28 Things You Can Pawn for $500 Dollars

Are you wondering what can I pawn for $500? If you need cash in for an emergency, you’re not alone.

Research shows that in the U.S., four in 10 households wouldn’t be able to cover a $400 emergency expense. And that research was conducted before the recent global chaos of lockdowns and layoffs, so it’s likely that the situation isn’t any better these days.

If you’re facing an expense but low on savings, you might be looking around your house wondering “what can I pawn for 500 dollars?” You’ll find a few ideas below.

Note: Pawning is only a good option if you want the option to re-purchase the item at a later date. Otherwise, you can usually get more money by just selling your item outright on a platform like eBay or to a local buyer.

What Can I Pawn for 500 Dollars? $1000, $100, or just $50?

When you pawn an item, you can expect to receive 30-70% of its value, depending on the individual shop and the item’s condition.

Thus, to earn $500 from pawning a single item, its actual value needs to be over $500. Here are some items that can fall into that category.

Pawn Vehicles for $500 or More

If you need a large amount of cash quickly, selling or pawning your vehicle or doing a title loan may be an option. Your vehicle does need to run, be in good condition and have a title that is paid off (no auto loans).

The amount of money you can get for your vehicle can vary on make, model, mileage and condition. If you pawn your vehicle, the pawn shop will hold onto your car and you will be unable to drive it until you pay it off.

A title loan (which is only available in limited states) may enable you to keep your vehicle as long as your payments are current. Be sure to discuss the options with the pawnbroker and to carefully read your paperwork to make sure you understand the details before you sign.

Pawn Technology for $500

Pawn technology for 500 dollars

Your tech collection is the perfect place to start looking for a $500 pawnable item.

Smartphones can have a resale or pawn value of up to $350 if you have one of the latest models.

Since you’ll only earn a fraction of the value at a pawn shop, it might be hard to crack $500 by pawning one just phone—but maybe you have several laying around.

Older model cell phones may be eligible for pawn, but expect to receive less for older phones, especially if they are in poor condition.

Laptops or desktop computers (especially newer and pricier versions like gaming computers) can oft be worth $500+ and net a good return at a pawn shop.

A MacBook can also get a nice price. Less expensive computers and laptops can also be pawned, but expect to receive lower amounts.

Computers and devices that are older and in poor condition may not be eligible for pawn or will receive considerably less.

Be sure to back up your files before you pawn your computer so that you have access to them.

Televisions are now very affordable to buy new, which also means they do not have as much pawn value.

Smaller TV’s (under 32 inches) may get offers of $25-$40 at a pawn shop. Larger TV’s may receive up to $200 if they are newer and in good condition. Older TV’s and certain brands may be eligible for lower amounts.

If you have a broken TV, you should check out these places to sell your broken TV.

DSLR cameras can be pawned if they are in good condition. The amount that you receive depends on the brand and accessories (like extra lenses) that you have for it. Payment amounts for pawned cameras can range anywhere from $10 to $300.

Wearable gadgets like smart watches or luxury headphones can vary in the amount of money you receive.

Apple watches may receive between $20 and $130 depending on the model and condition. High end headphones can receive up to $100.

Pawn Tools for $500

Got a shed full of tools you rarely use? Putting them in pawn until you need them again could help float you through an emergency.

Not all pawn shops will accept all types of equipment, but you can call around to ask about tools like:

  • Lawn mowers
  • Drill sets
  • Power saws
  • Air compressors
  • Sanders
  • Generators
  • Plumbing equipment
  • Wrench sets
  • Mechanic tools
  • Etc.

The main things that will determine your tools’ value are their brand and condition. You might have to pawn multiple tools to reach $500.

If you’re looking to get more cash, then you should also consider selling your tools.

Pawn Jewelry for $500

Pawn jewelry for 500 dollars

Jewelry is often one of the first things people think of to pawn, and for good reason. It’s (A) often high-value and (B) something you can easily live without for as long as you need to.

The only sticking point is whether there’s sentimental value involved, but ultimately, your financial well-being does outrank most physical belongings.

Start with the low-stakes jewelry that’s easier to part with:

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Watches
  • Earrings
  • Chains

The last-resort items would be family heirlooms and engagement or wedding rings. If you’re facing dire circumstances, I’d like to think your ancestors would be glad to help.

With rings, you & your significant other could temporarily replace the expensive bands with low-cost alternatives. You can also pawn precious metals in non-jewelry forms, like a gold or silver coin collection.

Pawn Musical Instruments/Equipment for $500

If you have a musical talent, your instrument may feel like an extension of yourself. Or, it may have been sitting forgotten in a closet collecting dust because you’re too busy to play. (Speaking from experience—looking at you, closet violin.)

Guitars, cellos, and other instruments with a value of $1000 or more could earn you several hundred dollars at a pawn shop.

Recording or DJ equipment also falls into this category. If you’ve played in a band or dabbled with recording music, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc., you might have professional-quality microphones or speakers. Amplifiers are also a popular pawned item.

Pawn Sports Equipment/Vehicles for $500

This is another good idea of something to pawn, since you can live without recreational items (even if life is a little less fun for a while).

Think of any “toys” you have for the weekends or summers:

  • Jet skis
  • Nice kayaks
  • ATVs
  • Snowboards or skis
  • Hunting or fishing equipment
  • Golf clubs
  • Bicycles
  • Mopeds or motorcycles

Pawn or Sell Several Lower-Cost Items Together

If you don’t have many items worth $500+, that’s totally fine. In fact, it’s a good thing, since it probably means you’re financially responsible and resist impulse purchases!

Instead, scrounge around your home, attic, and garage for anything you don’t use often. Small kitchen appliances, shoes/clothing/accessories from a good brand like Hugo Boss, video game discs, and other household items can all add up.

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