13 Pros And Cons Of Living In Macon, GA

Considering a move to Macon, Georgia?

Well, there’s a lot to unpack about this charming city nestled in the heart of Bibb County.

Whether you’re drawn to its rich history, the deep-rooted culture, or its scenic beauty along the Ocmulgee River, Macon has layers worth exploring.

Often referred to as Georgia’s soul city, Macon features neighborhoods like Duresville, Briarwood Hill, and Anthony Terrace, reflecting both its diversity and strong community spirit.

The city, with a population inching close to 100,000, sits right at the fall line, giving residents the added perk of beautiful surroundings and a plethora of outdoor activities.

But as with any locale, there’s more than meets the eye. While Macon has numerous selling points, it also has its challenges. So, before you decide to call this city home, it’s good to be in the know.

Let’s dive deep and discover what Macon has in store for potential residents.

Is Macon, GA A Good Place To Live?

Macon is definitely on the upswing.

With revitalized storefronts, a growing number of eateries, and a sense of momentum, it feels like Macon is blossoming.

Sure, Macon isn’t Atlanta – but that could be its charm.

Atlanta’s a giant with its unique energy and vibe, but Macon offers something different, something genuine.

The city breathes a rejuvenated spirit. When you walk downtown, the resurgence of life and business is palpable.

And, while it’s not active at an Atlanta pace, Macon brings a warmth and authenticity that many find refreshing.

But, just like any city, Macon has its staunch advocates and its critics.

Some people slide right into its rhythm, while others might find it’s not quite their beat.

So, if you’re considering Macon as your next home, you should weigh the pros and cons, to see if this evolving city matches your aspirations and lifestyle.

Let’s dive in.

Pros Of Living In Macon, GA

Here are great reasons to move to Macon:

Mild Winter

Macon’s weather is a breath of fresh air if you despise shoveling snow and bundling up in layers of clothing.

Imagine waking up to sunny skies during the winter months and enjoying outdoor activities without being buried in a winter coat.

With an average winter temperature of around 35 degrees Fahrenheit, Macon offers an escape from the harsh winter conditions experienced in many other parts of the country.


Living in Macon feels like having the best of both worlds. For everyday stuff, the city’s got you covered. Need to grab a coffee? No problem. Fancy a movie night? It’s right around the corner.

But here’s where it gets cool: If you ever feel like switching things up a bit, Macon’s smack-dab in the middle of some really awesome places.

Atlanta? Just a hop, skip, and a jump away for those city vibes. In the mood for some ocean air?

Savannah’s close by, perfect for those beach day cravings. And if you’re thinking of a coastal drive, Charleston, which is one the best cities to live in SC isn’t too far off either.

Basically, from Macon, you can easily touch base with some of Georgia’s coolest spots without the fuss of long trips.

Job Opportunities

Macon may surprise you with its variety of employment opportunities.

One of its standout employers is the Robins Air Force Base, which is conveniently located just a 15-minute drive away.

Serving as a major regional employer, the base not only offers direct employment but has also significantly boosted private sector job opportunities in related services.

Beyond the base, the area is dotted with industrial parks, recruiting both skilled and unskilled laborers across diverse sectors.

If you’re considering a role in the service sector or even looking to join the government at the state, local, or school district level, Macon often has positions open.

For the entrepreneurs among you, Macon’s market might be especially appealing. Its size is an advantage, potentially making you the standout in your particular niche.

And when you’re set to take your venture to the next level, Atlanta’s expansive market is just a short drive away.

Enriching Educational Environment

Mercer University, a renowned private institution, calls Macon its home. The presence of a prestigious university adds energy and vibrancy to the city that can only come from a college town atmosphere.

Students bring a youthful spirit, cultural diversity, and many exciting events and activities to Macon.

Whether you’re interested in attending cultural events, cheering at college sports games, or participating in academic discussions, the educational environment of Macon is truly enriching.

