7 Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Denver (2024 Guide!)

Well-known for its breathtaking scenery, seasonal range, and long list of recreational activities, Denver has become a recent hit among people worldwide.

Listed as one of the best cities to live in the world, the luxurious lifestyle of this city is very attractive. 

While Denver offers a dreamy lifestyle, the living costs here are exceptionally high as they run 13.4% higher than the national average. With Denver’s housing costs skyrocketing daily, relocating to Denver is becoming nearly impossible. 

However, there are still some places in Denver where you won’t end up breaking the bank if you choose to relocate. This guide brings forth some of the cheapest neighborhoods in Denver. 

So, let’s discover what Denver offers for those on a budget! 

1. Baker

Let’s start the list with Baker, an affordable and safe neighborhood in Denver with an average monthly rent of 13% less than the city’s average. 

Baker residents are joyful with the area’s youthful vibes with the presence of many well-decorated Victorian houses and colorful Bungalows. The suburb has many Craftsman homes, adding to the housing options present in the area. 

One of the best things about moving to Baker is its friendly community. As a newcomer, you will be delighted to know that neighbors in the community are very helpful and considerate, accounting for the quiet and peaceful lifestyle of the suburb. 

With easy access to the main routes of Denver, including the I-25 route and quality educational institutes, and plenty of stuff to do, Baker is the ideal place when moving to Denver on a budget.

2. Hampden

Located on the Southeast side of Denver, Hampden is another affordable neighborhood of Denver with an average monthly rent of $950. 

With more than half of the Hampden residents married, the suburb is family-friendly and a great place to raise a family. With many educational institutes in proximity, the Hampden community also harbors many college students and graduates. 

Apart from its helpful community, Hampden has gained accreditation for many cultural attractions in its radius. You can find many shopping centers, walking trails, and parks in the area, allowing you to take a break from your everyday routine and take a breather. 

In short, in Hampden you will find many cultural attractions, quality education, and a reliably low crime rate at affordable costs, making it an ideal place to move to. 

3. Derby 

With a booming commerce scene and only 9,000 residents, Derby is the perfect neighborhood for those who want to break through the daily hustle and bustle of city life. 

Being located 20 minutes away from Denver, Derby is a secluded part of the town with various housing options, with a median sale price of $411,250. 

Derby hits home for those who are a fan of outdoor spaces and takes a keen interest in participating in recreational activities.

Living in Derby also gives you some great sights and puts you in touch with nature’s connection to the South Palette River. 

4. Congress Park

Congress Park is like a little oasis in the middle of Denver. It’s got pretty old houses and some newer places too, all surrounded by big, shady trees.

The actual park is a great spot to hang out, go for a jog, or have a picnic. It’s quieter and more laid-back than some other parts of the city, but you’ve still got easy access to shops and cafes.

5. The University

The University area is lively, thanks to the University of Denver. It’s popular with students and has plenty of affordable places to live, along with cafes and places to hang out.

6. Gateway-Green Valley Ranch

This is a suburban area with a mix of new developments and well-established homes.

It’s known for its open spaces, parks, and family-friendly atmosphere. The community is a bit of a retreat from the city’s hustle but still close enough for convenience.

7. LoDo

Denver’s oldest neighborhood, rich with historic buildings turned into trendy lofts and offices.

It’s a hub for nightlife, sports, and dining, attracting a mix of young professionals and city enthusiasts. The area is walkable and close to many of Denver’s major attractions.

Final Words

Although Denver sees a constant rise in population, plenty of housing options are available. But with the constant rise in population and current economic situations, the increase in living costs is definite. 

As living costs in Denver reach the sky, a few neighborhoods remain to offer the classy Denver life at affordable living costs.

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