4 Places to Sell Beanie Babies for Cash

Imagine it’s the 90s, life is simple, and the world? Well completely obsessed with beanie babies! Beanie babies were legit the most sought-after good ever then. 

Sadly, these pellet-filled bears lost their charm and oops and became significantly less in their worth over the years. But do you want to know the good part?

You could still sell out your beanie babies for really good money! Yes, you heard us right. If you have the rare ones, that’s even better. What do you say? Let’s explore some of the places to sell them!

4 Places to Sell Beanie Babies for Cash

Top 4 Websites to Sell Beanie Babies

As the world has digitized over the years, most selling-buying takes place online. And why shouldn’t it? It has the best deals and great offers.

As far as your beanie babies are concerned, selling them over a website for some cash would be the best bet! Mentioned below are some of the top websites that can help you in the sale process and fetch you the best prices for your beanie babies!


eBay is a top choice for selling almost anything in the world, that too anywhere! It is one of the best sites to begin knowing the worth of your Beanie Babies.

Want to know the stats for Beanie Babies sales on eBay? They are an astounding $60,000 with over hundreds of Beanie Babies sold. You must be interested now.

With that, you also get an option to put either a flat rate to your Beanie Babies or even go for an auction. The auction will, of course, serve you more monetarily!


Craigslist is another top choice for people on the lookout for places to sell their Beanie Babies! It has an efficient way to analyze the interested buyers close by.

Through Craigslist, you can easily locate collectors in your area and help in supporting those collectible traders.


Etsy is another great platform for selling your cute Beanie Babies. The prices for Beanie Babies can even go up to 75 Grand dollars. 

On the downside, the majority of offers for Beanie babies are in the range of some dollars. It is only beneficial if you’re looking to make a sale to nostalgic buyers!


Now, Sell2BBNovelties is a site made especially for people trying to sell an array of collectibles. Beanie Babies, become a top-selling item in that case.

They also offer various bonuses and offers to the buyers. For starters, with a buy of $30 of merchandise, you can benefit from free shipping! Yay

Selling Beanie Babies Near Me

If you were a big-time Beanie Babies fan, there would be a probability you would have a bulk of these items. Locally selling them could be a convenient way to earn some cash and even securely transfer them through!

The only negative we can see from here is that you might not get the pricing, but worry not! If the sale and Beanie babies clean up matters more, you might as well take the stride and sell locally.

But where should we start from? The first suggestion would be to look for antique shops. These shops go a long way if you want to sell some old yet rare Beanie Babies!

Since Beanie babies have been in the business for quite a long time, they are regarded as vintage collectibles! The money transfer is pretty straightforward and smooth at the same time!

Flea Markets are another method of selling Beanie Babies locally! Take your big pile of Beanie Babies yourself and get the sales going!

Some Tips for New Sellers of Beanie Babies

Now, if you’re new to the game, we suppose you will need some tricks and tips to sell your beanie babies. Won’t you?

Don’t worry because we are here to serve you. Read the pointers below to enlighten yourself and make the best sales for your beanie babies.

The Insides Matter a Lot

So, these pellets-filled beanie babies vary a lot according to what’s on the inside. Now some pellets such as the Polyvinyl Ethylene ones are relatively common and thus have a smaller price.

On the other hand, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pellets are very rare. If you have a beanie with PVC pellets, make sure you put a high price on it!

Join a Beanie Baby Facebook Group

Selling a product means that you must know how to find the correct leads. You can join Facebook groups for beanie babies fanatics. 

These fanatics will help you decide a price for your beanie babies, depending on their popularity. Along with that, you will also get to communicate with multiple people who might bring your buyers. Yay!

The BB Generation Lookup

So, first and foremost, do check the generation of your beanie babies. The tag that is hanging off its ears indicates the same. 

Once you’re aware of the generation, go online or on eBay and find the usual costing. Do include any extra information or plus point will make a sale post for your beanie babies.

You can also go through the list of most valuable Beanie Babies, which will have a value guide attached as well. Check if or not your specific beanie babies are on the list!

Go Visual (for Real!)

It’s essential that once you plan on selling your beanie babies, you go all out. Be as visual as possible. Take multiple angle pictures and close-ups to show the authenticity as well as the conditions,

You can also add a story or a personalized touch with the product posting to intrigue customers.

Wrap Up

Even though Beanie babies have lost the modern touch, they are excellent means to earn money. So, don’t leave your Beanie babies crying in one corner of your storage room. 

It’s time to take your Beanie Babies out, bid them goodbye, and make some cash, friends! All the best and happy selling!