7 Places to Sell Used Fine China Dishes

Though millennials are not interested in the treasured china dishes, you might be neglecting a golden goose. It is time you put that decade-old china to good use. No, we are not asking you to use them for your next party!  

Most people do not use their china sets. The best way to get rid of them is to sell them. Yes! You can turn those dainty floral teacups and dishes into cash. 

You might not be aware, but many people might pounce on these china dishes. But, before you set out to sell them, try to figure out what it’s worth. From pawn shops to eCommerce stores, there might be many used china dish buyers waiting for you! 

This article will identify the seven best spots to sell your used china dishes. Let’s get started! 

7 Places to Sell Used Fine China Dishes

Sell Your Fine China Dishes at These 7 Places 

This section of the article will explore the seven best places for you to sell your china. Remember, some of these places allow you to negotiate or auction your stuff. 

There’s a good amount of bargaining and haggling that takes place here. Also, it may take you a while to find someone willing to pay a reasonable price for your china dishes.  

Alternatively, you may also go to your local pawn shops and see if they are interested in your offering. 

Here are your go-to places for passing on your china dishes for some bucks: 

  1. The International Association of Dinnerware Matchers 

There is no better place than the International Association of Dinnerware Matchers to sell used china dishes. It is a place of independent tableware dealers who assist customers in locating fine vintage china dishes. 

There’s an option to sell your tableware collection at the site. But, the site has stringent rules about selling used china dishes. You have to mention all the details such as pattern, number of pieces, color, etc. 

The site also mentioned that packaging and shipping charges are the seller’s responsibility. What’s more, IADM also outlines a guide for packing your used china dishes for safe shipping. 

  1. Replacements, Ltd. 

If you are looking too quickly to sell your used china dishes, check out Replacements, Ltd. Selling your used items here is effortless. They have a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process. 

You can fill up the request form, and the staff will get back if they’re interested in buying china dishes. Replacements, Ltd will connect you to the right seller who’s willing to pay the worth of your beautiful china dishes. 

  1. Offerup

Offerup is another phenomenal destination to get the best prices on your used china tableware. You can find many local buyers at this site. Some people claim that Offerup is the Amazon of the used goods selling industry.  

It is one of the easiest platforms to find buyers for your used china dishes. The site sells all common as well as unusual items. 

Also, there are a lot of buyers here who look for quality tableware. As a result, finding a new owner for your used china set won’t be much of a problem. 

  1. Facebook Marketplace 

As of today’s date, Facebook Marketplace is the largest hub for solopreneurs and second-hand items. You can sell anything and everything on the Facebook marketplace. 

The vast user base on Facebook means you’ll receive hundreds of queries on your china dishes. Make sure to upload beautiful, clear, and attractive pictures of your china dishware. Also, be open to negotiation while selling your china dishes on the Facebook marketplace. 

You can also spread the word by joining several seller groups on the platform. However, be aware of shams enquiring about your product on Facebook Marketplace. 

  1. Mercari 

Mercari is just another online selling site. It is much like Craigslist and other selling sites on this list. It is an excellent option for finding interested buyers for your china tableware. 

You can start by creating an account and uploading high-quality pictures of each piece. Try to be transparent with the description of your products. 

While selling at Mercari, you don’t have to meet up with your potential buyer. All you have to do is ship it! Plus, listing at Mercari is free of cost! The platform will only charge you when you complete the sale. 

  1. eBay 

Not only china dishes, but eBay is also the ultimate destination for selling and buying second-hand stuff. eBay might not have a dedicated category for selling china dishware. But, the sparse user base on eBay will surely have someone interested in your used china. 

A tip for selling your china dishes on eBay – don’t keep the prices overwhelmingly high. Most eBay users are looking for cost-effective used objects.  

  1. Etsy 

Etsy is undoubtedly one of the best places to sell any aesthetic object. You will be surprised to know that Etsy already has a section for buying used china dishes. It means the market for used china dishes is not as small as you think. 

There are over 1000 china dishes and sets already existing on the site.  So, make sure you keep your prices competitive. 

It is worth mentioning that Etsy is one of the safest sites to meet potential buyers. Most of its user base is credible and shows genuine interest.

Closing Thoughts 

While selling any used items, you should be smart and safe. Selling your vintage china dishes will take both time and effort. After all, not all people understand the true value of these beauties. 

You might also have to incur packaging and shipping charges. If you don’t want to make an extra expenditure, you may find buyers locally. 

Make sure to update the latest and aesthetical pictures of our china dishes. Your buyers might also be curious about how old they are, their patterns, and other information. 

Our suggestion is to sell a piecemeal at a time to get a better price for them. Anyway, we hope that you find the best prices for your used china dishes. Good luck!