Poshmark VS Tradesy – Which is Better to Sell on?

Nowadays, E-commerce is now a very helpful tool for developing a company while spending little money, and it’s a great location to draw a large audience on well-known platforms. Several websites provide e-commerce services nowadays.

To develop and maximize sales, you must build an online shop where consumers may quickly locate and purchase your items. Opening a new domain and waiting for clients to locate and purchase from your website is time-consuming.

Shops that have more than 20 different retailers under one roof are often the most popular among customers. Having a personal domain for the business may also be quite expensive when looking at it from a financial perspective; however, websites such as E-commerce Stores can assist you in attracting customers instantaneously at a lower cost.

Tradesy and Poshmark are two online marketplaces that allow users to buy and sell used items. This article compares and contrasts the two marketplaces so that users can decide which one is better for them. This post will discuss what to offer, fees, membership levels, shipping charges, payment options, and much more.

After this piece, you will have all the information you need to choose whether Poshmark or Tradesy is the superior platform to sell your products online worldwide.

Which Is better to Sell on?

When comparing Tradesy with Poshmark, Tradesy is the best option for sellers who want to use the marketplace as another place to sell their wares. However, if you rely on one website, Tradesy will eventually provide you with customers.

Poshmark provides services more quickly than Tradesy since it can draw customers in a shorter period. To pick the finest resale platform between Tradesy and Poshmark, sellers must consider each platform’s advantages and perspectives.

This marks the conclusion of the article that compared Tradesy with Poshmark. I sincerely hope the vendors thoroughly understand both sites and how they operate.

Poshmark VS Tradesy


Poshmark is an online marketplace for buying and selling gently used products founded in 2011 and funded to $65.5 million.

Due to its availability on both Android and IOS, Poshmark caters to the widest possible user base. Poshmark launched a year before Tradesy, giving it an early start in the race for clients and credibility.

Both Poshmark and Tradesy allow purchasers to personalize their shopping experience by providing customizable tools such as product listing management, photo galleries, and descriptions that give their wares distinctive identities.


Tradesy is an e-commerce website that allows consumers and sellers to gather in one location to take advantage of buying and selling possibilities while also establishing a new name for themselves worldwide. Tradesy was established in 2012, making it a relatively fresh option for vendors looking to take advantage of new sales channels.

Installing Tradesy on any phone is possible since it is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. This ensures that the widest possible audience will see your business and its wares. It is estimated that Tradesy has raised a total of $74.5 million so far, which is expected to continue to rise daily.

Tradesy is well-known for its services that allow users to resell things that have been exchanged or returned. Tradesy is an excellent choice for generating reselling chances, which may help you clear out your stock, return things, and so on. You will be recognized very readily, and if your items are in excellent shape, then potential customers will become aware of them sooner.

What Products to Sell?


When we speak about Poshmark, there are no certain categories in which sellers may split their product line. However, it is seen as the Craigslist of Fashion since users can put whatever clothing item they wish to give consumers on the website.

Therefore, if you want to sell a certain range of garments, Tradesy is your greatest choice. On the other hand, if you want to sell a variety of products but don’t want to put them under specific categories, Poshmark is a fantastic alternative.


Tradesy gives us access to a large category where we may sell our items. Jerseys, Bottoms, Tops, Swim, Bridal Gowns, Groomsmen, Bridal Veils, Activewear Wedding Presents, Suiting, Outwear, bags, Maternity, Shoes, Cosmetics, Jeans, Invitations & Papers, and much more are some of the categories that are included on the list for the seller to keep an eye on.

With the assistance of Tradesy, merchants have access to a comprehensive list of categories under which they may display their product lines, making it simpler to entice clients and purchasers. In contrast to Poshmark, Tradesy makes it simple to put the items for sale on its website.



If you need to send or receive money without paying fees, Poshmark is an excellent choice. Poshmark allows its sellers to send fees to their bank account or check without charging them.

They charge up to $2.95 for the commission, but only if the sales are less than $415. Poshmark deducts a fee, which may be as high as 20% of the entire sales, from each transaction above $15.


You will be charged a commission and a money transfer fee by Tradesy. Under $50 in sales, sellers must pay Tradesy a commission of $7.50, and beyond $50, and sellers must pay 19.8% of total sales.

Tradesy charges sellers 2.9% of each payment for goods offered to consumers as a fee for transferring funds. Sellers may quickly deposit their money to their bank accounts, PayPal, and debit cards.

Customer Service


When discussing Poshmark’s customer service. Poshmark doesn’t have a live chat feature or helpline number, but it does provide an email address where users can send questions or complaints about how the website or app is functioning, for example.

In conclusion, we found that Tradesy’s customer service is more helpful than Poshmark’s when comparing the two company‚Äôs customer support.


Tradesy captures the hearts of sellers when it comes to customer care. Tradesy offers a live chat option, a toll-free helpline number, and an email address where you may contact them if you have any problems.

The website and the app generally offer a simple user experience to look forward to. They offer 24-hour customer service to buyers and sellers to address issues with the app, website, etc.