13 Safest Neighborhoods In San Diego

Nestor is the safest neighborhood in San Diego.

San Diego ranks as the 6th Safest Large City in the US, according to the FBI’s crime statistics. No wonder there are many safe areas in the city where you can feel at ease living.

Let’s see what the safest neighborhoods in San Diego are.

1. Nestor

Nestor is the safest neighborhood in the city. There are only 40 violent crimes per 100,000 individuals. That is 98% safer than the California average.

The overall chance of being a victim of crime in Nestor is 1 in 2,440, which is exceptionally low compared to other areas. In terms of property, Nestor also has a low crime rate.

Nestor’s safety, combined with its affordability — the median house price is approximately $581,400.

2. Scripps Ranch

Scripps Ranch, on the second place is nestled in the northeastern part of San Diego, has a rich history spanning over a century.

The neighborhood is home to the award-winning E.B. Scripps Elementary School, which has consistently posted impressive results in academic achievement tests. 

Crime rates in Scripps Ranch are 65% lower than the national average, adding to residents’ feeling of safety and security. With a population of around 36,000, the neighborhood offers community and belonging.

Plenty of restaurants and parks are scattered throughout Scripps Ranch, so residents have lots of opportunities to socialize and enjoy the great outdoors.

3. La Jolla

La Jolla have a stunning coastline and high-end shopping and dining options. It’s also one of the safest neighborhoods in the city, ranking sixth overall.

The cost of living in La Jolla is higher than the national average, but the area’s charm and amenities make it well worth it for those who can afford it. 

The neighborhood is home to several top-rated schools, including La Jolla High School and UC San Diego, as well as various parks and outdoor recreation areas. Residents can enjoy activities like surfing, hiking, and biking or relax at popular spots like La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Shores.

La Jolla is a great place to call home with its natural beauty, stellar school system, low crime rates, and high quality of life.

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4. Torrey Hills

Torrey Hills is located in the northern region of San Diego and comprises 784 acres. It’s a safe and desirable neighborhood known for its low crime rate and excellent schools, including the highly-ranked Torrey Hills School.

With a population of 4,798, it’s a smaller community that offers a sense of closeness and neighborly comfort. It has many parks, including Torrey Hills Park and Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, which offer scenic trails and natural beauty.

The neighborhood also features a range of restaurants and shopping options. So, if San Diego is a good place to live, Torrey Hills is an ideal place to live, work, and play.

The combination of safety, excellent schools, and natural beauty sets Torrey Hills apart as a standout neighborhood in San Diego.

5. Del Mar Mesa

The Del Mar Mesa neighborhood in San Diego is a safe and affluent area consisting of 2,042 acres, with 900 acres of preserved open space protected habitat. This creates a peaceful and serene environment for residents, with 10 miles of hiking, biking, and riding trails to explore.

The low crime rate and highly rated schools make it an ideal place for families to settle down. The area has a diverse population, and there are plenty of restaurants to try out, serving various cuisines.

The Del Mar Mesa neighborhood parks are beautifully maintained and perfect for picnics or family outings.

6. Egger Highlands

Egger Highlands is an up-and-coming neighborhood in San Diego with a vibrant community of 8,716 residents. It is located north of Palm City and Nestor and is bounded by Coronado Avenue and Saturn Boulevard.

While its income levels are slightly below average, Egger Highlands is a safe neighborhood with a low crime rate. The area also has excellent schools, which is why many families choose to live here. Additionally, the area has a variety of restaurants to suit every taste, from traditional Mexican cuisine to contemporary fusion eateries.

The neighborhood has several parks for outdoor enthusiasts, including the Salt Creek Recreation Area and South Bay Community Park. 

7. Golden Hill

Golden Hill is a beautiful neighborhood in San Diego, with its most notable feature being its architecture. Most of the buildings in Golden Hill were built before 1900 and still maintain their charm and character.

The community is located south of Balboa Park and offers a variety of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The Fleet Science Center, and the Air and Space Museum are all nearby attractions. 

Despite being nestled in the heart of San Diego, Golden Hill has low crime rates and is considered a very safe neighborhood. The population is diverse, friendly, and always welcoming to newcomers.

The neighborhood’s schools are highly rated, which adds to its appeal for families with children.

8. Black Mountain Ranch

Black Mountain Ranch is a neighborhood located in the northern part of San Diego. It was developed in 2003 and has become one of the most desirable places to live. This neighborhood spans over 5,100 acres and offers a sparse suburban feel and modern amenities.

The community’s top-performing schools are part of the acclaimed Poway Unified School District. The neighborhood offers many parks and hiking trails, such as Black Mountain Open Space Park, which offers miles of scenic hiking trails.

Crime rates in Black Mountain Ranch are relatively low, so the neighborhood is a safe place to live. The population is diverse, and residents enjoy excellent dining options with an array of restaurants to choose from.

9. Kensington

Kensington is a neighborhood located in the heart of San Diego, California, with a population of 13,025. Founded in 1910, it is a highly desirable and safe community with tree-lined streets and spacious houses. According to recent statistics, Kensington has a low crime rate, and its residents feel secure walking alone. 

The median household income in the neighborhood is $167,500 per year. Kensington has excellent public schools, including highly rated Kensington Elementary School. The area also has several parks, including the Kensington Community Park and Talmadge Gateway Park.

Kensington neighborhood also offers a variety of local restaurants and coffee shops, including Pappalecco and Kensington Cafe. These features turn Kensington into a go-to destination for anyone looking for a comfortable and safe place to live.

10. Carmel Valley

This neighborhood is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, excellent schools, and outdoor spaces. It’s a place where you can enjoy nature without straying too far from city amenities. Local parks and recreational centers offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun, and it has a low crime rate compared to other parts of the city.

11. Rancho Penasquitos

Rancho Penasquitos is a suburban gem, attracting families with its good schools and community feel. Here, you’ll find hiking trails and parks, like the popular Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve. It’s generally considered a safe and quiet neighborhood, with a lower crime rate than the San Diego average.

12. Poway

Poway often gets the label of “The City in the Country” thanks to its blend of suburban living and access to open spaces. It’s a woderful place for families, with highly-rated schools and a strong sense of community. Parks like the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve offer a slice of nature within city limits, and the crime rate is notably low.

13. Torrey Pines

Home to the famous Torrey Pines State Reserve, this neighborhood offers both stunning natural beauty and safety. Not only can you enjoy cliffside hikes overlooking the ocean, but you can also benefit from one of the lowest crime rates in San Diego. The local schools are top-notch, which is a big draw for families and professionals alike.

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