Best Neighborhoods To Live In Tucson, AZ

In today’s world, where can you find a place with lower living costs, quality education, an abundance of amenities, and a fine dining scene? 

We have the answer: Tucson! 

As someone looking to move to a town with all the goods (and a few shortcomings as a part of the package), Tucson is a great place for you to move to. The town is eye candy for many Americans for its wide range of culture and events, job opportunities, and luxurious lifestyle at an affordable rate. 

But where do you settle down in Tucson? This guide brings out some of the best neighborhoods to live in Tucson. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get going!

Sam Hughes

Let’s start the list with a suburb bursting with charm and prestige; living in Tucson doesn’t get more charming than the Sam Hughes Neighborhood! 

Located just east of the University of Arizona, Sam Hughes is full of century-old bungalows and a long list of mid-century homes. The suburb is home to many modernized condos and homes as well. 

Many Tucson families in Sam Hughes have been living here for generations. The settled-in community means it will be easier for you to settle in quickly. 

Due to its central location, living in Sam Hughes also gives you access to attractions within walking distance, including parks, restaurants, and bars. 

In short, if you want to live a convenient life, Tucson is the place to be! 

Pros of Living in Sam Hughes 

  • Ideal Location

Located in the heart of Tucson, Sam Hughes will provide easy access to many of the city’s amenities. Whether it be educational institutes, restaurants, shops, or other entertainment venues living in Sam Hughes puts them within your hand’s reach. 

  • Walkability: 

Sam Hughes has esteemed walkability due to tree-lined streets and sidewalks. As a Sam Hughes resident, getting around this town is easy on foot or by bike. 

  • Historic Value: 

The locals value Sam Hughes dearly for its prestige and historic charms. Many buildings and homes in this suburb date back to the early 20th Century. Sam Hughes is perfect for those who appreciate vintage architecture and are interested in living in historic homes. 

  • Strong Sense of Community: 

The people living in Sam Hughes are an active community. The presence of an active community means you will find abundant regular events and activities and some friendly neighbors. 

The occurrence of many events provides you with a way to connect well with your neighbors and develop a strong sense of belonging in the community. 

Cons Living in Sam Hughes

  • High Property Values: 

Sam Hughes marks as one of the elite neighborhoods of the city. However, this neighborhood has drastically heightened living costs and properties here are expensive. Finding a house here will require you to have at least $530K, as suggested by Redfin

  • A Busy Neighborhood:

With the occurrence of many events and the University of Arizona located close, Sam Hughes is in proximity to a busy intersection. A consistent traffic noise throughout the day here is an everyday endeavor. 

If you choose to move to Sam Hughes, you better get used to noisy streets from traffic and many events hosted by the local community. 

El Presidio

El Presidio also happens to be one of the city’s most prestigious suburbs. Located near the city’s Downtown, the locals once regarded El Presidio as one of the city’s wealthiest suburbs. Fast forward to today, El Presidio harbors many large historic buildings, confirming the eminent heritage of this area.

Being close to the downtown area, El Presidio is home to many attractions. You will find art galleries, museums, vintage stores, many food options, and culture galore throughout the timeless street of the suburb. 

As El Presidio strikes a perfect balance between the historic and the modern vibe, it remains one of the best places to stay in Tucson. El Presidio is the suburb you should relocate to for ultimate convenience and access to modern facilities and amenities. 

Pros of Living in El Presidio

  • Location: 

Located only a few blocks from Downtown, you get easy access to many of the city’s top amenities, including shops, entertainment options, and restaurants. The proximity to the downtown area is a great win since you won’t require to travel farther to get to the best bits of town. 

  • Walkability: 

While the suburb is relatively close to Downtown, El Presidio has its share of amenities too! The suburb is a mix of commercial and residential buildings. As a resident of this neighborhood, it becomes easy for you to access the nearby shops, entertainment venues, and sparkling food scenes. 

Close access to such amenities means you won’t have to drive your car, saving you trouble and reducing CO2 emissions. 

  • Cultural Attractions:

There is no shortage of cultural attractions in El Presidio. You can find many attractions here, including theaters, museums, art galleries, and restaurants. Take a pick of whatever suits you and enjoy life! 

Cons of Living in El Presidio

  • High Living Costs:

El Presidio pars with Sam Hughes regarding living costs and property values in the neighborhood. Living here will be difficult for someone on a tight budget. 

  • Limited Parking: 

El Presidio is full of many attractions and has a good number of residents as well. Moving to El Presidio, you will always need help finding a place to park your car during rush hours. 


Located just north of the University of Arizona, Keeling sits just a short commute away from Downtown. With its strong community and family-friendly residents, Keeling is a great neighborhood for families. 

Keeling is a local hit for its suburban atmosphere and quiet, peaceful streets, and it comes with its elementary school! You will also find a wide array of shops and eateries here at a walkable distance. 

In short, moving to Keeling gives you a family-friendly neighborhood, top-quality education, and a beautiful place to call home. 

Pros of Living in Keeling

  • Affordability: 

With considerably lower living costs and lower housing costs, Keeling marks as one of the more affordable neighborhoods in the city. Living here will allow you to make the most out of your budget while leading an enjoyable lifestyle. 

  • Diversity: 

The residents of Keeling are a mix of residents from different ethnicities and cultures. The diversity in the neighborhood allows you to experience a vibrant community and get in touch with various experiences and perspectives from around the world. 

  • Location: 

With its location in Central Tucson, living in Keeling will allow easy access to all locations around the city. Keeling is located close to major highways and roads of the city, allowing you to get around the town easily. 

The suburb has many attractions and amenities in proximity as well, recanting the need to travel out of the neighborhood aimlessly. 

Cons of Living in Keeling

  • Safety Concerns: 

Compared to other neighborhoods, the concern for the crime rate in Keeling is surreal. According to Area Vibes, the crime rate in Keeling is 248% higher than the national average! 

As someone moving to Keeling, it’s best always to take precautionary steps and stay vigilant. 

Final Words

Finding a city full of life as much as Tucson is a hard possibility. From the friendly residents to gaining many individual benefits of living here, Tucson is a great city to relocate to. But as someone moving to the city, it’s natural to be unaware of the best aspects of the town. 

To help you narrow your search for a place to live, we have concluded some of the best neighborhoods to live in Tucson. These neighborhoods are a hit among locals; after you read about them, you will see the reasons too.


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