How to Make $20 a Day Consistently

Are you looking for ways to make some extra dollars a day? Well, who isn’t? In today’s ever-evolving and extravagant world, you may feel the need to earn extra cash to pay for your bills or other expenses. 

With the presence of countless online earning websites, you can earn that extra penny you always wanted. You can find a few legit websites that will help you make some extra cash in no time. Also, if you are lucky, you can even earn a bit more than $20 a day. 

The Internet offers varied ways to earn money without breaking a sweat. But, unfortunately, there are also tons of scams and fraudsters present waiting to fool you with fake promises and gifts. Hence, it would help if you found genuine and trusted websites to make extra cash successfully. 

Let us dive deep and understand why people are opting for online earning over regular jobs. 

Why Make Money Online? 

Even if you have a standard well-paying job, there is no harm in earning a few extra dollars sitting right at your home.

However, as most people perceive, online earning is not an easy job and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It would help if you were consistent and patient enough to reap the fruits of your efforts. 

Online money-making websites have become so rampant recently that almost every teen is involved with it. However, it also depends on whether you need to earn some cash instantly or you are looking to build a long-term earning option. 

Gen Z is looking for more freedom and flexibility when it comes to working. The Internet recognizes their needs and offers platforms to earn some money at the comfort of their home. 

Whichever is your choice, always stick to reputable sites and have a good history with users. 

Ways to Make $20 a Day

Let us look at the list of some legitimate sites that you can use to make instant money online: 

Online Surveys 

Taking online surveys and earning some cash sounds like an easy way to make money online without much effort. However, that isn’t always the case. Well, you may not have to take surveys always, but at times to earn points for searching the web or watching a video. It sounds interesting, right? 

We have picked the two most well-known online earning survey websites for your reference. Both are legitimate sites and have the best earning potential: 


These online survey sites pay you gift cards and cash for filling survey forms. They even offer you a $5 registration bonus and a safe platform for teens to earn extra pocket money. 

They offer different online activities to earn points, such as watching videos, searching the web, taking daily polls, taking online surveys, and many more. 

This loyalty program website grants you points and gift cards for the efforts you show regularly.

The Swagbucks members can avail gift cards or cash in their PayPal account. You can redeem your gift cards at your favorite online shopping sites like Amazon or Walmart. 

So if you are looking to make big bucks with Swagbucks, make them a part of your routine. Watch some videos over a cup of coffee or fill out an easy peasy survey form to earn some attractive SB points! 

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Survey Junkie 

Similar to Swagbucks, Survey Junkie lets users fill out forms and share opinions online. Each survey you take is worth specific points.

These points can either be redeemed as cash or gift cards according to your preference. 

This is an entirely legit site where you earn points for the surveys you fill compared to other survey sites.

Survey Junkie has over 27,000 reviews on Trustpilot and it has a rating of 4.5 stars.

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Food Delivery 

Well, if you want to try something fun and productive, try delivering food for people! With Doordash, a food delivery app, you can be a door dasher and deliver food based on the location. 

It may sound a bit tiring, but you could receive a great tip from the customers at the end of the day for the service you provide.

Depending on the estimated duration and distance, you may earn between $2-$10 per delivery. Also, if you are ready to travel a longer distance, you will get higher pay. 

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Earn Money by Shopping 

Yes, you heard that right! If you spend the majority of your time scrolling through shopping apps, then you might as well get paid for it. Few of the shopping apps help you earn cashback, 

One of the most rated apps is Ibotta, where you can earn cash backs on your everyday purchases. You can acquire the cash backs not just at retail shops but even for online shopping! 

Rakuten is one of the largest and most commonly used cashback sites currently. Apart from earning cashback, Rakuten also offers you promo codes and additional discounts that you can avail of at any time. 


Having a side gig and working solo has become a way of life for many. However, if you are a full-time analyst or IT professional but still want to showcase your skills as a Yoga instructor, you can always opt for freelancing. 

A few of the best online sites for freelancers are Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, Guru, and many more. So if you are looking to showcase your skills and earn some great money out of them, check out these highly professional freelancing sites. 

Bonus Sites 

Below, we have mentioned few bonus sites that you can check for earning the desired money: 

  • TaskRabbit 
  • Decluttr 
  • Trunow 
  • Instacart 
  • Etsy 
  • Gazelle 

Final Verdict 

There are tons of options available online, using which you can earn $20 or more per day. However, the catch is that you need to invest your time and energy in legit and professional sites.  

Earning some extra cash with your regular day job is an exceptional idea. That said, double-check how each of these websites and payment systems works before committing yourself to them.