19 Most Expensive Beanie Babies in The World

Beanie Babies are one of the most valuable collectibles in the world.

While casual fans adore the newest toys to hit the market, Collectors are looking for rare original Beanie Babies.

As with all collectibles, there is no price too high. The sky is the limit and here are the most expensive Beanie Babies in the world.

Humphrey the Camel

Cost: $500-$1,200

Humphrey the Camel, one of the nine first beanie babies, was created in 1993. Humphrey has gone through several incarnations since his introduction, some of which are more well-liked than others.

The value of Humphrey the Camel can vary, usually depending on its condition, production date and rarity.

The most expensive items often fluctuate substantially from $500 to $1,200 for the rarest ones.

If you have a Humphrey lying around, dust him out and buy him online since he retired in 1998, and he is still worth a lot of money!

Employee the Bear

Cost: $3,000

Employee the Bear flush toy was provided to the company’s sales reps in 1995 when Ty, Inc. first launched the character. Only 300 bears were made; about half wore red ribbons, while the other half wore green. This bear has a striking brilliant violet color and magenta threads, making it unique and appealing.

Nana the Monkey

Cost: $4,000

Nana, the monkey, is the next to come.  Due to a rebranding and subsequent re-release as “Bongo the Monkey,” this beanie baby, which was first introduced in 1995, shortly entered retirement.

If “Nana” is written on the tush tag, it’s the original version and won’t have a poem. Please note that not all Nana the monkey is valuable but if you have an old one at home it is worth checking whether it is a limited collection.

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Snort the Red Bull

Cost: $6,500

A few bucks are the average price for several Snort the Red Bull Beanie Babies. The value of the genuine 1995 Beanie Babies may reach $6,500. Others that are not so limited can be sold for a few hundred easily.

There were tag mistakes in 1995 that distinguished them as being uncommon. Snort the Red Bull has small black eyes and delicate white nostrils. Even a cheap Snort may bring something special to a Ty Beanie Babies collection.

Gobbles Turkey

Cost: $6,500

In 1996, Gobbles Turkey was released, and it was quickly withdrawn. This cheerful Ty Beanie Baby has a red neck that stands out, a brown body, & white feathers.

One of the earliest Beanie Babies to represent an American holiday was Gobbles. Despite the modest cost of typical Gobbles, a rare one in pristine condition recently sold for $6,750.

Peanut the Elephant

Cost: $7,000

In 1995, when Peanut the Elephant made his Ty Beanie Baby debut, circuses were still well-liked in the US. The body and trunk of Peanut the Elephant have a vivid blue color.

Peanuts’ retired, the initial run has fetched up to $7,000 in sales. The proliferation of fake goods is a flaw in Peanut’s pricing list. Collectors must take care only to see original releases.


Cost: $7,000

In 1996, Seaweed made his Beanie Baby debut. Any collector would value Seaweed’s adorable soft brown body & seaweed accessories on this otter.

The priciest Seaweed Beanie Babies, however, have tag mistakes. These tag mistakes happened in the first release. These expensive Seaweed Ty Beanie Babies may sell for as much as $7,000.

Halo Bears

Cost: $7,500

A year later, in 1998, Halo Bears were made available. Halo initially didn’t stick out since it was already far into the Beanie Baby collecting mania.

White bears with shimmering wings and a matching halo have white fur. The Ty Beanie Baby was well-liked because of its motivational poem, but it was discontinued after just a year. Halo Bears from the first run may cost up to $7,500.

McDonald’s International Bears

Cost: $10,000

Even the most devoted Ty Beanie Baby collectors would be surprised to find McDonald’s listed here. In the 1990s, Teenie Babies, or little Beanie Babies, were marketed with Happy Meals.

The bears Britannia (Britain), Maple (Canada), Erin (Ireland), and Glory (Glory) each stand for a different nation (US). Up to $10,000 may be spent on a set of Teenie Babies in their original packaging.


Cost: $9,000

Claude is a vibrant Beanie Baby with blue, green, and orange tie-dye designs. He immediately became a beloved Beanie Baby because of his tiny beaded eyes and vibrant physique. Ty aficionados love the 1997 release of the first Claude Beanie Babies. The little yet distinctive crab has been sold for $9,000 at auction.

