10 Free Textbook PDF Websites for Easy Learning

Looking for free textbook PDFs for your studies?

I’ve downloaded dozens of PDF textbooks for free over the last few years, and I’ve discovered some of the best sites for this purpose.

Here are my top 10 favorite websites where you can find a wide range of textbooks in PDF format, completely free of charge.

Library Genesis 

Being home to millions of publications, including published documents, journals, and expensive textbooks, Library Genesis tops the list as one of the best free textbook PDF websites.

Library Genesis is a much-needed companion for students looking to save costs by providing free academic books, textbooks, magazines, etc. 

Library Genesis has a simplistic interface, including a search bar to help you find the required books. Its intuitive interface has made Library Genesis a go-to choice for many book readers looking for quality books. 

This platform has files supported by Kindle, Android, iPad, PC, and smartphone readers. Given its high compatibility and simple interface, Library Genesis continues to gain recognition amongst book readers. 

Open Library 

Open Library has become a significantly famous website for its huge variety of textbook PDFs. 

The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface that strikes a nice balance in its visual appeal. On its homepage, it features a variety of books, providing suggestions for your next reading adventure. This design choice helps the website catch your attention while also making it easy to find new books.

Open Library also puts forth trending books, allowing you to access them with a few clicks. To further increase ease of access, Open Library has categorized all the books according to their genre. Category-wise sorting makes it easy for users to find the books they are looking for quickly. 

One of the most outstanding features of Open Library is that it allows you to keep track of your favorite and required books. It also has a reading log, allowing you to see the books that you have accessed through the website earlier. 

Open Textbook Library 

Mainly a resource for students, Open Textbook Library is one of the most popular free textbook PDF websites. This website holds books on different branch-related books that students may require to pursue higher studies. 

On Open Textbook Library, you can access up to 12 subjective streams, including business, education, and engineering, to name a few. The best part about Open Textbook Library is that it allows you to access fully funded and published books with a license for free. 

This platform further allows you to share, print, or adapt these books while maintaining minimal costs. Additionally, if you see any omissions in the book, you can fix them through the free editing features offered by the website! 


It is not uncommon for people to go looking for free stuff on the internet and end up with a virus. If you are looking for a secure way of obtaining free books, Centslessbooks is one of the most secure free textbook PDF websites. 

Unlike other platforms on the list, Centslessbooks provides a comprehensive list of all e-books in its database. Note that this database consists of all books that are available for free in the Amazon Kindle Store. 

Any title you select on this platform will redirect you to the Kindle Store. While the link will send you to the free PDF version of the textbook, you can also browse and purchase in paperback or hardback format. 


Launched by Rice University, OpenStax is a gateway to numerous PDF textbooks covering various subjects, making it one of the best free textbook PDF websites for students. 

On OpenStax, you usually find books about the subjects of Social Sciences, Humanities, Physics, and Mathematics. 

Since the target audience for this website is mainly college students, the developers devote their efforts to keeping the website well-maintained and ensuring that all books are available. Apart from college-level books, you can also find high-school textbooks on OpenStax. 

Once you have found the textbook you are looking for on this platform, you can download it and read it through a PDF reader. 

PDF Drive

Having a strong search engine, PDF Drive qualifies as one of the best free textbook PDF websites of all time. PDF Drive’s search bar allows you to search for tutorials, manuals, and books through its database. 

To help you find some great reads, the website also highlights top trending free book suggestions. These suggestions are chosen based on the growing reader interest and are sent directly to your mail inbox. 

PDF Drive also has various educational videos embedded in its interface. These videos can be significantly helpful in helping you grasp difficult concepts, developing new skills, and acing your exams. 

Other than previewing and reading the books online, PDF Drive also allows you to download textbooks in PDF format. Considering that there are no limitations and ads on this website, PDF Drive ensures secure, free access to a wide range of textbooks, helping countless students worldwide. 


For those who like a customized experience, Smashwords is another free textbook PDF website. This website allows you to switch between a new and a classic interface, allowing you to browse, preview, and read books the way you prefer. 

In addition to a huge free library, Smashwords also offers some books for purchase. Nevertheless, the biggest highlight of Smashwords is its helpful sidebar tool. This tool assists your search by narrowing down books closest to your interests. 

The website also allows you to search for any book using its title or author’s name. With more than 830K books for free, Smashwords can be a great help in finding your books for free! 


An online publishing company that specializes in eBooks. It focuses mainly on providing educational literature for engineering, IT, and business students, as well as practical business books.

It’s a great resource for those looking for textbooks in these specific fields. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to find and access the required textbooks. The textbooks available on Bookboon are particularly useful for college and university students studying in these areas.

Free Kids Books

The focus of Free Kids Books is on providing diverse and engaging content for young readers and learners. It’s primarily aimed at K-12 education, including pre-primary, primary, and secondary levels.

The platform provides these resources in user-friendly formats, mainly PDF.


Also known as the Internet Archive, is a digital library offering free access to a massive collection of books, music, movies, software, websites, and more. It’s well-known for its Wayback Machine, which archives historical web pages.

The site is a great resource for finding rare and out-of-print books, along with a wide variety of other digital materials. It’s used by researchers, historians, and the general public to access a wealth of information and cultural content that might otherwise be difficult to find.

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