7 Places To Sell Your Junk For Cash

Got junk? Did you know that you can tidy up your home and make a few extra bucks?

Why not clear that clutter and get some easy money for your scrap, junk and items you no longer need? There are even apps that can help!

We all have things we don’t need, and if you’re like many, you’ve been using some of the extra time at home during the pandemic to clean house.

Whether you’re getting rid of old scrap metal, used sneakers, outgrown kids clothing, unneeded books and board games, or something else, your trash could be someone else’s treasure. It could also be extra money for you!

So how do you get money for your scrap? Here are some of the top apps to sell stuff for money.

7 Selling Apps That Will Get You Easy Money for Your Scrap

How to Turn Your Trash into Cash and Earn Easy Money for Your Junk, Scrap and Unwanted Items

So you’re looking to sell some of your stuff? Before you take it to a consignment store or post it for sale online, you’ll want to get it ready and take an inventory.

Note the details for each item including sizes, colors, condition and other important details. If you’re going to post for sale online, you’ll also need to take some photos of every item.

Not sure where to get started selling your old stuff and junk? Here are some of the sites to try.


Founded in 1995, eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces where you can sell your junk like broken tablets, old broken TVs, and used Disney VHS tapes.

A safe and established way to sell items online, you can sell your broken stuff on eBay in two ways. Choose a fixed-price listing or conduct an auction. However, the website is known for its impressive auction feature.

All you need to do is upload a picture of the items you want to sell, set a starting bidding price, and set the duration of your auction.

This period can extend anywhere between 1 and 10 days. After the auction period ends, you will be able to sell the item to the highest bidder. 

This site takes various payment methods, including PayPal, credit/debit card, or merchant credit/debit card. 

When setting your pricing, keep in mind that eBay does take a fee from the sale if the item is sold. You’ll also want to calculate shipping costs into your price.

Facebook Marketplace

You may use Facebook regularly for social media, but did you know that you can sell items there too?

Facebook Marketplace is similar to OfferUp and a great way to sell items online. You can reach a large audience and avoid having to ship when you post in local groups. You also have the option of promoting nationwide or worldwide if you don’t mind shipping.

If you would like to put your items on sale, simply upload a few pictures of your items and start your search to find a potential buyer. Include details like colors, sizes, condition and where you’re willing to meet (or ship to) for buyers.

All of this can be done directly on Facebook and buyers can use Facebook Messenger to ask questions or to arrange payments.

To get the most eyes on your listing, try to join several buy-sell Facebook groups for your area and post your item(s) in each group.


As the name suggests, Nextdoor is another great neighbor-centric selling and buying application with a separate “Free Section” and a “For Sale” section.

To list an item for sale on this website, select the “Post A Listing” option as seen on the top-right corner of the screen. Next, choose between the Free Section and For Sale section. Then, enter a few basic details that include the product’s price, description, and pictures.

After you find a potential buyer, you will have to discuss making the payment and completing the pickup.

Another bonus is that your listing will show up on all the local feeds. Thanks to the search option, buyers can also look up stuff in the Free Section and For Sale section.


Another great place, like the Facebook marketplace to sell anything from cars to clothes is OfferUp.

On OfferUp, every seller has a rating, which will give you an idea of how legit the seller is. Moreover, the app claims that you can put up your item for listing in less than 30 seconds!

Just upload a few pictures of your item, give it a manageable title and assign it into its category along with the product description, price, and location.

The buyer may also reach out to the seller to find extra details, and based on your dealings, you can make the final offer.

CPlus for Craigslist

Are you looking to sell a little more locally? Selling on Craigslist has been given an upgrade with the CPlus for Craigslist app.

In terms of the selling and buying process, all you need to do is upload pictures of the items, give them a title and product description, price details, and voila! You’re all set to make money.

Additionally, you can also enable geo-location, which offers a wide range of display options. All these features combine to help your item reach a large group of potential buyers. 


Have fashion related items you’re no longer using? You can sell anything from women’s handbags to clothes, shoes, makeup, and other accessories on Poshmark.

This fashion-related marketplace makes the job of selling second-hand fashion products much easier. 

Whether you’re looking to sell items you no longer need, or are in search of a few new stylish pieces, Poshmark is the site to visit. Currently, the app has over 200 million items for sale, and every second, there is one sale in the US.

Listing items for sale on Poshmark is relatively easy. Just snap a few pictures of the items, fill in the basic details and add the price.


Have designer shoes, bags or clothes you’re looking to unload? Tradesy is another excellent option if you are looking to sell items related to fashion.

With both current and vintage selections, this peer-to-peer selling site has lots of opportunities to sell your unneeded wardrobe.

All you need to do is snap a few pictures of your items and enter the basic details like title, product description, size, brand, pricing, and other relevant details.

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Earning money for your Junk

Whether you need quick cash or just are doing some clean up around the house, consider selling the items you no longer need.

Whether you consign them at a retail store or sell them via an app online, can be easy to get money for your scrap and unwanted possessions.

Have suggestions on additional places to sell your belongings? Leave a comment below!

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