4 Banks That Accept Third-Party Checks

Have you got a third-party check but don’t know where to cash it?

The majority of banks in the US make it difficult for you to cash a third-party check. However, a few options allow you to cash out your third-party checks. 

Fortunately, we have listed the banks that accept third-party checks. This article also includes important information to know beforehand when withdrawing a third-party check. So, without any further ado, let’s get going!

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First Things First: Understanding Third-Party Checks 

Before we explore the options for cashing these checks, it is necessary to know what a “Third-Party Check” means. 

Unlike the standard Two-party check, a third-party check affirms payment to an additional payee. To make this transaction, the payer must pen down their credentials on a check and hand it over to the payee. 

Insurance claims are a good example of third-party checks. For instance, your insurance company sends you a check for auto repairs. Now, if you cash this check directly and utilize the funds to pay for repairs, it becomes the standard two-party check. 

However, if you sign and hand the check to the mechanic to pay for his services, the check becomes a third-party check. 

Cashing a Third-Party Check: Requirements

Most banks refrain from cashing third-party checks considering the fraud risk involved. To mitigate theft and fraud, the institutions offering to accept third-party checks have some requirements in place: 


Any institute accepting a third-party check will require a this-party check to be authentically endorsed, requiring both parties’ credentials. When endorsing a check, the ideal practice is to do it in front of a teller or an associate. 

Using a mobile banking app or an ATM will likely result in a rejection of your request. Ensure to consult with your Bank about properly endorsing the check to prevent the rejection of your application. 


Identification is another must requirement for checking your third-party checks. While government-issued photo ID works in most cases, the identification requirements may vary depending on your Bank. 

Alternatively, some banks might ask you to verify the checks in person. To increase your chances of successfully cashing a third-party check, your best bet is to take it to the institute that originally issued it. 


With more than 600 branches and 2300 ATMs spread across the US, CitiBank is a prominent bank. CitiBank also holds some 60K surcharge-free ATMs under its network, allowing its customers to access their financials anywhere in the country. 

Being one of the prominent banks in the country, CitiBank accepts various types of checks. Whether it be a government check, an insurance claim, or a cashier’s check, CitiBank accepts them all. 

However, when discussing accepting third-party checks, CitiBank has imposed some requirements on the process. The first clause limits the non-customer cash holders only to draw checks issued by CitiBank. 

Another requirement for withdrawing a check from CitiBank is that it only allows the account holders to cash checks available up to the checking account balance. CitiBank will also require the payee to guarantee the endorsement of the check. 

Cashing a third-party check as a customer at CitiBank waives any fee. The limit is also much more extensive than the $5K limit for the non-account holders of the Bank.

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The PNC bank is renowned for its outstanding digital banking tools and competitive interest rates in some US states. 

While PNC Bank allows you to cash third-party checks at their premises, they also have some requirements to negate the dominant fraud and theft crimes. The Bank asks for a valid Photo ID for both parties to cash the third-party check. 

PNC Bank also does not charge any fee for its account holders. However, for non-account holders, the Bank has a varying fee structure. While there is no fee for a check worth less than $25, PNC Bank charges you 2% or $2 of the total amount. 

If the 2% of your amount exceeds $2, the Bank will charge you that amount as its fee. However, once you fulfill the requirements, PNC Bank has a seamless process, making cash the checks conveniently. 

US Bank

With its convenient policies and low fees, US Bank is another ideal option for cashing your third-party checks. 

The bank policies allow the customers to cash and deposit their third-party checks personally at any branch of the Bank. However, as a non-customer, US Bank only allows you to withdraw third-party checks issues by itself. 

Non-customers must also pay a $7 fee when cashing their third-party checks. This fee markup also applies to other checks, including cash, personal, or other similar checks. So, if your check is considerable, the $7 fee feels like a minor nuisance. 

Bank of America

Known as one of the world’s leading financial institutions, the Bank of America also stacks up to allow US residents to cash their third-party checks readily. 

Nevertheless, the requirements and policies for cashing third-party checks are considerably strict at the Bank of America. The staff handles the Cashing and Depositing of third-party checks on a case-by-case basis. 

The approval of cashing your third-party check is subject to the discretion of the manager of your chosen branch. Additionally, Bank of America requires both parties to be present when depositing a third-party check. 

Bank of America is a great choice if you hold an account here. However, the Bank of America only allows you to cash third-party checks at certain branches. So, before you head to the nearest branch with your third-party check, ensure to call ahead and confirm the availability of this service. 

While no fees are associated with cashing a third-party check for bank customers, the Bank extends no niceties to the non-customers. As a non-customer cashing a third-party check, Bank of America will charge $8 if your check is worth more than $50. 

Final Words

Many banks in the country allow you to cash a third-party check. However, the fees and requirements of many banks can make your head spin. The banks mentioned above are the ideal banks for cashing a third-party check. 

Not only do these banks have minimal requirements, but the fee markup is also very less, allowing you to cash the check conveniently. 

However, the top recommendation for cashing a third-party check is to utilize a bank where you hold an account. By using your own bank, you can avoid any accompanying fees and simplify the entire process.

We hope we have covered the requirements and information to help you comprehend every potent detail about third-party checks and find the right Bank.

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