6 Ways to Get A Free Infant Car Seat

Getting free stuff for your baby, especially when it comes to an infant car seat, can be a real help when you’re expecting a new arrival.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or just keen to explore the options available, there are ways to find free or discounted car seats for your little one.

You might find new or gently used car seats through various programs and giveaways.

The catch might be sharing your contact details, or perhaps spending some time researching to ensure the car seat meets all the current safety standards.

But it could be well worth it for the peace of mind and savings on such an essential item for your baby’s safety.

How To Get A Free Infant Car Seat

Fortunately, there are several ways for you to get a free infant car seat and ensure your child’s safety!

Safe Kids Worldwide 

With over 400 Safe Kids coalitions throughout the United States, Safe Kids Worldwide is an organization that protects children from injuries.

Whether it be information about installing the seat or getting a free infant car seat, Safe Kids Worldwide can be a great resource. 

The organization has also devoted its resources to training Child Passenger Safety Technicians. Their personnel undergoes an extensive training routine to learn every potent information about car seats.

As you contact a local Safe Kid Worldwide coalition around you, they will inform you about the 40-hour training program to become a CPST. 

Once you become a CPST, the organization will hand out a free infant car seat for your baby to enjoy safe car rides!

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National Free Car Seat Programs 

There are many car seat programs available on the national level that provide a free infant car seat. To begin with, Medicaid provides you with a free infant car seat after giving you a brief course about car seat safety.

It is necessary to note that Medicaid has certain eligibility criteria to enroll in the program, meaning your free seat hinges on your enlisting. 

On the other hand, some national programs offer partial reimbursement, allowing you to buy a new car seat. One such program is WIC, a supplemental nutrition program for children and women.

WIC provides vouchers under their programs, which can be later used to purchase a car seat. However, like Medicaid, they may ask you to take a safety course first. 


Spread across a wide network of states in the US, Baby2Baby is another great option for getting a free infant car seat! Baby2Baby operates through donations coming from all around the country. 

Baby2Baby and its partner organizations are constantly working to provide low-income families with various necessities for children, including diapers and clothing.

If your child is aged from 0-10, Baby2Baby or its partnering organizations, such as Little Essentials, may set you up with a free infant car seat! 


As it happens, hospitals can also help you get an infant car seat apart from the required medical care! However, hospitals charge you a significantly lower price for the car seat, so they are not technically free. 

As a parent, it is ideal to have a car seat readily installed before leaving the hospital. The hospitals will help you find an infant car seat fitting your budget or putting in touch with many national programs offering a free car seat.

They will put you in contact with any compliant national program, where you must fulfill the eligibility criteria to become a member and get a baby seat. 

It is likely that your OB/GYN may also dedicate resources to help you find an infant car seat for your baby. In short, hospitals can help you find an infant car seat directly if you can spend some money.

But, if you want to get the seat for free, they also have the contacts and resources to make it happen. 


Everyone has heard of 911, even those who do not live in the US. However, make a few changes, and you get 211! 211 is another service operating in the US, proving to be a hidden gem for those in need. 

This service is well-known for assisting those who are financially struggling with necessities like rent assistance and food. Unlike other helplines, calling 211 does not require you to be traversed across various departments for help. 

Approximately 334 million people in the US are currently using the 211 services. If you want a free infant car seat, you should try it too! Call the service, and ask if they can help, you get an infant car seat.

The availability across all 50 states increases your odds of finding help and getting a good quality infant car seat. 

Everyday Miracles

Aiming to improve birth conditions and reduce health disparities, Everyday Miracles is another organization with a chance of getting a free infant car seat. The organization has car seat program hinges on a few requirements, including inheriting a healthy mental state. 

Everyday Miracles may be inclined to give you an infant car seat only if you have a state-funded plan through either of the following options: 

  • Health Partners
  • Blue Health Plus 
  • UCare

Everyday Miracles is also compliant with the people enrolled in the earlier-mentioned Medicaid. Being a member of the following programs, you can request a free infant car seat.

Once you pass the criteria and gain the necessary knowledge combined with it, Everyday Miracles will deliver the infant seat to your home or the hospital address. 

Final Thoughts

The infant car seats are a reassuring safety measure that can help significantly keep your baby safe. While there are used infant car seats or cheaper seats available, these seats are less reliable than the ones made by a trustable organization. 

However, it is no secret that quality comes at a price. While we are sure that as a parent, you will not hesitate before trading a ridiculous sum of money to buy your child’s safety, the options mentioned above give you a chance to attain safety without spending any money.

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