How To Sell Pokemon Cards: 5 Places to Sell Pokemon Cards For Cash

Gotta catch ‘em all, Pokemon!

This jingle has and will always sound cheerful to all the millennials across the globe. Growing up alongside our Pokemon partners was fun.

You might recall various Pokemon merchandise, cards, toys, etc., that flooded the market. However, these days, the same cards are now antiques. Yes, believe it or not, Pokemon cards are in huge demand these days.

If you still have a collection of unique Pokemon cards, there is a way to monetize them. People all over the globe, including celebrities, pay hefty amounts for suitable Pokemon Cards.

Still, you need to sort them and sell them the right way. Here’s how you can do it!

The Basics of Selling Pokemon Cards

Now that you are no longer a kid or a die-hard Pokemon fan, it makes sense to make some extra cash. Undoubtedly, Pokemon cards can give you some extra money.

But, before deciding to sell them, here’s what you need to do.

Sort the Card Collection

To begin, arrange all your existing Pokemon cards systematically. A neat approach will be to separate the cards into three categories:

  • Pokemon cards.
  • Trainer cards.
  • Energy cards.

Yup, you got that, didn’t you? This step is to ease out your card collection.

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Understand the Value of Each Card

Every Pokemon card has a different selling price. This price depends on:

  • The rarity of the card.
  • The popularity of the Pokemon.
  • The physical condition of the card.

Sites like eBay have a dedicated page that gives an idea about the cost structure of Pokemon cards. But, to make the process easy for you, here’s how you can simplify your research:

The rarity of the Card

Look at your Pokemon card. Do you see a small symbol on it? These symbols are in three shapes:

  • Circle
  • Star
  • Diamond

Circle implies that the card is standard. 

The Star shape indicates that the card is rare so you can expect a high selling price. 

Finally, the diamond shape means a card is uncommon.

Pokemon Popularity

Fan-favorite Pokemon are always high in demand and price. Some prominent ones are:

  • Pikachu
  • Charizard
  • Squirtle
  • Seel
  • Blastoise

So, if you have these buddies, chances are they can help you make decent money.

The Card’s Physical Condition

Nobody wants to buy cards in a bad state. So, make sure the ones you want to sell are in good condition.

Some sellers arrange their cards in transparent plastic sleeves. These sleeves protect the cards from external conditions like water, UV light, dust, etc.

Research the Cost and Make a Table

Yes, go online; you can stumble on numerous Pokemon card selling websites. Next, make a table in a notebook or use the computer, whatever!

Note down the lowest, average, and max price of each card. So, you will get a better idea of the exact value of your overall collection.

This process will take some time. But, it will pay off in the long run. If you get a chance to participate in the online Pokemon card auctions, getting the right bidder will be easy peasy.

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Types of Pokemon Cards

Moving on from the basics, you should know the different types of Pokemon cards. After all, it becomes daunting to segregate them.

Here is an easy guide for your help.

First Edition Pokemon Cards

The first Pokemon cards entered the market in 1999. So, they are the oldest ones to sell. You can find a small logo that says ‘edition 1’ under the Pokemon image (Bottom left).

Diamond Cards

These cards are easy to identify. The shape is not rectangular. It is a rounded square shape that looks a bit like a diamond.

Some diamond cards have the evolution of a Pokemon on the flip side.

Holographic Cards

Holographic Pokemon cards were famous for their shiny backgrounds. Some cards even depict the evolutions when you rotate them.

Generation Cards

Some people love a particular generation of the Pokemon series. Likewise, generation cards include every pocket monster exclusive to that series.

The well-known Pokemon generations are:

  • Gen I: Kanto region (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
  • Gen II: Johto region (Gold, Silver, Crystal)
  • Gen III: Hoenn region (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald)
  • Gen IV: Sinnoh region (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum)
  • Gen V: Unova region (Black, White, Black 2, White 2)
  • Gen VI: Kalos region (X, Y)
  • Gen VII: Alola region (Sun, Moon)
  • Gen VIII: Galar region (Sword, Shield)

So, you can have a set of cards corresponding to a specific generation. Some buyers prefer to buy cards from their favorite gen. Hence, you can avail a good bargain altogether.

Where to Sell Pokemon Cards?

Now you know the basics, the types, and generations of Pokemon cards. But, the vital aspect is to find a suitable place, online and offline, to sell these cards.

The Best Places To Sell Pokemon Cards Online

You can go on the above online sites, register, and sell your Pokemon cards to the right person. On the other hand, you can visit offline locations like:

  • A nearby comic book store
  • Pawnshop
  • Toy store

Yes, it can be challenging to convince a shop owner, especially those in a Pawn Shop. Yet, if you have a rare card, the probability of selling increases.

What Does History Say?

Here’s a quick look at some valuable and costliest Pokemon cards ever sold:

  • Shiny Charizard Edition 1 ($220,574)
  • Master’s Key ($21,000)
  • Blastoise Presentation Galaxy Star Hologram ($360,000)

Jaw-dropping, isn’t it? Just a quick trivia. Do you know Logic, the American ex-rapper? He is the proud owner of the over $220K Charizard card.


Your old Pokemon cards can earn you some money. It is not relatively easy to repeat a six-figure price tag history, but you never know! If you have some rare cards, your luck might change.

Importantly, it is crucial to segregate your cards correctly. Also, it would help if you did some research. After completing the basics, you can venture online or offline to sell your Pokemon cards.

Remember, even today, some people believe in catching them all!