7 Sites Like Carvana To Buy and Sell Cars

Are you buying/selling a car?

The internet today has become a facility, allowing you to sell or buy your car online through Sites like Carvana. Founded in 2012, Carvana was invented to make the car-buying/selling process seamless and convenient. 

Besides its lenient policies, Carvana also induces unique features, such as car vending machines. These glass-enclosed towers hold up to 30 cars, and any customer who has bought a car through Carvana can get their car; they can insert a giant coin and get their car from the vending machine! 

Granted that Carvana has unique features and lenient policies, it is not the only company working as an online car reseller. This article will take you through sites like Carvana, enabling you to get in on the action. 

So, what are these sites? Let’s find out! 


When selling your car, it is common to list it on various internet platforms. Carwiser works with various sites, including Craigslist, to connect prospects with offers to buy your cars. Its reach on various platforms amps up the competition, increasing the demand and value for your vehicle. 

Carwiser also helps you get offers from trustworthy dealers scattered across their network. This platform brings you sellers throughout the internet at no additional costs! 

To sell your car through Carwiser, you must provide basic information, including: 

  • License Plate or VIN 
  • Your car’s mileage 
  • Your contact information 

After you provide these details, you start receiving offers in as little as three minutes! 

Carwiser will only stay in the picture until you have connected with a seller. Once you find a seller and accept their offer, you must deal with the buyer directly. 

The platform’s ability to help you find a buyer makes it significantly easier to sell your car. Instead of answering various people and waiting for someone to strike a deal, Carwiser allows you to sell your car within 21 days! 

However, selling through Carwiser can likely catch you off-guard. You might randomly receive a call from a dealer telling you they are contacting you through Carwiser and might offer to buy your car instantly. 

Its streamlined process reduces the challenges you might usually face when selling your car independently, making it a reliable choice!


Like Carvana, Shift operates primarily online, streamlining the traditionally cumbersome process of car transactions. What’s cool about Shift is that they allow you to browse a variety of cars from the comfort of your home.

If one catches your eye, they’ll even bring it to you for a test drive. Selling your car? No problem. Shift will give you a quote online, and if you agree, they’ll come to inspect and pick up your vehicle.

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Founded in 2013, Vroom has been around longer than Carvana, making it a reliable alternative. Like Carvana, Vroom lets you buy, trade in used and certified pre-owned vehicles, or finance their cars online! 

Vroom has dedicated efforts to make the car-buying process as seamless as possible. Whether you are looking for cars, SUVs, or trucks, their wide selection makes it easy to find a car suited to your preferences. 

This platform also networks with various lenders, allowing Vroom users to finance their cars and buy their desired cars. The choice between lenders gives you various options, allowing you to choose the one offering the most favorable terms. 

Vroom also lets you upgrade your car through its trade-in option! When shopping for a car on Vroom, you can opt for trading in your car. Vroom will offer a reasonable valuation for your vehicle, allowing you to cut down the costs of buying a new car. 

Vroom adheres to its one-week return policy to give its users peace of mind. Assuming that your car is in the same condition when bought, Vroom lets you get a full refund on your car if you are not satisfied with the purchase! 

In short, Vroom is a great choice to hunt for new wheels without breaking the bank. 


Spread across 220 locations around the country, CarMax prides itself on being the county’s largest retailer of used cars! 

CarMax’s huge database contains cars of different builds, including sports cars, EVs, best-sellers, and many more. Although many people feel skeptical about buying a vehicle, CarMax’s “Love it or Return it” policy works wonders in quelling its customer’s anxiety. 

Assuming that you drive less than 1500 miles, this policy from CarMax allows you to return the car within the next 30 days. CarMax also chimes in real-life features with its digital experience to help users attain peace of mind. 

The platform lets you take a test drive of the vehicle before you can buy it. However, if you feel more comfortable doing a prolonged test, CarMax’s 24-hour take-home test drives let you do that, too. 

CarMax also has a big “Shop With Budget” button on their site. This button highlights the platform’s ability to collaborate with you and find a car suited for your price range. CarMax also lets you discover various financing options through its website! 

Considering the platform’s devotion to its customers through friendly policies, CarMax qualifies as one of the best alternatives to Sites like Carvana.


TrueCar uses real-time data from actual sales transactions, so you see what others paid for the same car you’re interested in. It’s genuinely transformative. If you’re selling, TrueCar helps you gauge your car’s value, ensuring you price it accurately.

They’ve partnered with a network of certified dealerships. Once you’ve picked out a car, you can link up with a trusted dealer in your area, already clued in on the price to anticipate.


With its focus on giving users useful advice and reviews, CarsDirect is another trustable platform for buying cars online. 

CarsDirect allows you to buy or loan a new vehicle through its platform, even with poor credit! The platform has dedicated its focus to providing buyers with helpful resources for buying and financing their cars without leaving their homes! 

The advisory and reviews offered by CarsDirect cut down the pre-buying research you must conduct before making a decision. Their website induces a simplistic interface, allowing you to browse, finance, and get quotes through their site. 

However, if you have bad credit, financing from CarsDirect comes with a catch. When financing, the platforms factor in your credit history. Ultimately, if you have poor credit, its financing options will have high-interest rates. 

Even so, the advice and reviews the platform offers speak to its transparency and drive to help its customers walk away with a good deal. Considering its transparency and features, it is a good place to start your car-buying journey.

Bring a Trailer

This is more niche, focusing on auctioning unique, vintage, and collector cars. It’s not just a regular place to buy or sell cars; it’s more like an online car show.

People list their unique or classic cars and share their stories and the history behind them. When you’re looking to buy, it’s not just scrolling through options. Each car has a story, and sellers often explain why that car is special.

Final Words 

Given the factors involved, buying a car can be a hectic experience. You have to find the cars that fit your budget, research the car, and span various platforms to look for the best quote. 

Fortunately, sites like Carvana exist, allowing you to reduce the work you must do on your own. From their refund policies to search filters, these platforms can be extremely helpful in finding a car suited to your preferences. 

While all these sites can assist you in getting a good deal, every company brings something unique to the table, marking them as a good alternative to sites like Carvana. Therefore, the next time you choose to buy/sell your sites, we hope these platforms can help you get a good deal!

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