5 Bubble Shooter Games That Pay Real Cash

We have all grown up shooting bubbles.

Whether it be the bubble gun from our childhood or the classics on our computers from back in the day, these games offer a never-ending fun experience! Considering the entertainment they offer, bubble shooters have grown in popularity, resulting in the development of various bubble shooters on various platforms. 

However, what if we told you that bubble shooters could offer you money for their taste of fun? Many developers today have made classic bubble shooters more fun and competitive by giving you a way to earn some money as you reminisce about your childhood. 

So, what are the bubble shooter games that pay real money? Let’s find out!

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Bubble Cash

Developed by Papaya Gaming, Bubble Cash is one of the best bubble shooters that awards real money to the players. 

The game loads to a board full of bubbles of different colors. The players have to combine the bubbles of the same color. Bubble cash is a race against time. You have to reach the edge and clear out all the bubbles before the time runs out.

With different playing options, this game pits players against each other. Clear the board before the other player wins the game! 

Bubble Cash players can easily withdraw their winnings through various payment methods. The game supports prominent platforms, such as PayPal cash, Skrill, and many different banks.

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Monkey Bubble Shooter

Monkey Bubble Shooter gives you a fun way of making money online and enjoying the traditional bubble shooting experience! 

Much like the traditional bubble shooters, the game features a board full of bubbles. As a player, you control the monkey holding a cannon, shooting a bubble of a different color randomly. Your objective is to shoot the bubbles with the same colors to clear the board. To win the round, you must remove all the bubbles on the board. 

As you progress through the game, the game will only further increase in difficulty. As you ascend to the newer levels, the levels include various obstacles and different bubble forms. If you are a true bubble shooter veteran, Monkey Bubble Shooter is the right app for spending some good time. 

You can find this game on InboxDollar. The game rewards the user with a Scratch&Win Progress after clearing every round. The game also allows you to save your progress and bring up your chances of winning up to $100! 

Although most scratch&wins only allow you to gain a few cents, the rounds are easy to clear, giving you many chances to earn money! 

Bubble Shot

Bubble Shot identifies as one of the classic games when we talk about bubble shooters. Developed by AviaGames, this game is available on various platforms, including Android and iOS. 

The best part about the bubble shot is the flexibility of the game. On the surface, it may appear as a mere bubble game. However, this game combines logic, math, arcade, and the casino experience, all in one. 

As you start the game, bubbles of various colors will run rampant and spread around your screen. The game will provide you with a random colored bubble at every turn. Your objective is to aim and shoot at the bubbles of the same color. 

The bubble shot gives you three minutes to pop as many bubbles as possible. Popping bubbles gets you points, which later prove useful in determining your winnings. However, participating in Bubble shot games comes at a price.

The game asks you to invest a 60% buy-in for your winnings. For example, if you play to win $10, it will cost you $6 to enter the game. 

So, before you try your luck and take a shot at winning some money, ensure to polish your skills to maximise your winnings! 

Bubble Cube 2

Although categorised as a puzzle game, Bubble Cube 2 boasts a bubble shooter interface and allows you to earn guaranteed prizes. 

Much like Monkey Bubble Shooter, Bubble Cube 2 carries forth the same objective; Pop bubbles, clear the table, and win. This game features various playing modes, including free mode, or cash tournaments. The free mode is perfect for faring against other competitors and polishing your skills. 

The game’s concept is straightforward; pop more bubbles and score higher than your opponents. The player having the highest score at the end of the round wins the match, along with the cash rewards.

Bubble Cube 2 gives you a chance to maximise your earnings through various in-game activities. You can refer friends, collect daily rewards, or earn trophies to win bigger in the game! 

Once you win the cash prizes, you can deposit them through any preferred method. 

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble WItch 3 Saga is a prominent bubble shooter developed by King. This developer has released many hits like the world-famous Candy Crush, causing users to anticipate the same greatness! 

This game sees a witch named Stella devoting efforts to save her magical world by fulfilling various challenges and popping bubbles! The game revolves around shooting bubbles from the witch’s wands and trying to create a combination.

As you make the combination of three or more bubbles of the same color, they pop and allow you to progress in the game. 

However, Bubble Witch 3 Saga does not directly pay you money. As you progress through the game, the game will reward you with Mistplay units. You can later use these Mistplay units for various rewards, including Amazon, Starbucks, or Walmart gift cards. 

Final Words

In today’s world, there are many ways of earning money. However, nothing beats earning money by playing games while indulging yourself in Nostalgia. The games mentioned on this list are the perfect idea to make your leisure time lucrative. 

These games also allow you to compete against other players, making your victories more enjoyable and your bubble shooting skills strong! 

However, it is necessary to see these games as a means of entertainment only. While they are good for making some side money, these apps will not contribute to becoming a millionaire! Have some fun and see these games as a fun side hustle, and you will never grow tired of them!

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