23 Ways to Get Free Shoes for Needy Families, Students and Kids

Love shoes and want more?

where to find free shoes

Even if you have a limited budget, there are ways to get free shoes for yourself and your family.

Here’s how! 

How to Get Free Shoes For Low Income Families

Shoes are an important part of our daily wardrobe and whether you’re ultra chic or comfy and casual, buying shoes for yourself and your family can add up.

Fortunately, the are some easy ways to offset the costs. If you are looking for ways to get free shoes, here are some of our top tips!

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Product Testing

Product testing is a fun hobby and can also help you score free Nike sneakers and some amazing freebies as well.

Companies will often send free products to select individuals in exchange for their feedback and reviews.

While some product testing is done directly with the companies themselves, other times these opportunities are found through partner agencies that help coordinate on their behalf.

Here are some places where you can do product testing to get free shoes. 


Nike does offer product testing of their shoes.

Their program does require you to return the product after you are done, however you will get use of a new product for a specified period of time.

Once your product testing mission is completed, you’ll be able to apply for future shoe testing opportunities. 


Adidas also has an active product testing program for shoe lovers who live in America or Europe. Check out our Adidas Product Testing Review.


This beloved shoe brand for runners offers product testing for those who run regularly.

It is limited to United States residents only, and those individuals who live in Seattle may qualify for even more opportunities. 

New Balance

If you or your family loves New Balance like we do, this may be the shoe product testing program for you. 


Reebok also offers a shoe product testing program.

Applicants do need to qualify and criteria may vary by things such as shoe size, location and athletic activity level. 


This popular outdoor enthusiast brand offers product testing for its shoes and other products. 


This product testing program is available for U.K. and New Zealand residents. Residents of the United States are not eligible at this time. 

Under Armour

This popular athletic retailer is seeking kids for its product testing program. 


This running shoe brand is seeking product testers to help them improve its product line. In-person testing opportunities may be available for Boston residents and national testers are being sought as well. 

Shoe product testing opportunities may have certain requirements including being 18 of age, located in a particular country, or in the case of children’s shoes, the child’s legal parent or guardian may need to give consent for them to participate.

Some of these programs may also require exclusivity during the testing program, so you may only be able to product test for one brand at a time. 

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Loyalty Programs

Love a particular shoe brand? See if they have a rewards or loyalty program! 

Rewards programs are a great way to receive coupons in the mail, earn rewards on your purchases, access exclusive giveaways and even get free shoes depending on how active you are.

Accumulate rewards to earn major savings or even free shoes from Vans, DSW and more. Here are some of our favorite rewards programs from shoe brands.


The Vans Family program allows you to access exclusive products, experiences and promotions. This may also include surprise product deliveries as well. 


This membership program for Asics athletic shoe fans is a great way to earn free and reduced shipping, as well as other exclusive perks. 

Famous Footwear

This shoe retailer offers a rewards program that offers free shipping, discounts, rewards and more. 


Designer Shoe Warehouse offers a VIP program with perks, discounts and more. 

Shoe Carnival

Shoe Carnival’s Warehouse offers exclusive perks that can be redeemed for discounts, free rewards and more. 

Earn Free Shoes With Apps

While there may not be an app to get you free shoes, there are several amazing money saving apps that can help you earn rewards that can be redeemed for free gift cards that can be used on shoes. Here are some of our favorites. 

Swagbucks – An easy-to-use survey app, you can use Swagbucks to earn free gift cards for taking surveys, searching the web and more. Redeem those gift cards for free shoes, free clothing and more. 

Ratuken – Formerly known as Ebates, this cash back app rewards your online purchases with money back that you can then use for footwear, clothing or more. 

Ibotta – This money saving app is an amazing way to get cash back on shopping in-store or online. Our family averages $100 or more a month that we can redeem for gift cards to buy shoes or other things that our family needs. 

Free Shoes for Nurses and Health Care Workers

Are you a doctor, nurse or another medical worker? If so, you may qualify for free shoes!

Several front-line medical workers’ footwear brands have programs where you can get free shoes. Here are a few to check out!


These popular hands free shoes are comfortable and easy to slide on and off without using your hands. They gave 1000 pairs of their shoes to healthcare workers during the current pandemic.


A popular brand with health care workers due to their comfort, Crocs is offering a shoe giveaway program for healthcare workers.


This popular athletic brand is supporting the staff of NHS and other Europe health care workers. Their shoe giveaway program is temporarily paused, but keep an eye on their site for it to return in the future. 

Free Shoes for Low Income Families Near Me

If your family does not have a large income, you may qualify for free shoe programs for yourself or your children. Here are a few larger programs that are well known.

There may also be free local clothing closets in your area. Check with human services organizations or local churches for more details.

Shoes That Fit – This well established program has provided shoes for over 2 million kids in need across the United States. 

My New Red Shoes – Located in the San Francisco Bay area, this group has given shoes and clothing to thousands of low-income and homeless children.

Laces of Love – This Southwest Florida program has helped provide shoes to over 200,000 children. Teachers can also request free shoes for their students. 

Shoes are a vital part of our wardrobes and whether you are looking for new shoes for yourself or someone you know, there are lots of places to get free shoes.

From reward programs to product testing to special programs for health care workers and low income individuals, you just need to know where to look. What are your favorite places to get free shoes? 

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