Making Every Dollar Count

Media Housing prices, in particular, are significantly cheaper than in many other United States cities at $142,000.

So, whether you’re looking to rent an apartment or purchase a home, you’ll find that your hard-earned dollars stretch a lot further in Macon.

Always Something to Celebrate

Macon is a city that knows how to have fun, exemplified by the numerous yearly festivals.

From the famous Cherry Blossom Festival that attracts visitors worldwide to the Bragg Jam Music Festival that celebrates local musical talents, there is always something to celebrate and enjoy in Macon.

Food festivals, arts and crafts fairs, and cultural events fill the calendar, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere that residents have the privilege of experiencing year-round.

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Cons Of Living In Macon, GA

While this city in the heart of Georgia offers many attractions and a rich history, you should know the downsides before deciding.


If you’re moving to Macon with kids in tow, it’s wise to seriously consider private school options, unless you’re prepared for the commitment of intensive supplemental teaching at home.

To give you a picture of how bad the public schools are…

Macon’s Bibb County schools have faced some tough challenges, to put it mildly.

Back in 2020, the situation became so dire that they wrapped up the school year a whole month early. The reason?

A large number of students were on the brink of failing.

Bugs are a menace!

Ah, the great outdoors! Enjoying a picnic or hiking in the beautiful Macon countryside is nothing like enjoying a picnic.

However, be prepared for some pesky uninvited guests.

Mosquitoes, gnats, and other flying bugs can be quite a nuisance, especially during the warmer months.

Have you ever tried enjoying a sunset on your porch only to be attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes? It could be a more pleasant experience.

So, are you ready to arm yourself with bug spray and citronella candles?

Crime Rate

While Macon has worked to improve its safety record over the years, it still faces challenges related to crime.

Both property-related and violent crimes in Macon can be a bit concerning compared to other cities of its size.

Long-time residents often share the unspoken rule: there are areas in town that might be better avoided when alone, especially after dark.

This includes certain spots in the more busy parts of the city.

Lack of Nightlife

If you’re hunting for a hopping nightlife, Macon might not be the top pick.

While a handful of bars, pubs, and music venues are scattered throughout the city, the options are relatively limited compared to larger metropolitan areas.

You will find few upscale clubs or trendy cocktail bars, and the live music scene may be less diverse and frequent than you’d hoped.

So, if you thrive on dining out and dancing the night away, you may need more than Macon to meet your expectations.

Summers are hot and muggy

There’s no doubt that Macon experiences some scorching summers.

The summer season can be quite challenging, with average temperatures reaching the high 90s and humidity levels leaving you feeling sticky and uncomfortable.

You might need help during these months if you’re not a fan of sweltering heat and constantly seeking refuge in an air-conditioned space.

Traffic, traffic, traffic!

While Macon is not necessarily known for its gridlock traffic like larger cities, it still has its fair share of congestion.

The city’s road infrastructure needs to improve to keep up with the increasing population, resulting in frustrating traffic jams during peak hours.

Whether commuting to work or heading out for grocery shopping, be prepared to budget some extra time for your travels.

The question that comes to mind is, do you have the patience to navigate the city’s traffic?

Allergies in Spring

Macon seems the perfect place for nature lovers with its picturesque landscapes and beautiful blooming flowers.

However, spring may not be as enjoyable if you suffer from allergies. The city’s many trees and plants release abundant pollen, triggering allergic reactions in many individuals.

So, the question is, are you ready to stock up on antihistamines and tissues during the allergy season?


Macon is certainly not a one-size-fits-all kind of city.

Firstly, while it’s more affordable than some bigger cities, you should determine if the culture and vibe of Macon resonate with you.

Just because you can live in Macon doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for your personality or lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong; Macon is a city rich in history, culture, and community spirit.

But, living here might be the perfect match for some and not quite right for others.

And if Macon doesn’t feel quite like home, have a look through our other guides to find a place that’s just right for you:

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