6 Puzzle Games That Pay Real Money

Puzzle games have always been a mainstay in the gaming industry for promoting your cognitive abilities while allowing you to have fun.

According to Progress Lifeline, puzzle games can immensely improve your short-term memory and leave you in a cheery mood. 

However, the benefits of puzzle games do not end there. What if we told you puzzle games could also help you earn money? You read that right! 

Presenting a compilation of puzzle games that offer real cash rewards. Without any delay, let’s embark on an exploration of enjoyable avenues for earning money!

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Age of Rust 

When you put together a first-person adventure and a puzzle game, you get Age of Rust. This game offers an immersive experience to the gamers. The game requires you to solve puzzles to move forward in the game. 

Age of Rust boasts a first-person experience in a post-AI bleak wilderness. You will need to roam through the game’s map to explore, solve some discoveries, and enjoy. 

Talking about the money prospect, Age of Rust offers you NFTs. The game is based on the Enjin Blockchain, an effective tool known for offering lesser, cheaper transaction fees. Throughout the game, you will find the map riddled with new tokens and NFTs, making it a fun game to try! 

Cube Cube

According to TL Dev Tech, Tetris qualifies as one of the most popular games in the world. Cube Cube carries the prestige of puzzle games and adds a competitive element to make the game more fun. This game is more like putting whatever you earn on stakes. 

Cube Cube puts you against people worldwide where you lay down a wager and play. Anyone who wins the game first gets the money. While this game can help you make money, there is also an equal chance of losing the game too! 

To ensure fewer losses, the devs have also integrated practice levels; you can play these levels for free and polish your Tetris skills. When you feel like you have become a pro, it is time to take the fight to other people and bring money back home! 


Featuring a double-game model, Eutaria is yet another multiplayer game allowing you to earn money. The game’s adventure mode takes you through a fun experience of solving puzzles and having a good time. 

The no-fee model of Eutaria allows you to have fun for free. Moreover, progressing in the game could also help you earn the BNB tokens. The Binance Coins earned by playing the game can later be transferred to your account. 

Conclusively, Eutaria allows you to have fun and make some money in the process. The announcements for further improving the gameplay and art of the game mean that there is more to look forward to! 

Sudoku Cash

If Sudoku is your favorite puzzle game, then you are in luck! This mobile game allows you to enjoy the finest Sudoku experience at your fingertips. 

The players start with a big grid of nine 3×3 subgrids as the game begins. The objective is simple: Fill the cells from numbers 1-9! What makes Sudoku Cash so fun to play is the different difficulty levels. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, the app has a matching level to make the game fun for everyone. 

To make money in Sudoku Cash, you must accumulate points by progressing. The game gives you a limited time to solve the Sudoku puzzles. Once you have the points, you can redeem them for gifts or cash cards. 

Match To Win

This app brings a unique way of earning money by making the players participate in sweepstakes! Sweepstake is a form of competition that relies on every player participating and doing his or her best. Ultimately, the player that scores the highest takes the prize. 

Playing this game allows you to earn tickets and money within the apps. The game gives you a limited number of moves to start. As a player, your objective is to make the maximum matches, given the limitation. 

However, Match to Win has a cutthroat competition. While the daily sweepstake on the app is worth $25 and the monthly extends up to $1000, many people compete. The high competition between the players reduces the chances of winning the game. 

Therefore, to win money through Match to Win, you must play the game frequently and have some beginner’s luck! 

Block Puzzle

Here is another competitive puzzle game with a side order of real-life winnings! Developed by eGoGames, Block Puzzle allows the players to play a fun puzzle game and win cash or prizes. 

The game features simplistic graphics and focuses on providing a firm gameplay experience. Many reviews attest to the easy controls and the classic views of the game. This Tetris-themed game requires the players to solve the puzzle block while the clock is ticking. 

Block Puzzle matches you with other players that share the same skill level. Facing players of the same level significantly increases your chances of winning and earning money. There are also tournament competitions in the game, which means more winnings! 

While Block Puzzle is considerably on the smaller side compared to the other apps on the list, the impressive ratings on the App Store make it worth checking out. The reward system of this game is also straightforward, thus increasing your chances of winning some extra cash while having your dose of entertainment! 

Final Words

As it is, there are immense benefits to playing puzzle games. They are great time killers and can help you improve your memory function. However, there are some apps that raise the bar by giving you a chance to earn some money!