Adidas Product Testing Review: Is It A Legit Way To Get Free Gear

Gray Adidas shoes

If you’re like me, you tend to wear a pair of shoes until the soles fall off—and I’m not above using duct tape in those cases either.

If you want to try out new shoes or other athletic gear from time to time (without spending any money or taking up permanent room in your closet), Adidas product testing could be a good fit!

Or maybe you’re on the flip side of the equation: you’re a shoe addict and want to be a part of the development process for a new pair.

Either way, participating in Adidas product testing could be something fun and different to try.

How Does Adidas Product Testing Work?

Let’s cover the important things to know if you want to be an Adidas product tester.

Signing Up for Adidas Product Testing

First, if you’re interested in becoming an Adidas product tester, you’ll need to fill out an application. Apply to become an Adidas product tester here. Applications are open to those in the U.S. and Europe.

You’ll have to provide details like your shoe size, body measurements, athletic habits, etc. Once you’re done with the survey and have been approved, you’ll be added to their database as a candidate for future testing.

Getting approved for Adidas product testing doesn’t automatically guarantee you’ll be invited to test products. However, if you meet their criteria, you’ll receive an email inviting you to participate in a test.

Accept the invitation and they’ll mail you the product for free to test for a limited time.

Adidas Product Tester Responsibilities

Companies like Adidas use product testers to figure out how their products will perform in the real world and make any necessary adjustments before releasing them to the public.

Because of this, they’ll usually invite testers with athletic lifestyles who are willing to put the shoes and apparel to work. If you’re a daily runner, you’re more likely to be invited to test running shoes. They’ll want basketball players to test basketball shoes.

As an Adidas product tester, you’ll receive specific testing directions with each product. However, the usual process is that you’ll wear the shoes for 2-4 weeks and keep a log of how long you wear them each day and what activities you’re doing in them. At the end of the testing period, you’ll submit this information via a product survey and return the shoes.

Does Adidas Product Testing Pay?

Unfortunately, Adidas product testing doesn’t pay in money, so it’s not exactly a lucrative side hustle idea.

It also doesn’t pay in street cred, because you’re not allowed to share information about the products you’re testing with anyone, no photos on social media, etc.

The sole purpose (pun intended) of participating in Adidas product testing is to try a new shoe for free and have an interesting experience.

Can I Keep the Adidas Products I Test?

Nope! Once your product test is over, you’ll have to wait for the shoes to make it to the market like everyone else. If you liked them enough to buy them, you can save money on your purchase by shopping through Rakuten and looking for coupons with Honey.

Learn more hacks for saving money shopping online here!

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