10 Pros & Cons of Living in Denver, CO

After being named the best place to live in the US by a recent US News & World Report, Denver has become an eye candy for many people. 

Whether it be the strong job market, low unemployment rates, or the aesthetic restaurants serving exquisite food, Denver gives you many reasons to move and live there. 

But is Denver a good place to live? 

Before you decide to move to a city, you should spend a little time researching and seeing if moving there is the right choice for you. In this guide, we will discuss life in Denver through a compiled list of pros and cons. 

So, let’s get going! 

Pros of Living in Denver

An Upbeat Lifestyle! 

Being the largest city in Colorado, Denver inherits a unique lifestyle. The city has approximately 716K residents, with approximately 3 million living in the metro area, including Lakewood and Aurora. 

Denver, otherwise known as the “Mountain West City,” has become an eye candy for tourists for combining the long range of amenities. 

Living in Denver allows you to experience urban entertainment at its finest. The city has no shortage of outdoor activities either! Biking and hiking are common outdoor activities, whereas skiing is a favorite for cold weather. 

The health system of this town is strong too, which makes Denver a great place to live. 

Affordable Living Costs

Due to its amenities and ideal location, Denver has caught the attention of people around the country looking to relocate here! 

Considering the size and population, Denver has considerably affordable living costs! (Yes, I know Denver is more expensive than other places in Colorado but it is nothing compared to Bay Area, Chicago, or NYC)

You can afford to live in Denver by making as low as $16 an hour. Note that this amount will be adequate to cover your living expenses without taxes. 

To give you a breakdown of the estimated annual expenses of a family including two working adults with two children, please read the expenses mentioned below: 

  • Food: $10K 
  • Childcare: $13K 
  • Healthcare: $7K 
  • Transportation: $10K 

You can use an online living costs calculator to have customized expected expenses of living in Denver.

Of course, like any other city, some neighborhoods are cheaper than others so we compiled a list of the most affordable neighborhoods to live in Denver for your reference.

Strong Economy and Numerous Job Opportunities

Many fortune-five hundred companies are interested in making Denver a haven based on its prime location. 

Since many companies are keenly interested in Denver, the ratio of high-paying jobs in the town has increased significantly. Considering its strong economy and the presence of many employers in the city, finding a job in Denver is not going to be a concern. 

The strongest industries in Denver include: 

  • Tech
  • Agriculture 
  • Aerospace
  • Groceries 

Outdoor Activities

Moving to Denver is an absolute win for those who adore living near nature. The town is near mountains, so you will notice that many Denver residents like to spend time outdoors. 

The scenic beauty of Denver invites tourists and locals to bask in the mesmerizing views and partake in many outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, mountain biking, or trailing. 

Living in Denver makes it easy for you to plan a getaway. With the mountains being nearby, you can plan a camping vacation anytime with your friends and family! 

According to TripAdvisor, some of the best outdoor activities in Denver include: 

  • Trailing the Rocky Mountain National Park 
  • Trip to Pikes Peak and the Garden of The Gods
  • Half-Day Rocky Mountain Escape

Low Crime Rates

Ever since the state of Colorado has legalized Cannabis, crime in the state has pummeled significantly, including in Denver! 

Since a high proportion of crimes in the city were drug-related, legalizing Cannabis has drastically reduced the numbers. Residents from Colorado regard Denver highly for its safe neighborhoods. Living in Colorado, the chances of falling prey to violent crimes are as low as 0.73 per thousand people. 

Considering the city’s low crime rates, Denver is a great town for raising a family. 

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Cons of Living in Denver

Rising Property Values

Many people are moving to Denver for its facilities and to enjoy the activities offered by the town. A higher population moving to Denver has created a surge in the supply and demand of housing in the city, increasing housing costs drastically. 

As of now, homes in Denver are priced at $653,910, says Zillow. If you are moving from a state with lower housing costs than Denver, you will have a hard time finding the right settlement to relocate. 

Consequently, the living costs will see an increase too. Increased living costs mean you will need to earn more to stay afloat in Denver. 

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No Beaches! 

Get used to not seeing the watery sights as you pack your bags for Denver! There are no water bodies in proximity to the town. 

The nearest sign of water near Denver is in Colorado. While you may not find any beaches here either, you will find various rivers and small lakes to enjoy. 

But all is not lost. Denver compensated for its geographical hindrance by introducing its residents to beautiful mountainous sights! 


Denver is a big city. Now that many people have moved into town and more continue to arrive, the traffic conditions in the city have worsened. 

The locals usually avoid driving on major highways to avoid congested routes, which results in congested city streets. 

Living in Denver, you will need to leave early to get to work on time. Additionally, you will want to avoid driving during rush hours to mitigate the chances of dealing with busy roads!


During the winter months (December to February), Denver can get hit with heavy snowfall and blizzards. The temperatures can drop to below freezing, and icy conditions can make driving dangerous.

In the summer months (June to August), Denver can experience thunderstorms with heavy rain, hail, and lightning. These storms can produce flash floods, which can be dangerous in low-lying areas. Temperatures can reach as high as the 90s (Fahrenheit) during the day, but drop to the 60s or 70s at night.

Air Pollution

According to the “State of the Air 2022” report published by the American Lung Association, Denver ranks as the 7th most polluted city in the United States for ozone pollution, which is one of the primary pollutants that contribute to poor air quality. This ranking represents a slight decrease from the city’s 8th-place ranking in 2021.

Final Words

Here goes all the information needed to consider if you should move to Denver. We hope studying this guide gave you an idea of what to expect from Denver. 

Now that you know everything, leverage this information to determine whether moving to Denver is a good option. Before deciding, consider your preferences and see if you can find a workaround through the cons listed in this guide. If you don’t, at least the cons mentioned in this guide won’t catch you off-guard. 

We hope you find this guide helpful!