5 Places To Get Free Newspapers For Packing

From being a source of information about the world to coming in handy in different things, Newspapers are versatile items.

Where To Get Free Newspapers (For Packing Etc)

Whether gardening, packing, crafting projects, cleaning windows, or learning about what’s happening in the world, newspapers can be a resourceful guide. 

However, subscribing to a service or dealing with them when they pile up can be a hurdle. Alternatively, maybe you are not a fan of reading the newspaper every day. In any case, you are still going to need some newspapers.

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Where To Get Free Newspapers?

What if we told you there was a way to get free newspapers? Regardless of why you need it, you can fulfill your needs if you know where to get free newspapers. 

So, ready to find out where to get free newspapers? Let’s find out! 

Motels & Hotels

If you have ever stayed in a hotel, you must be aware of the hotels giving their customers a complimentary newspaper during their stay. While the hotel may not issue the newspaper in some cases, avid newspaper readers will buy their newspaper to have a wonderful reading time during their stay. 

Irrespective of how the newspaper gets in the room, newspapers do not usually come out of the hotel room. Now that the newspaper is old, that paper is not doing any good to the customers. Customers have no reason to carry an outdated newspaper, so they leave them behind when checking out. 

To get free newspapers, find hotels or motels in your vicinity. Once you find them, contact them and explain that you accept any free newspapers. Since it saves the businesses time and money to dispose of the papers, they will happily oblige and hand over any newspapers.  

Local Newspaper Office

Local Newspaper offices can be a great place to begin your paper hunt. These offices usually have leftover extra copies of the unsold newspapers from various newspaper stands spread across the city. A local newspaper office also hoards any misprinted or a defected newspaper. 

Sometimes, Local Newspaper offices are also sitting on unscheduled copies or rolls. With nothing scheduled to be printed on them, these paper rolls are sitting idle and rotting away. Contact your local newspaper office and ask them for any unused paper or outdated newspapers. 

Since empty rolls and outdated papers are doing no good to these offices, they will happily provide you with these items to clear their inventory. 

Newspaper Boxes and Dispensers

Newspaper boxes and dispensers have become common in various districts across America. You are in luck if you have seen any of these in your district or city! 

These dispensers and boxes allow you to score a current issue of some daily and weekly newspapers without paying a dime! However, you can only withdraw one newspaper or weekly from these boxes. 

Most newspaper companies make a lot of money through advertising. In an attempt to advertise and circulate their newspapers, more, many newspaper companies stick to this marketing strategy! As people, take newspapers from the boxes, their circulation increases, increasing their chances of generating strong revenue. 

While these newspaper boxes and dispensers may be an advertising tactic from the companies, they can help you get what you want. However, depending on your need, you may need to stop by various boxes and dispensers to get enough! 

Friends & Neighbors

Your friends and family can be a great source for collecting a bulk of newspapers. If you know someone who reads a newspaper or has subscribed to a newspaper service, ask him or her to give you the newspapers after they have read them instead of throwing them in the trashcans. 

Tell them the reason why you require the newspapers. They will likely find it reasonable and store any extra newspapers for you. Taking their old newspapers would also be doing your neighbors or friends a favor! 

Instead of lying around and occupying space in their house, taking the newspapers off their hands will allow them to clear some clutter from their house. Besides, those newspapers are not doing them any good. When they know that giving their old newspapers can help you, they will sign up happily to give the papers to you. 

Coffee Shops & Cafes

We have all been there; from countless TV series and movies to seeing people and doing it ourselves! People stop by a coffee shop or cafe for a quick meal. However, they enjoy the company of their papery friend for their meal, so they bring along a newspaper. 

By the time they finish their meal, they are also done with their newspaper, leaving it behind after fully reading it. Since they have read it fully, they have no reason to carry the newspapers. 

Stop by your near cafes and coffee shops sometimes. Quickly survey the shop for tables with newspapers a customer may have left behind. If you see a newspaper sitting alone on a table and no one is coming for it, feel free to take it. 

On the other hand, you can also visit the counter at the end of the day, just before closing time. Ask the receptionist if any customers have left behind any newspapers for you to take. Even if you do not have any luck finding the newspapers there, you can always ask the receptionist to save them for you. Tell them you will stop by at the end of the day and collect the newspapers. 

Since they will be throwing away those newspapers anyway, they should be okay with handing the left-behind newspapers to you. 

Final Words

While it may require you to invest a little hard work by looking at various stores and establishments, the places mentioned above are guaranteed sources for getting the newspapers. Besides, you will get these newspapers free, so it is safe to say they are worth the trouble! 

We hope you found this information useful despite your reasons for wanting newspapers. Good luck with your paper-hunting season!