12 Entry-Level Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Looking for a new side gig or a different type of work that pays you well for your time?

dog walker job 20 an hour

Check out these jobs that pay $20 an hour.

From a casual gig to a longer-term career, you’ll learn how to make 20 dollars an hour online and find jobs that have easy requirements to enter.

12 Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour With No Experience

Depending on the job, company, and work experience, these roles may pay $20 an hour from the beginning.

In other cases, you might start at a lower tier and work your way up to the $20-25 an hour job rate and beyond.

Bank Teller

Bank tellers are often the first point of contact customers have with a bank.

They handle routine bank transactions, including receiving deposits, cashing checks, accepting loan payments, and completing withdrawals.

Tellers also assist customers with account-related inquiries, financial advice, and help guide them to the appropriate bank services.

In terms of qualifications, this job often requires a high school diploma or GED and some cash handling or customer service experience. Most banks offer on-the-job training for new hires to familiarize them with their specific systems and procedures.

While the national average wage for bank tellers is typically lower, in certain areas and financial institutions, especially in high-cost-of-living areas or larger banks, entry-level tellers can make $20 an hour or more.

There are also opportunities for advancement within the banking sector. With experience and further education, tellers can move up to more senior positions such as head teller, personal banker, or even branch manager.

Virtual Assistant

If you enjoy helping other people organize schedules, set up appointments, and manage their lives and businesses, then a virtual assistant role may be the right choice for you.

Being a virtual assistant gives space to continually learn new tasks you’re asked to do. Whether you want to build up skills or be of service to a small business, it pays well and can make an attractive addition to your resume.

Sales Representative

Sales representatives serve as the primary point of contact between a business and its customers, selling products or services, answering customer questions, and resolving issues.

Depending on the nature of the industry, sales reps may conduct their business over the phone, through email, or in person.

While many sales rep positions don’t require more than a high school diploma, certain industries might require specific knowledge or a related degree. For example, a pharmaceutical sales rep typically needs a degree in a field like biology or chemistry.

Entry-level sales representatives can make $20 an hour or more, especially when commissions are factored in. In many sales jobs, a portion of the rep’s salary is based on the sales they make, meaning the more they sell, the more they earn.

This structure can make sales a lucrative career choice for motivated individuals.

Delivery Driver

In today’s age, delivery drivers are essential for stocking retail supplies and getting online orders where they need to go.

Delivery drivers are paid well for their time, and it can be rewarding to drive around and drop off highly-anticipated packages around your local area.

For this job, you’ll definitely need a valid driver’s license and most likely a clean driving record. Depending on the company, the vehicle might be provided (e.g. as a UPS driver).

If you work independently, then you can use your own car for companies like Uber, DoorDash, or Instacart and make $20+ per hour with tips. 

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Dog Walker

You can get paid to spend the day hanging out with dogs?? That’s right! Being a dog walker is great quick cash gig if you love being outdoors and helping some fluffy friends get exercise.

There are apps like Rover that can help you find local dog owners to connect with, or you can post online or at a local center about your dog walking services.

If you walk multiple dogs at the same time, you can pull in a great hourly rate for the gig. Flexibility is another perk of this option, as you can choose your own clients and how many hours you work. 

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If you get excited when it comes to numbers and organization, bookkeeping may be the ideal job that pays $20 an hour.

Record expenses, track income, and keep financial statements in order while working in an office or remotely.

You don’t need a degree for bookkeeping, but many roles encourage certification, which you can obtain online through a training program.

Bookkeepers can also work on a freelance basis if you’re looking for a flexible role.


If you love talking to people or learning new cocktails to mix and how to achieve the perfect tap pour, bartending can be a great job to earn $35 an hour or more.

Actually, the average salary for a bartender is $15 per hour but you’ll get $150 in tips per day.

Some bars will want you to have a bartending certificate, but many are willing to train you on the spot. Factoring in tips, you can pull in an even higher rate on popular nights and weekends. 

Online or In-Person Tutor

If you love to teach, online tutoring is the job for you. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree for most online programs in order to teach, but once your application is accepted you can work up to 40 hours a week helping out kids all across the globe.

If you’d prefer to strike out on your own, advertise locally and you can usually charge much more than $30 an hour if you have the subject-matter expertise to back up your services.

Tutor younger kids, high-school students, college students, or even adults.

Fitness Trainer

Do you love working out? Why not help someone achieve their optimal health goals by being a fitness trainer? Some gyms require a fitness instructor certificate, which can be easily be obtained through online programs or technical schools that offer classes.

Certified personal trainers can be affiliated with the gym or work independently. Being an independent trainer usually means you’ll make more money per class, but you’ll need to find all your own clients and rent space at a gym (or find another space to work with people).

Either way, once you have clients, you can expect this to be a job that pays $45k a year.

House Cleaner

You clean your own house, so you probably have some skills to start with here already. If you don’t mind the dusting, scrubbing, and vacuuming, why not get paid to clean someone else’s too?

Being a house cleaner is a great job if you are looking to do more physical work, rather than sit at a computer most of the day. Even better, it doesn’t require any prior experience


While not everyone is a master landscaper, it may be the right job for you if you love to style and develop yards to be attractive and well-manicured.

With no prior experience or formal education, you can join a local company to develop your landscaping skills.

However, don’t expect to this to be a job that pays $20 right away—you’ll have to work your way up the ladder for higher pay. You can be the manual laborer, the foreman, the designer, etc.

The beauty of the landscaping is that it can be under the table job if that’s something that interests you.

Freelance Writer

Working with words can be a great way to expand your skills in multiple niche categories. As a freelancer, you can set your own hours, contracts, and find great clients to work with online.

You may be paid per project, per word, or per hour, so your exact earnings can vary.

However, the power to set your rates is in your hands, so just tell clients that’s what you charge!

Advertise your services on a freelance website like Fiverr to start building a client base.

Whether you want to walk dogs during the day, expand your technical online skills, or help people in a service-oriented role, find your dream side gig or switch careers by earning $20 an hour through a job you’ll love! 

More Jobs that Pay $20/hr

If you look at the more recent Reddit threads like this one, where people share their experiences of jobs that pay $20 or more an hour you will find these jobs:

  • “As someone who’s worked in warehouses on and off for the last 6 years, I can give you some hard facts. It is easy to get $20 per hour with no experience. There are many catches involved though.”
  • “I work at a lumber yard that pays like this. You get raises for years of service and such. When I started working here I was making $17, now 5 years later I’m making $26. And it’s very busy here there’s always been overtime.”
  • “Audio visual tech. You don’t need a degree and it’s fun work imo. Some audio visual techs make upwards of 35-40 an hour. I love it so much I do it as a side gig too!”

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