15 Best Part-Time Evening Jobs For Second Income

Looking for a part-time night job you can do from home to earn extra money?

There are dozens of part-time evening jobs that can fit your schedule and supplement your main income.

To help you out I’ve compiled the list of flexible part-time evening jobs that are currently in demand.

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1. Bartending

EARNING POTENTIAL: $15 – $35/hour

As a bartender, you’ll find yourself at the heart of a restaurant or bar’s social scene, serving drinks and engaging with customers. This role goes beyond just pouring drinks; it involves creating a welcoming atmosphere, managing the bar inventory, and sometimes dealing with challenging situations.

Bartending can be quite lucrative, especially with tips. While the base wage might average around $15 to $35 per hour, the real earning potential comes from tips, which can substantially boost your income. The job doesn’t offer the flexibility of some remote roles, but it’s a great fit for those who thrive in a dynamic, social environment.

2. Proofreading

EARNING POTENTIAL: $15 – $30/hour

Proofreading stands out as one of the best jobs for those who prefer minimal customer interaction. As a proofreader, your main task is to scrutinize written content for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors, ensuring that the final product is flawless. This role is perfect for detail-oriented individuals with a strong grasp of language.

The beauty of proofreading lies in its flexibility. You can take it up as a full-time job or as a side hustle to supplement your income, depending on your schedule and workload preferences. It’s an entirely remote job, enabling you to work from the comfort of your home or any quiet space.

You can find proofreading opportunities on various freelancing websites, where you can choose projects that match your skills and interests.

3. Movie Theater Staff

EARNING POTENTIAL: $8 – $15/hour

Working as a Movie Theater Staff is an engaging job for those who enjoy the entertainment industry and interacting with the public. In this role, you could be handling a variety of tasks, such as selling tickets, assisting with seating, managing concession stands, or ensuring the cleanliness of theaters.

The pay for movie theater staff typically ranges from $8 to $15 per hour, varying based on the theater chain and your location. This job often comes with some unique perks like free or discounted movie tickets.

You can find these roles by applying directly at local movie theaters or through their online career portals.

4. Waitstaff

EARNING POTENTIAL: $5 – $20/hour (plus tips)

Working as waitstaff in a restaurant is a dynamic job that involves serving customers, taking orders, and ensuring a pleasant dining experience. The base pay for waitstaff varies, often starting at a lower hourly wage (such as $5 – $20 per hour), but the real earning potential lies in tips, which can significantly boost your overall income.

This role is ideal for people with excellent communication skills and a passion for customer service. It requires the ability to multitask and work efficiently in a fast-paced environment. Waitstaff positions offer flexible scheduling, making them suitable for students, part-time job seekers, or anyone looking for evening and weekend work.

You can find waitstaff positions by applying directly at restaurants, cafes, or bistros.

5. Stock Clerk

EARNING POTENTIAL: $10 – $20/hour

Working as a Stocker in retail or grocery stores involves replenishing shelves, organizing products, and ensuring the store’s inventory is well-maintained and presentable. The role may also include tasks like unloading deliveries and assisting customers in finding products.

The pay for stockers typically ranges from $10 to $20 per hour, depending on the employer and the location. 

6. Freelance Writer

EARNING POTENTIAL: $10 – $100/hour

For those who love writing, freelance writing is not just a job, it’s a passion. It stands out as one of the most flexible part-time evening jobs out there. You have the power to set your own hours and the luxury of working from virtually anywhere, be it a cozy café or your home office.

Websites like FlexJobs, Upwork, and Fiverr are excellent places to look for freelance writing gigs. These platforms offer a wide array of opportunities for part-time work, catering to various writing needs from different clients.

7. Warehouse Worker (Evening or Night Shifts)

EARNING POTENTIAL: $12 – $20/hour

Working as a Warehouse Worker on evening or night shifts is a solid choice for those looking for part-time employment outside of regular business hours. This role typically involves tasks such as organizing stock, packing orders, loading and unloading trucks, and maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the warehouse.

