it all to ensure everything falls in place. 

While event planners usually have to work extra during peak seasons, they usually have summers off.

People still marry in summer, but if they want your services, they’ll have to wait! 

However, if you work for an event planner, it depends on them entirely on whether or not you’ll get the summer months off.

Legislative Staffer

If you’ve got a knack for policy and public service, consider a job as a legislative staffer.

This role involves supporting lawmakers by researching issues, preparing briefs, and often managing communications.

Qualifications can vary, but a bachelor’s degree in political science, law, or a related field is usually preferred.

Some roles might require experience in public policy or campaign work.

The best part? When the legislative session ends, things quiet down significantly, often allowing for a more relaxed summer schedule.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing can be a highly flexible career with a wide range of earning potential, including the possibility of making six figures for those who excel in their niche.

No specific degree is required, although a strong command of language and specialized knowledge in a particular field can be advantageous.

Tasks can range from writing blog posts and articles to creating marketing materials or even ghostwriting books.

The real beauty of freelance writing is the freedom it offers. You can choose your clients, set your own hours, and yes, enjoy your summers off if you manage your projects wisely.

Final Words 

Most businesses don’t offer summer months off for their employees, making jobs with summers off scarce.

But, if you’re looking to start a new career or even start your own business, we’ve got you covered with our list above.

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