9 Ways to Get Free Clothes Online From Brands

Stretch your family’s wardrobes and your budget with these tips on how to get free clothes online. 

How to Get Free Clothes Without Paying

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Check Free Groups Online

Need new jeans for your toddler, baby clothes for a little one on the way or workout clothes for your growing teen? Buy nothing groups might just be the answer!

Swap sites can be an amazing resource no matter what you need.

Search for local buy nothing groups on Craig’s List, Facebook or other websites such as Freecycle and the free section on OfferUp to see what is available.

Persistence is key when looking for specific items and be sure you at least occasionally offer some of your unneeded items in return to make sure you are giving back as well.

When meeting strangers also always consider safety first, and when possible meet in a neutral location such as a store parking lot to keep everything safe and public.

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Set Up a Virtual Swap

Haven’t seen your friends, family or local parent groups as regularly lately due to social distancing? Set up an online group where you can chat online and swap items your family has outgrown.

It’s a great way to trade hand-me-downs and other items, get clothing items your family needs and prevent old items from going to landfills. Plus, everyone involved will be able to get nice and gently used items they need at no cost to them. 

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Consign Clothing Online

If you have lots of clothing that your family no longer wears or has outgrown, you may be able to sell or consign these items to earn extra cash.

This is something I have done for years to make sure that our outgrown items find another life and to help stretch my budget for buying the new things we need.

Depending on where you sell your items, you can either cash out and use your earned dollars to purchase new items (or for other expenses).

Wondering where to consign clothing online? Check your local community groups on Facebook and Craig’s List, as well as eBay. Another option that is also popular is Threadup.com. For new items, especially designer brands you may be able to sell on Amazon, Mercari or Poshmark

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Redeem Those Rewards

Have you signed up for the reward programs at your favorite clothing retailers? If not, what are you waiting for?

Reward programs can be an excellent way to earn free clothing online and in store, and these money saving coupons can be redeemed for significant savings and free items.

Become a Product Tester

Did you know that product testing can be a fun and interesting way to receive free clothing and other items? Many companies, including major brands, work with product testers to get feedback and try out new products. Here are a few places you can get free clothing online through product testing opportunities. 

Take Advantage of Apps

Money-saving apps can be a great way to save money and earn clothing online when you shop from your favorite stores during your regular shopping.

Some of our favorites include Swagbucks, Ratuken and Ibotta.

Redeem your cashback in the form of gift cards which can be used to purchase clothes or anything else your family needs. 

Look Locally

In addition to finding free clothes online, there are also places that offer free clothes on a local basis. Check with local clothing pantries, churches and community service organizations to find out what might be available in your area.

You can also call 211 for assistance with clothing and other services, including warm winter clothing for your family.

Whether you are looking for free clothing online for yourself, your family or a new baby that’s on the way, there are lots of ways to find what you need.

Whether you consign clothes online, find freebies in online groups for your area, become a product tester or take advantage of money saving apps it’s possible to save money and earn free clothing with a little creativity and effort.

Subreddits on Reddit

There are many subreddits where people offer free stuff and are willing to help those in need. Some subreddits worth checking are r/freestuff, r/freebies, and r/assistance.

There are some other subreddits where Redditors are helping Redditors but I would stick to those three. In the past r/randomactsofkindness was a great resource but that sub doesn’t exist anymore.

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What are some of the ways you find free clothes online for your family?

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