10 Best Jobs For Jack Of All Trades

Do you feel like you can get everything you touch done?

Your traits make you a creative and skilled individual, allowing you to learn things quickly about your job. 

While becoming a professional in one career can bring promising success, a recent study revealed that 60% of CEOs consider creativity the most important employee trait!

Although you hoard information and knowledge about many fields, you don’t excel at either. 

Don’t fret! There are various job options available for creative individuals like you. So, which careers can you choose as a Jack of All Trades? 

Let’s Find out! 

What is a “Jack of All Trades?” 

First things first: Let’s find out what being a “Jack of All Trades” mean. Jack of All Trades is someone who has accumulated various skills throughout their career. 

Despite their extensive knowledge and skills, their lack of interest and focus in any field, they don’t specialize in any career. 

While not having a certain specialty helps you develop transferable skills, it also renders you unsure about the next career paths to take or know your ideal career choice. 

Although it may sound worrisome, being a Jack of All Trades is a unique trait and gives you access to various job opportunities. Plus, you’re not the only one!

One of the most brilliant minds, William Shakespeare, was known as Jack of All Trades.

Considering his stature in literature today, anyone can say he landed on his feet just fine! 

Best Careers For Jack Of All Trades

Project Manager

So you’re good at a lot of things? That’s perfect for a gig as a Project Manager.

Think of yourself as the captain of a ship, steering everyone and everything to land on Success Island.

You get to use all your skills here. Good with tech talk? Great, you’ll need that when hashing out details with your IT folks.

People person? Awesome, because you’ll be smoothing over conflicts and getting everyone to play nice.

Love playing with numbers? You’ll be diving into budgets and timelines like a pro.

Basically, you’re the go-to person making sure the whole project doesn’t go off the rails. From brainstorming at the start to popping the champagne when it’s all done, you’re in the thick of it.


As a Consultant, you have the opportunity to apply your varied skill set across different industries and scenarios.

One week, you might assist a restaurant chain in optimizing its operations; the next, you could guide a tech startup through a pivotal growth stage.

Each project serves as a new opportunity to leverage your diverse background and problem-solving abilities.

Your role is essentially to diagnose issues and provide actionable solutions.

The breadth of challenges you encounter ensures a dynamic work environment that capitalizes on your versatility.

With the added perks of flexible scheduling and the option for remote work, consulting offers a balanced, fulfilling career path for those who thrive on diversity and challenge.


Entrepreneurship is the ultimate career path for the jack of all trades.

From leveraging platforms like Amazon to sell products, to launching a range of businesses that require an initial investment of $5,000 or less, the possibilities are nearly endless.

If your skill set is as diverse as your ambitions, you’ll find that entrepreneurship offers an ever-changing landscape where you’re the master of your destiny.

It allows you to dip into various areas, whether that’s marketing your brand, managing supply chains, or even diving into the nitty-gritty of customer service.

Got a family? Even better. There’s a plethora of family business ideas that can turn your entrepreneurial journey into a family affair.

College Professor

Everyone has a favorite subject as soon as they land in the educational cycle.

If you loved a subject enough in college to ace it, you can demonstrate your interest by sharing your knowledge with other people as a college professor. 

College Professors are expected to have extensive knowledge about a specific subject.

With effective communication skills and knowledge, you can excel as a college professor.

Teaching also gives you an opportunity to learn more about the subject and expand your horizons. 

Although most institutes require you to have the qualifications to take you on as a professor, you can still get the job by demonstrating your in-depth knowledge of a subject.

According to Best Colleges, a college professor has an average income of $149,629. 

Becoming a professor not only gives you a chance to teach a subject you love but also gives you a chance to earn six figures

Event Coordinator

If you have a wide range of skills and love the idea of seeing a project through from start to finish, consider becoming an Event Coordinator.

This role is all about creating experiences people won’t forget, whether it’s a wedding, corporate function, or music festival.

As an Event Coordinator, your job is like being the conductor of an orchestra.

You’ll be coordinating with vendors, securing venues, managing budgets, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the day of the event.

Your multitasking abilities and diverse skill set are put to good use as you juggle various elements to pull off a successful event.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this role is the tangible results you get to see.

