15 Ways to Make $4,000 Fast in 2024

Want to learn how to make $4,000 fast? You are in the right place.

There are many ways to make money quickly when you desperately need it.

In this article, we will cover tried and true ways to earn some quick cash when life throws a sudden emergency your way.

How To Make $4,000 Fast

Before we start I wanna give you one word of advice. If ANYONE asks you to pay a fee to join their super amazing “be a millionaire in 3 days working from home like me!” program… It is a scam!

They actually just earn their money by convincing people like you to pay them.

Now, let’s see how to actually make $4,000 fast from home.

Our Favorite Side Hustles

Download these apps to make extra cash in your spare time. Get paid to complete surveys or take photos around your city.

  • Survey Junkie
  • 20M+ members
  • Average survey payout is $.50 – $3.00
  • Make money in your spare time
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.5/5 from more than 30k+ reviews
  • Branded Surveys
  • Earn up to $5 per Survey
  • Share your opinion on products or services
  • Over 50,000 five-star ratings
  • Get PayPal cash or direct deposit

Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

We can all be prone to hoarding stuff we barely ever get a chance to use.

I have a lot of experience in selling stuff online, and trust me, this can definitely become a viable source of income.

You might be able to sell online on sites like OfferUp, Craigslist, eBay (see what are the best items to sell on eBay), Poshmark, Mercari (check our full Mercari review) or other web retailers to earn extra cash.

To get $4,000, you would need to sell everything from broken TVs and old Disney VHS tapes to Pokemon cards. Another option is to get rid of your car if you can live and drive to work without it.

Share Your Opinion

Survey Junkie has been in the industry for a while, and they enable users to make a pocket change by voicing their opinions to brands and researchers.

Users are able to redeem their Survey Junkie points for rewards like gift cards to popular retailers, PayPal cash, and more.

Survey Junkie is totally legit site that has an excellent rating on Trustpilot (4.5/5). They pay up to $75 per survey. 

survey junkie trustpilot

Swagbucks is another survey company with an “excellent” rating on Trustpilot (4.3/5) that lets you make money right away.

Swagbucks will pay you to watch videos, surf the web, play games, and complete surveys.

It takes literally 5 seconds to sign up and you’ll even get a $10 signup bonus.

Food Delivery & Ride Sharing

Food delivery is always a good option to make extra cash without experience.

You can deliver fast food orders to people through companies like Uber Eats or DoorDash.

I know, it might be hard to make $1,000 a week with UberEats, but other people have done it, and so can you.

If you are more into ride-sharing, you should try driving for Uber or Lyft.

Profitability varies based on your vehicle, location/traffic, the cost of gas, and frequency of surge pricing.

Check out our post on what are the best times to ride Lyft to maximize your earning potential.

Organize Events

This is perfect for younger people and college students looking to make extra money quickly. Back in the day, I used to make $1,500 per day organizing events, and I even built a house from the proceeds.

I am speaking from personal experience here. If you consider yourself to be a serious entrepreneur who has the network down, and can execute a given task, there’s a huge chance you’ll be able to earn serious cash by organizing events.

This is not for everyone but sometimes you have to think out of the box and do things nobody thinks about.

Get a Part-Time Jb

There are many part-time jobs available in the evenings that don’t require special skills or knowledge.

While they may not pay a lot, you can still earn at least $1,000 a month. So, in four months, you’ll have an additional $4,000 in your bank account.

Work Overtime

It’s beyond me why people overlook this option. I know not all companies offer overtime, but if yours does, then it’s possibly the best way to earn extra cash.

Create Custome GPT

There’s a new kid on the block and a new, still not oversaturated way to make extra cash. A few days ago, ChatGPT opened its custom GPT store, and I bet that in a few months, it’ll be, if not like the Google Play Store, at least on the level of the WordPress plugin store.

There are already several people who made $1,000+ on day one just after launching their GPT. Who knows, maybe your GPT will evolve into a full-fledged AI business.

Content Writing

If you are an aspiring writer, content writing is one of the most accessible options to pursue. A content writer does not need any specific qualifications to write. Good grammar and research skills will get you far!

Furthermore, working as a content writer does come with decent pay. If you are consistent and write with quality, it’s definitely possible to make $4,000 a month.

