6 Safest Neighborhoods In Cincinnati, OH

Looking to visit or move to Cincinnati and wondering about the safety of its neighborhoods?

Just like in other major cities, Cincinnati has areas that are considered safer than others. Check out our list of Cincinnati’s safest neighborhoods to help you choose where to live or stay in the Queen City.

Safest Cincinnati Areas

  1. Clifton
  2. Columbia Tusculum
  3. Oakley
  4. Hyde Park
  5. Mount Lookout
  6. Sayler Park


Nestled within Cincinnati, Ohio, Clifton’s crime rate is over 70% lower than Cincinnati’s average, with 1,831 crimes per 100,000 people. This figure outshines the national average by 22%, reflecting a commitment to security. Violent crimes are notably 8% lower than the national norm, enhancing its reputation as a secure haven.

Enveloped in a village-like atmosphere, Clifton’s residential streets are graced with historic gas lights, exuding a timeless charm. Its rich history dates back to its 1850 incorporation as a village named after Clifton Farm.

Ludlow Avenue’s Business District is calling, brimming with cozy cafes and laid-back dining spots. Right next to the University of Cincinnati, this area perfectly blends a serene, tree-lined ambiance with a lively nightlife. You’ll find student bars, timeless pubs, and don’t forget to check out the legendary Esquire Theatre.

Clifton is a treat for nature lovers, with spots like Mount Storm Park which houses the historic 1850 “Temple of Love” gazebo. The neighborhood is also home to the stunning Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Cedric G. and Patricia Neils Boulter House. And just a stone’s throw away, you’ll find the famous Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, highlighting the area’s rich variety of attractions.


From 1788, the Columbia Tusculum neighborhood is the oldest gem in Cincinnati’s crown. Admired for its 19th-century Victorian architecture, Columbia Tusculum’s kaleidoscope of painted ladies homes evokes a San Francisco vibe. Only 15 minutes from Downtown Cincinnati, it exudes a sense of community pride reminiscent of its early days.

Columbia-Tusculum boasts safety statistics that inspire confidence. With crime rates 22% lower than the national average and violent crime rates 8% below the norm, residents enjoy peace of mind. This secure environment complements the neighborhood’s walkability and proximity to numerous parks.

Beyond its safety, Columbia-Tusculum is renowned for its dining scene. Allyn’s Cafe serves up Cajun-style delights like Huevos Rancheros, while The Precinct offers upscale steak and seafood dining in a former police patrol house.

Mexican flavors flourish at Tostado’s Grill, while Swampwater Grill’s BBQ and Cajun fusion satisfy any craving. Eli’s BBQ caters to comfort food lovers, and TAGLIO crafts delectable pizzas and Italian bites. The bar scene also thrives with Pearl’s Bar, Stanley’s Pub, and the beloved Streetside Brewery.


Home to 10,456 residents, Oakley flourishes within Hamilton County, offering a prime residence in Ohio. The district thrives as a hub of culinary delight, craft beer havens, and unique boutiques around the Oakley Square. The iconic 20th Century Theater, a converted cinema marvel, resonates with artistic performances.

The Oakley Recreation Center, complete with its playgrounds and pools, further underlines Oakley’s commitment to wholesome living. As the sun sets, the neighborhood’s two open-air retail and entertainment complexes come to life, reaffirming Oakley’s place as a haven of safety, community, and well-rounded living.

Oakley has a high walkability index, inviting residents to explore its lush parks, meander through the charming Oakley Square, and indulge in diverse shopping options, from local boutiques to popular chains.

Culinary enthusiasts revel in its top-rated restaurants, while the 20th Century Theater provides an artistic touch with concerts in a stunning art moderne-style venue. The neighborhood’s origins as the “Four Mile” point on the Madison Turnpike lend it an old-world charm that seamlessly blends with modernity.

What truly sets Oakley apart is its remarkable safety record. With an impressively low estimated crime rate of 1,831 incidents per 100,000 residents, well below the state average of 2,159, Oakley offers residents peace of mind.

Oakley is a secure haven in a city where the chance of falling victim to violent crime stands at 1 in 124. The Oakley Community Council, a dedicated non-profit organization, tirelessly works to preserve and enhance this neighborhood for its residents and local businesses. 

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a neighborhood best known for its scenic Hyde Park Square. This area is packed with fancy boutiques, jewelers, snug cafes, and trendy eateries, giving off a classy and polished vibe.

Not far off, the Observatory Historic District stands tall, named after its old hilltop observatory. The area is a beautiful nod to the past, with a mix of architectural gems from the 1800s.

Safety is paramount in Hyde Park, with a staggeringly low violent crime rate at just 2.190 incidents per 1,000 residents during a standard year. This marks a remarkable 60% lower crime rate than the Cincinnati average, reassuring residents and visitors alike.

Hyde Park’s 13,414 residents, with a median age of 35, embody diversity, with a nearly equal gender split, fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Adding to its allure, the Rookwood Commons & Pavilion shopping complex offers a delightful mix of chain fashion outlets, home-goods stores, and casual eateries catering to every taste and need.

Hyde Park’s central location ensures easy commute, with convenient access to major highways and proximity to downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, all within a mere 10-minute drive.

Mt. Lookout

Just a stone’s throw northwest of Linwood, you’ll find Mount Lookout. This neighborhood offers breathtaking views of the scenic Ohio River valley. Perfect for those who want the best of both worlds, Mount Lookout is conveniently close to Downtown yet maintains a trendy, serene vibe with a touch of classic charm.

With a population of over 4,690 residents, Mount Lookout is a testament to security, boasting an impressive crime rate of merely 14 incidents per 100 individuals per year. Primarily inhabited by a tight-knit community, the neighborhood’s demographic makeup reflects a predominance of 90.2% white residents among its 3,498 inhabitants.

The fact that its folks tend to stick around for a long time speaks volumes about life in the neighborhood. On average, people here live up to 85.8 years. Mount Lookout’s heart is the vast and green Ault Park, spread across 224 acres. It’s not just about feeling safe here; it’s about being close to nature.

At Ault Park, you can wander nature trails, let kids loose on the playgrounds, or relax near the beautiful 1930s pavilion. And come Independence Day, the sky lights up with fireworks that charm both locals and visitors every year.

Sayler Park

Just a quick 15-minute drive from downtown Cincinnati, you’ll find the quaint village of Sayler Park. It’s got that dreamy small-town feel that draws everyone in. The village is steeped in history, and its beloved park, spanning 2.068 acres, became a part of the city’s pride when Sayler Park was annexed in 1911.

Even though it’s close to the city, Sayler Park is a safe haven with a notably low crime rate, making it one of Cincinnati’s safest spots. With only 13 reported crimes per 100 residents, safety is clearly a big part of what makes this village special. With 4,334 folks calling it home, Sayler Park shines bright under Hamilton County’s watchful eye.

Safety’s a big deal in Sayler Park, but there’s also plenty to see and do. Foodies, get ready to fall in love with the flavors at Buddha Barn Thai, a top-notch Thai spot. For those who crave the outdoors, places like Shawnee Lookout, Mt. Airy Forest, and Fernbank Park are just the ticket, whether you’re after a peaceful park stroll or some riverside adventuring.

Is Cincinnati Safe?

Cincinnati is generally a very safe city, particularly if you’re out between the hours of 6AM and 11PM. Most people don’t run into any problems during these times.

While the city is largely welcoming, you should avoid neighborhoods like Westend, Queensgate, and Lower Price.