When guests walk away from an event talking about how amazing it was, that’s a direct reflection of your hard work

Fictional Writer

The imaginative power of the human mind can be astonishing.

With someone having a diverse skill set and experience like yourself, you can consider becoming a fictional writer! 

Fictional writers hold the power to derive stories and generate narratives through their experiences. They utilize their imagination to give their writings a polished finish. 

Writing is mainly about sharing your experiences and using your imagination.

When writing, most writers face a dilemma where they run out of experiences to tell.

The lack of experience causes a plot to fall flat, making readers lose interest in the writing. 

However, your traits have finally helped you find a workaround! With your vast experiences, there will always be a story to tell.

Resorting to your imagination will further allow you to strengthen your plot and write a story strong enough to keep the readers hooked. 

Film Director

What is the secret behind a hit movie? Good actors and an even better plot! 

Being a Jack of All Trades, you have a unique ability to bring new ideas to life, allowing you to become a virtuoso film director.

Your experiences and skills give you a chance to influence your vision and create an interesting plot. 

Your experiences can help you catch an eye of an executive producer. An executive producer is the ultimate supervisor of the entire movie project.

Your knowledge and skills can help you come up with an intriguing plot and give the movie the most important aspect: A good story. 

As a film director, you ensure everything from acting to editing goes well in a movie.

So, if you are good at the arts, you can use your flexible skills to become a film director. Who knows, you might even win a Grammy award!

General Contractor

For those who love variety and have a diverse set of skills, being a General Contractor can be an ideal career choice.

In this role, you are essentially the conductor of a symphony of tradespeople, from electricians to plumbers to carpenters.

Your job is to make sure everyone is in tune and hitting their notes at the right time, all while adhering to a blueprint that brings a client’s vision to life.

Your days could range from scrutinizing architectural plans to negotiating with suppliers for the best deals on materials.

One moment you’re in a project meeting, discussing timelines and budgets; the next, you’re on-site ensuring work is progressing as planned.

Your versatile skill set allows you to switch between these different tasks seamlessly.

Whether you’re overseeing a small home renovation or a multi-million dollar commercial build, the role of a General Contractor offers an ever-changing landscape of responsibilities.

It’s a career that demands adaptability, problem-solving, and a wide array of competencies—making it a perfect fit for a jack of all trades.


Being a Jack of All Trades, your creativity sparks a unique, imaginative touch. Your creativity gives you a chance to work as an Illustrator! 

Becoming an illustrator gives you a chance to highlight your creativity through your work.

Companies hire illustrators to develop a pristine picture of their prototype and what they expect to do it.

Alternatively, you might also get to develop an abstract illustration based on your client’s requirements.

Another upside to becoming an illustrator is it gives you an opportunity to work remotely.

Working remotely gives you the freedom and flexibility of fulfilling the projects on your terms. 

By learning the right tools and bringing your knowledge together, your skills and imagination will allow you to become an amazing illustrator! 

App Developer

As a jack of all trades, becoming an app developer directly falls to your education and previous work experiences.

If you have learned about programming languages in college or through some work experiences, becoming an app developer can be a great fit. 

As the name suggests, your job as an app developer is to write and create applications for a specific operating system.

Your job will require adding features to the client’s requirements and developing an operational application. 

You can also create your apps as a developer. You can sell your apps to the many customers you can find for your app by marketing it.

As an App Developer, you can also earn money by demonstrating your skills on freelancing platforms. 

Since you have extensive knowledge about programming languages and hoard important skills like working quickly and effectively solving problems, becoming an App developer is right up your alley! 

Final Words 

Career indecisiveness is a common problem faced by many people. However, being a jack of all trades gives you an edge over other people stuck determining their interests! 

Whether you’re stepping into a professional domain or have an experience of lifetime odd jobs, you should feel content knowing that your skills will always help you remain relevant.

The jobs mentioned in this guide are a perfect place for any jack of all trades to start hustling. 

However, based on your interests and experiences, there might be more domains for you to step into. Exploring yourself will help you find a suitable job and excel at it! 

We hope one of the mentioned jobs in this guide piqued your interest and gave you an idea of where to start. Good luck!