Thanks to all the information easily researchable on the internet, you can almost write about any genre without professional training.

You can work as a freelancer, or you can seek out a full-time job available for content writers. On average, a full-time content writer in the US can earn up to $45K a year

When starting out, it’ll be much harder if you’re a freelancer. It takes time to build up your client base, but once you do you could make much more than a W2 employee.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is in vogue nowadays. With the increased use of technology and the advancement of online platforms, businesses are starting to function primarily in virtual spaces. 

From the smallest businesses to the most prominent corporations, everything in the world is getting digitalized. This digitization has helped millions of people to make more money in less time. 

Digital marketing is a bit time-consuming, as it requires brainstorming and creativity. From marketing a company on various digital platforms to gathering profits from online sources, it all falls under digital marketing. 

In digital marketing, the projects you get determine the pay. But one thing is for sure: getting into digital marketing has its benefits. This job track provides enormous opportunities to learn and make money at the same time. You just have to develop a niche for it. 

Digital marketing can be of many types. The most-used form of digital marketing is social media marketing which uses platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to promote a service or product.

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E-commerce is the most established form of digital business. Selling something through the internet lets you earn thousands of dollars in very little time. 

Firstly, e-commerce does not need much start-up capital, if you go the drop-shipping route. It just needs determination, marketing strategies, and stable internet connectivity. Many small businesses have established themselves online to earn big bucks every day, week, and month.       

Companies like Amazon and eBay have established e-commerce platforms. People worldwide have access to your products, and that’s what makes it easy to earn online. 

Once you establish your business online, the money starts to flow in no time.

Graphic Designing

Every company needs a logo of its own. It is the job of a graphic designer to provide them with one. A very positive thing about learning graphic designing is, that it’ll never go out of vogue. 

New companies will continue to establish themselves, and people will need graphic designers to enhance and improve their businesses. 

A vital part of the business is marketing. Graphics that look good ensure that a business will make a good first impression. Hence, graphic designers earn a lot through their graphics and designs. 

As you keep on improving your art, you can make more money and earn it faster.

Business Development

A lot of business development majorly concentrates upon the sales aspect of a business. 

After a product gets marketed, it needs to sell. So, if you have good communication and persuasive skills, this might be the job for you. 

Sales are one of the trickiest parts of a business, but one of the most important too. Businesses don’t make money without having sales! Selling anything is not a piece of cake, but if you can do it efficiently, you can make your fortune.

Online Teaching

If you think that you have a decent amount of knowledge and skills to teach people, then online teaching can certainly serve as an excellent option to make $4,000 a month online. 

Create and sell online courses, app subscriptions, coaching, and tutoring, or choose some other form to monetize your knowledge!

Language Translation

It might sound surprising, but a good translator can earn thousands of dollars just by translating one language to another. 

Google Translate isn’t reliable enough for professional translations, so specialists are still needed! Translators are hired mainly by people facing major language barriers.

They are paid high amounts, and some translators even get to travel a lot. So, if anyone wants to put their multilingual abilities to use, translation is the ideal job for you. It is adventurous and well-paid.

Professional Photography

Being a professional photographer can be a high-paying side gig or full-time gig in the right market. Just like content writers, photographers can either work as freelancers or with a firm.

Once these photographers are established, they make a good amount of money in no time. So, if you are a budding photographer, keep up the work because a heap of money is waiting for you!

Wedding photography and portraits are some of the highest-paying kinds of photography. If you’re skilled, you could make $4000 fast just from one or two wedding shoots!

Most places where you can donate plasma will give you between $50 and $75 each time you donate, and a lot of them let you do this twice a week.

You can make $100 to $150 a week by just giving plasma. To make $4000, it could take you around 27 to 40 weeks, based on how much they pay you.

But if you’re not in a rush, it’s a good thing to do and can even help save lives.

Check out: Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers

What Option Will You Choose to Make $4000 Fast?

Making money, as we see, is not always as difficult as we think. Take some time and think about what niche you want to pursue. What skills do you already have or can master in a reasonable amount of time?

Before running after the money, take the time and put in the work to enhance your skills. Once you achieve expertise in a field of talent, money will follow.