5 Temp Agencies That Pay The Same Day

Are you tired of the daily grinds the jobs put you through?

Money has become the way of life. For anything big or small, you need some Dollars in your pocket. But it’s understandable if you’re exhausted from the yelling and the hard work you put through at your job for small pay. 

What if there was a way for you to work on your terms and get paid on the same day? Yes, you heard it right! Working as a temp allows you to work on a contract, and once you have done the job, you get the money. 

But most temp agencies take quite some time to clear the job payments. But fret not; here is a road map to some temp agencies that pay the same day! 

Read on to start flowing your cash cycle and keep it in a healthy condition.

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With its HQ operations in Tacoma, People Ready is one of the best temp agencies providing temp jobs in the US and Canada. 

PeopleReady works with various industries and businesses and finds them temp workers. You can find either a short-term or a long-term position through this platform based on your preferences.

PeopleReady is a great platform to work with since they also offer healthcare plans for the temps signed up with it and their families. 

At PeopleReady, you will find many jobs, including general labor, factory, or warehouse jobs. All these jobs are relatively simple and make a good fit for making quick bucks. The good thing about PeopleReady is that they offer some training to employers and employees too! 

Considering that most temps usually don’t know much about the job and employers don’t know much about the temps, training is an important perspective. The training period allows employers and employees to get in touch with each other and help ensure that employees don’t screw the pooch. 

Apart from its website, the platform also has a mobile app, making it easy to find jobs that pay daily. Using their app, you can also clock in and out of your shift, making it easier to find jobs at your convenience. Further, they also use pay cards or direct deposits, excluding the need to own a bank account. 

Conclusively, PeopleReady is a great place to start to make some extra money on the side. 


  • A Well-Developed Mobile app making it seamless to find jobs and set your working hours. 
  • A long list of companies to work with. Some Jobs you can find through PeopleReady:
    • Retail
    • Marine
    • Hospitality
    • Construction
  • PeopleReady has a quick and easy hiring process, allowing you to find jobs and start working easily and efficiently. 

Labor Works

While Labor Works only works for those residing in Ohio or North Carolina, Labor Works is yet another temp agency with the scope to help you land a convenient temp job. 

The best thing about Labor Works is its quick and efficient registration process. As you sign up with Labor Works, they will ask you about your current skills and any talents that you may have. Once reviewed, the platform will get back to you with any positions that suit your preferences and any needs you may have mentioned.

Another great thing about Labor Works is its same-day pay policy. Once your temp work end, Labor Works gives you a work ticket signifying that you have completed the assigned project. Once you have the ticket, turn that in and cash out the money. 

Although, Labor Works’ size puts it at a disadvantage. Due to the company’s small size, employers and employees will be in a smaller pool.

On the other hand, their pool jobs experience changes far too often. For example, you may see a job listed one day, and the next day, there will be entirely different jobs with new projects and new clients. 

However, if you live in the operable areas of Labor Works, finding a temp job with them is a great place to start. 


  • Labor Works operates on a “Work Ticket System.” This method is easy and convenient for temp employees wanting to be paid daily. 
  • Albeit it’s small size, choosing Labor Works allow you to work with employees from a wide range of industries, including:
    • Assembly Line Manufacturing 
    • Construction
    • Food Services 
    • Machine Operations 
    • Moving and Package Handling
  • The platform has an assisted hiring process. Labor Works will remain present at every step to help you find the proper position based on your skill and experience. 


Adecco is a global staffing and workforce solutions company, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It’s one of the world’s largest human resource providers and a Fortune Global 500 company.

They offers a significant advantage for its temporary workers in the form of same-day pay. The process is managed via the Daily Pay app, a user-friendly platform where Adecco’s temp workers can conveniently track their daily earnings.

This real-time tracking allows workers to have a clear view of their accrued income for each day worked.

If a worker finds themselves in need of funds before the scheduled payday, they can use the app to request an advance on their earnings. The requested amount is then promptly transferred to their bank account, providing instant financial support.


Well-known for providing its services nationwide, LaborMax has ties to businesses and industries all over the country with many job temp job opportunities. 

Finding a temp job on LaborMax works in a convenient way for you. Looking for a job at LaborMax depends on the following factors: 

  • Availability 
  • Your Location 
  • The Time of the Year.

For instance, the probability of concerts happening are higher. The higher chances of concerts happening create a higher scope for management positions, and the platform is laden with many management opportunities. Similarly, for Winters, jobs like Snow Plowing are easily available. 

The best thing about LaborMax is that they pay you instantly for your services. As soon as your workday ends, LaborMax rolls out the payment for your work on that day. However, some users have complained about payment delays, depending on the industry. 

Once you are set up, working with LaborMax opens you to a diverse range of temp jobs available. For instance, if you can’t find a job suiting your preferences immediately, you will want to leave the notifications on.

The platform will automatically notify you if they find a job that suits your skill set and preferences. 


  • LaborMax has a considerably easier hiring process. Their seamless process makes it easy for employers and employees to find opportunities suited to their preferences. 
  • The platform offers necessary training to ensure your safety after undertaking a project. 
  • With its nationwide scope, LaborMax partners with businesses from various industries, including:
    • Construction 
    • Manufacturing 
    • Hospitality
    • Manufacturing & Logistics
    • Marine

Hire Quest

Hire Quest specializes in providing temporary staffing services, focusing primarily on unskilled and semi-skilled labor. They cater to industries such as construction, light industrial, logistics, hospitality, and more.

One of the notable features of Hire Quest is their policy of offering same-day pay for certain jobs, particularly those that are short-term or one-day assignments.

The company operates across multiple states in the U.S., with numerous branches.

Final Words

Whether you are a student, a working parent, or struggling to make ends meet, finding temporary jobs is a great way of building your career in a specific niche with a long list of jobs matching your schedule.

Choosing a temp agency from the above list will allow you to work according to your preferences and further help improve your economic conditions today. These jobs are easy to make money in and come with no strings attached, making them a great opportunity to rake some cash!

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