8 Best Neighborhoods in Tucson, AZ

Thinking of moving to or around Tucson, Arizona? Here’s a list of the best neighborhoods to explore in this sunny desert city before you decide to settle in.

1. Sam Hughes

Let’s start the list with a suburb bursting with charm and prestige; living in Tucson doesn’t get more charming than the Sam Hughes Neighborhood! 

Located just east of the University of Arizona, Sam Hughes is full of century-old bungalows and a long list of mid-century homes. The suburb is home to many modernized condos and homes as well. 

Many Tucson families in Sam Hughes have been living here for generations. The settled-in community means it will be easier for you to settle in quickly. 

Due to its central location, living in Sam Hughes also gives you access to attractions within walking distance, including parks, restaurants, and bars. 

2. El Presidio

El Presidio also happens to be one of the city’s most prestigious suburbs. Located near the city’s Downtown, the locals once regarded El Presidio as one of the city’s wealthiest suburbs. Fast forward to today, El Presidio harbors many large historic buildings, confirming the eminent heritage of this area.

Being close to the downtown area, El Presidio is home to many attractions. You will find art galleries, museums, vintage stores, many food options, and culture galore throughout the timeless street of the suburb. 

As El Presidio strikes a perfect balance between the historic and the modern vibe, it remains one of the best places to stay in Tucson. El Presidio is the suburb you should relocate to for ultimate convenience and access to modern facilities and amenities.

3. Keeling

Located just north of the University of Arizona, Keeling sits just a short commute away from Downtown. With its strong community and family-friendly residents, Keeling is a great neighborhood for families. 

Keeling is a local hit for its suburban atmosphere and quiet, peaceful streets, and it comes with its elementary school! You will also find a lot of shops and eateries here at a walkable distance. 

4. Catalina Foothills

Catalina Foothills is just north of Tucson and known for its beautiful mountain views and upscale living. It’s filled with nice shops, good places to eat, and art galleries.

People here enjoy a mix of comfort and natural beauty with lots of outdoor activities and some of the best schools around.

5. Armory Park

Armory Park is right in the middle of Tucson. This neighborhood is full of old Victorian houses and has a real community feel with its small cafes and shops.

It’s close to all the downtown action but still keeps its quiet, friendly neighborhood vibe.

6. Oro Valley

Oro Valley is a bit north of Tucson. It’s a peaceful suburban area with great views where people enjoy a slower pace of life but still have access to good local amenities like parks, recreational facilities, and shopping.

Families and those looking for a more relaxed lifestyle find it a great place to live, with the added bonus of being close to nature and outdoor activities.

7. Dunbar Spring

A historic neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona, is located just north of the city’s downtown area. Known for its cultural diversity and unique character, the neighborhood has undergone revitalization after experiencing decline and crime issues in the past.

Historically significant as Tucson’s first predominantly African-American neighborhood, it features a mix of architectural styles like Victorian, Territorial, and Bungalow. The community is actively involved in its comeback, restoring homes and welcoming new businesses.

8. West University Neighborhood

Area near the University of Arizona is known for its walkability, diverse architectural styles, and proximity to various shops and eateries.

The neighborhood, established between 1890 and 1930, is bordered by the university and Fourth Avenue, and is a hub of student life and nightlife.

West University was recognized as Arizona’s largest historic district in 1980.

Wrap-Up: Best Tucson Neighborhoods

Finding a city full of life as much as Tucson is a hard possibility. From the friendly residents to gaining many individual benefits of living here, Tucson is a great city to relocate to. But as someone moving to the city, it’s natural to be unaware of the best aspects of the town. 

To help you narrow your search for a place to live, we have concluded some of the best neighborhoods to live in Tucson. These neighborhoods are a hit among locals; after you read about them, you will see the reasons too.

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