How to Make Money in One Hour

Do you need some quick cash for an emergency bill or unplanned expense? Here is how to make money in one hour.


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We all have times when we need a little extra income. No matter what the reason, it is possible to earn quick cash when you need to make money in one hour. Here are some ways you’ll want to check out!


9 Ways to Make Money in One Hour or Less

Collect Your Change


Do you have a change jar or bottle where you’ve collected your loose change? It might be worth more than you think!  We collect our change in a giant bottle from an old water cooler.

When we cash it in it can often be several hundred dollars or more. Don’t have a change jar, check your chairs, sofa and cars for loose change, and don’t forget to check your various jackets and handbags too. I recently found $50 tucked in an old wallet, as well as a $25 Target gift card!


Sell Something

One of the quickest ways to make money fast is to sell something. If you need to make money in one hour, you might not have time to put something for sale on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, but you do have time to sell to a resale store or pawn shop. (Check out what things you can pawn for $500).

Some consignment stores will give you cash up front for selling the items, and pawn shops will typically buy or let you pawn items of value including jewelry and electronics.

My husband often sells some of his fan merchandise from TV and films that he has tired of and gets a decent amount in return from a local comic and hobby shop. I’ve made over $1000 in the last year consigning clothing my kids have outgrown, old toys, and DVD’s and Blu-rays that were collecting dust. While in some consignment stores you have to wait until the item sells, many resellers will offer cash up front. 

If you have gold jewelry that is collecting dust or that you no longer need, it might be able to help you collect some quick cash. Make sure you check the carats of the jewelry before you sell so that you have an idea of the value. Jewelers and pawn shops are looking for gold jewelry and may be interested in the diamond jewelry you have as well.


Donating plasma can provide some quick extra cash and can help others as well!  During the current pandemic, plasma from those who have tested positive in the past is particularly in need.

While your first plasma donation may take slightly more than an hour due to health background information needed, follow up sessions typically take only 45 minutes and can be a quick way to earn extra income.


Make Deliveries


Only have an occasional hour here or there to make some extra cash?

Driving for a delivery service such as DoorDash or Instacart can be a great way to earn extra income on your schedule.

After you sign up, you simply log into the app and accept opportunities when you have a spare hour or two to earn income. My husband does construction and the winter months here in the Midwest are his slow season.

He’s been doing this on afternoons when he doesn’t have jobs to do and it’s a great way to pick up some extra income even when you don’t have a ton of time. 

Another opportunity is to deliver people and not meals or groceries. Driving for Uber or Lyft can be a profitable way to earn extra cash in a small amount of time.

Recommended: DoorDash or Instacart


Make a Return


Do you have recent purchases that you never opened or removed the tags?

If so, you may be able to return the item for cash or store credit. Whenever possible, bring the receipt with you when making the return, however some retailers may allow returns without one.

Visit the retailer’s website online or ask customer care regarding their store return policy.


Scan Your Receipts


Did you know that your grocery receipts can be worth real money?

Apps like Ibotta and Fetch Rewards offer smart ways to earn for items you’ve purchased anyway. If you have store receipts from recent purchases, submit them in and see what cash back you might be able to get back!

I personally love Ibotta because you can cash out relatively quickly once you meet the minimum amount and have the funds sent to your bank account or use it to purchase a gift card.


Freelance Online


Have online skills like writing, web design, illustration, or graphic design?  You may just be able to pick up an odd job or two for some quick cash while working from home or your local coffee shop. Try freelance gig sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

If you have virtual assistant type skills that can be of assistance to other small business owners, you may also be able to pick up some online VA type jobs such as scheduling social media, designing graphics or setting up blog posts.

Even though I have my own business, I often pick up freelance jobs to do to earn extra income, help out with unexpected bills and supplement my earnings when business is slower.

While individual project payments may not be large amounts, the earnings can really add up, especially if you do them consistently.


Do Online Surveys and Focus Groups

Did you know that you can earn Paypal, gift cards and cash for sharing your opinions via online surveys and participating in focus groups?

I often do these in my spare time while watching TV in the evenings and while the earnings won’t replace a day job, the earnings can really add up. Check out different survey apps that pay to make money.


Share Your Skills

Are you handy and can do odd jobs? Got a mower, snow shovel or snow blower and can help others with yard work or snow removal. These skills can not only help you make money, they can also allow you to help others.

Post flyers on local billboards and posts on online Facebook groups or bulletin boards to promote the services that you can offer. 

No matter what your income, having the ability to earn extra cash can come in handy during the holidays or anytime you might have expenses. Whether you are planning ahead, or need money now, it is possible to make money in one hour or less.