10 Pros & Cons of Living in Long Beach, CA

Is Long Beach a good place to live?

This is a question many ponder when considering relocating to this Southern Californian coastal city.

Before you decide that life in this city is right for you, let me walk you through the pros and cons of living in Long Beach.

So, let us get going! 

Pros of Living in Long Beach

Friendly Locals and Easy Socializing! 

The one prominent reason for moving to Long Beach is the hospitality of the locals. The newcomers find the locals friendly and ready to help them settle down and get around the town. 

Most people here are outgoing and supportive, making it easy for you to socialize with people. Making friends here is as easy as striking up a conversation with locals! 

Being new to the city, you may need directions to get around town. Don’t hesitate to ask the locals for help in any case! 

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The Diverse Population

California is regarded as the most diverse state in the country, and after spending some time in Long Beach, you’ll see why. Whether ethnically or culturally, Long Beach is full of diversity in terms of population. Expect to meet people from every major ethnic group in Long Beach. 

Diversity in population also allows you to explore traditional cuisines from around the world! Life in Long Beach exposes you to food choices worldwide and the traditional activities of different areas. 

Getting Around the Town is Easy

The long beach remains one of the most walkable cities in the entire country! The locals suggest that getting around on foot in Long Beach is easy. Besides being accessible on foot, Long Beach is a haven for cyclists with many bike-friendly paths! 

Living in Long Beach also lets you enjoy a new take on traveling by taking water taxis! These water taxis cover over 100 square miles and are perfect for visiting landmarks and big city attractions. 

In short, Long Beach gives its residents several ways to get around the town, on land or water! 

Quality Education System

As someone moving to Long Beach with school-going children or someone wanting to pursue their education, moving to Long Beach is a great move. 

Long Beach is renowned for its excellent educational system, with more than 81,000 students studying at the 84 public schools of the city.

Besides schools for middle-aged kids or toddlers, Long Beach also provides abundant higher education opportunities. Long Beach is home to California State University, one of the most renowned universities on a national scale. 

Another benefit of living in Long Beach is that educational institutes are located at ideal locations. They are accessible with a short commute, allowing you to quickly attend the institutes. 

Beautiful Beaches

Long Beach gets at least 345 sunny days annually, with temperatures ranging between 60-80 degrees. 

There is no better way to enjoy the warm, sunny days in the Long Beach area than exploring the Beaches! 

With a coastline of around 28 miles, Long Beach is home to numerous extensive and immaculate beaches, which gives the town its name! Long Beach is full of beaches and multiple access points, the perfect getaway location for yourself and your family. 

According to Family Destinations Guide, some of the best beaches in Long Beach include: 

  • Alamitos Bay Beach
  • Colorado Lagoon Park
  • Peninsula Beach

Cons of Living in Long Beach

High Living Costs

California is infamous for having high living costs nationally. Before you move to Long Beach, let us tell you that the living costs here are unbelievably high! 

While the average living cost in California is 49.9%, the cost of Living in Long Beach is approximately 60.4%! 

Everything ranging from basic to luxury comes at a high price. Moving to Long Beach, you will notice that the majority of the population living there are renters. With average housing costs being as high as $751K, it’s not hard to see why. Buying your property in Long Beach does not come cheap. 

Nevertheless, getting an apartment in Long Beach provides an affordable solution to the high living costs. 


Large cities usually share one common problem: Traffic congestion. And Long Beach is no different. 

The 405, one of the major highways notorious for its worsening traffic conditions, is located in Long Beach. If you have to commute to the outskirts or other cities, you will be stuck in long traffic hours, let alone traveling around the city. 

Luckily, Long Beach has a good public transport system that can be used to get around the town. Sure, you might take more time to reach the destination using public transport, but you mitigate the chances of dealing with congested traffic! 

Crime Rate

 With the city’s crime rate above 17% more than the national average and property crime at least 14% higher, crime in Long Beach is highly elevated. 

As a resident of Long Beach, you have a 1 in 35 chance of becoming a victim of a crime. However, crime in Long Beach has been deterred in recent history, and the town is already 18% safer than other American cities. 

If you are considering moving to Long Beach, we suggest you move to a safe neighborhood. According to Extra Space Storage, some safe neighborhoods in Long Beach include: 

  • California Heights
  • El Dorado Park 
  • Lakewood Village

Air Quality and Noise Pollution

Long Beach faces challenges with air pollution, particularly due to its proximity to the Port of Los Angeles and the heavily trafficked I-710 freeway, which can lead to smog and reduced air quality.

Additionally, the city’s close proximity to the Long Beach Airport and the Port of Los Angeles can result in noise pollution from planes and ships, potentially affecting the comfort and quality of life for some residents.


Like many cities in California, Long Beach struggles with a growing homelessness problem.

This issue can impact the overall quality of life in certain areas and has various implications for both the homeless population and the wider community.

The city has made efforts to address homelessness through initiatives such as providing shelter, affordable housing, and support services, but the scale of the problem remains substantial.

Wrap-Up: Pros and Cons of Living in Long Beach

Moving to Long Beach is an excellent choice and I can tell, you won’t regret it. 

Long Beach has a great weather, plenty of opportunities, many fun things to do, and a diverse population.

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