The pay for warehouse workers usually ranges from $12 to $20 per hour, varying based on the employer and the complexity of the job. Warehouse jobs are often available through logistics companies, retailers, and distribution centers.

8. Virtual Assistant

EARNING POTENTIAL: $15 – $30/hour

In this role, you’ll handle a range of administrative tasks remotely, such as managing emails, scheduling appointments, organizing files, or even handling social media accounts for your clients.

The average pay for Virtual Assistants ranges from $15 to $30 per hour, depending on your skills and the complexity of the tasks. 

Virtual Assistant jobs can be found on freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr, as well as on job boards like Indeed or Remote.co.

9. Food Delivery Driver

EARNING POTENTIAL: $18 – $25/hour

With the rising trend of remote work, food delivery services like DoorDash have seen a surge in demand. 

As a Food Delivery Driver, you can capitalize on this trend to earn a substantial income. One of the main perks of this job is the flexibility it offers – you get to choose when you work.

10. Rideshare Driver

EARNING POTENTIAL: $15 – $30/hour

Becoming a Rideshare Driver with platforms like Uber or Lyft offers an excellent opportunity for flexible part-time work that can be done in the evening.

The earning potential for a Rideshare Driver typically ranges from $15 to $30 per hour, though this can vary based on factors such as location, time of day, and demand. Peak times, like rush hour and weekends, often present opportunities for higher earnings due to increased demand and surge pricing.

11. Teach English Online

EARNING POTENTIAL: $15 – $25/hour

Teaching English online, especially to overseas students, is a job that often requires evening or night shifts due to time zone differences. This role involves instructing students in English language skills, which can range from basic conversation to more advanced grammar and writing.

The pay for teaching English online typically ranges from $15 to $25 per hour. Platforms like VIPKid, Qkids, and iTutorGroup connect you with students from countries where there’s a high demand for learning English. These platforms often provide t

12. Hotel Receptionist

EARNING POTENTIAL: $10 – $16/hour

As a Hotel Receptionist you will be responsible for greeting guests, managing reservations, answering phone calls, and providing information about hotel services and local attractions.

The pay for a hotel receptionist typically ranges from $10 to $16 per hour. 

13. Blogging


Blogging is a whole different ball game compared to freelance writing. When you’re a freelance writer, you’re writing stuff for other people and getting paid for it. This could include writing blog posts for someone else’s blog. But when you run your own blog, the way you make money changes.

In blogging, you’re in charge of setting up how you make money. One of the best ways to do this is through affiliate marketing. This means you recommend products or services in your blog posts, and when someone buys them through your links, you get a piece of the sale.

The good thing about blogging is that you can write about stuff you’re really into. Whether it’s hobbies, parenting, cooking, or anything else, you can turn your interests into a profitable niche.

14. YouTube and TikTok Content Creation

EARNING POTENTIAL: Variable (Ad revenue, sponsorships, affiliate marketing)

As a content creator on these platforms, you have the freedom to explore various topics, from lifestyle and education to entertainment and daily vlogs. Your earnings primarily come from ad revenue, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

The earning potential on YouTube and TikTok varies widely. It depends on your niche, the number of followers you have, and how engaged your audience is. 

On YouTube, you earn money through the YouTube Partner Program, which pays you a share of the ad revenue generated from your videos. TikTok also has a Creator Fund that rewards popular and engaging content.

Building a significant following takes time and effort, but with dedication, it can be an enjoyable way to earn money. 

15. Sell On Etsy

EARNING POTENTIAL: Variable (Depends on product and pricing)

Selling on Etsy is an excellent option for those who can spare some time in the evenings, particularly busy parents looking for a flexible way to earn extra income. Etsy is a marketplace focused on handmade, vintage, and unique items, ranging from jewelry and clothing to home decor and art.

The beauty of selling on Etsy is that you can work on your creations during your free time, such as evenings or weekends. This makes it ideal for parents or anyone with a busy daytime schedule. Whether you’re crafting unique items during your kids’ nap times or after they’ve gone to bed, Etsy provides a platform to turn your creativity into profit.

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