Garcia Bear

Cost: $10,000

Garcia Bear is pure entertainment, but few people realize how priceless it is. A multicolored bear with splotches of teal, red, & green is the Ty Beanie Baby. A classic face, black button eyes, and a golden tummy make someone appealing. It was only manufactured briefly, beginning in 1993, and several people had trouble locating one. First editions have a $10,000 price ceiling.

Iggy the Iguana

Cost: $15,000

With a price tag of $15,000, Iggy the Iguana is one of the most valuable Ty Beanie Babies ever sold. The issue? Some people mistake Rainbow the Chameleon for Iggy the Iguana.

Unlike Rainbow the Chameleon, Iggy has thorns along the length of their back. The uncommon 1997 tag, which denotes the item’s first release, makes Iggy the Iguana precious.

The Hope Bear

Cost: $15,000

This Ty Beanie Baby is costly and very hard to find. The Hope Bear’s eyes are closed, and its hands are clasped. This Beanie Baby was caught at a prayerful moment, making it a significant collector treasure. An uncommon 1998 Beanie Baby with a mismatched tag may fetch up to $15,000.

Brownie the Bear

Cost: $20,000

That Brownie the Bear is among the top ten most valuable Beanie Babies is not unexpected. One of the nine first Beanie Babies that were ever made was named Brownie.

These Ty Beanie Babies are relatively uncommon since the original series was discontinued in 1993. An original Brownie might cost up to $20,000 to the most dedicated collectors.

Millennium Bear

Cost: $30,000

It seems to sense that a company that gained popularity in the middle of the 1990s would introduce an iconic bear to mark the start of the new century. The beat Millennium has a golden ribbon on his neck and is Fuchsia in hue.

This Ty Beanie is perfect for collectors since it symbolizes a globe with a rising sun and 2,000 characters. Up to $30,000 might be spent on first releases in immaculate condition.

Batty Beanie Baby

Cost: $125,000

In October 1997, Ty released the Batty Beanie Baby. He was easily identifiable due to the velcro strips on his wings. He is still the only Beanie Baby offered in this manner as of today.

It’s possible that Stellaluna, a great children’s novel that came out four years before, influenced Batty’s success. Batty versions that were retired had tag mistakes. The unique Batty Beanie Babies that some lucky collectors own might be valued up to $125,000.

Piccadilly Attic

Cost: $125,000

Ty’s Beanie Babies range includes many bears in it. However, even some of the most ardent Beanie Baby collectors may not have seen Piccadilly Attic. One of the most expensive and uncommon Beanie Babies available is Piccadilly Attic.

This unusual bear has a clown-like appearance. A traditional red nose, a garment with a vivid green and blue design, and a garment with a vivid green and blue design are present. Rare, retiring 1993 Piccadilly Attic may fetch up to $125,000 on the open market.

Bubble the Fish

Cost: $129,000

Who would have thought that a Beanie Baby with a yellow & black patterned fish might be valued more than one of the priciest pairs of shoes for ladies on the planet?

Ty introduced Bubbles the Fish in 1995 and was discontinued in 1997. Prices as high as $129,000 have been advertised for genuine 1995 Bubbles the Fish Beanie Babies with tag faults.

Princess Bear

Cost: $500,000

The costliest Beanie Baby is Ty’s Princess Bear. In October 1997, the Princess Bear—also referred to as the Princess Diana Bear—was made available. Deep purple Princess Bears include a purple ribbon and a white rose symbol. This release, though, was unique.

There were just twelve bears in the beginning. For the richest Ty Beanie Baby collectors, the incredibly limited version bears are a fantasy come true.

Unfortunately, the original, scarce edition is the only one with the $500,000 price tag. However, bears that were part of the first 200 and still in immaculate condition are valued at $15,000 each.

Final Thoughts

Beanie Babies are highly collectible, and the most expensive can be worth thousands of dollars. However, it is important to remember that the value of these toys is largely determined by the rarity of the toy and the condition it is in.

Therefore, investing in Beanie Babies should research and understand the market before purchasing.

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