7 Ways to Get Paid to Post Links Online For Companies

Have you ever wondered about ways to make money online? If you’ve found your way to this site, you’re probably interested in ways to earn extra income, and maybe even some passive income ideas to help support you and your family.

In this digital age, it’s all about working smarter, not harder. Making money online is possible for many and you may have wondered how people make money posting links online. If you’d like to learn more about ways to get paid to share links, here’s what you need to know.

How to Get Paid To Share Links

A link, or hyperlink, creates a connection between two web pages. This means that you can click on a link and be redirected to the page the link leads to. 

There are generally two types of links: internal and external links. An internal link connects pages on the same website, whereas an external link helps you navigate to another website.

Many companies will pay you a fee for posting links to their websites. If your site or social media visitors click on that link, then make a purchase from the company, you’ll often earn a certain fee or percentage of the sale.

Here are some of the ways you can get paid for sharing these links.

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7 Ways to Share Linksfor Cash

Can you make money from posting links online? Here are six ways to get paid to post links.

1. Post Links on Your Blog

Do you have large social media followings or a website that generates lots of traffic? Affiliate marketing can be a way to share products and services you love and make money doing it.

What is affiliate marketing? This is when you recommend products to people who follow you and post links that people can visit to get to that product’s page.

If someone makes a purchase through that link, you generate income as a reward for recommending the product. The amount of money earned can vary, but the more traffic and real customers you recommend through affiliates, the more you will make.

The trick is to provide actual helpful content and create real reviews of products. Building a strong image for the community will increase your reputation, and consequently increase your organic growth. 

If this sounds like something, you’d have fun doing, learn more about affiliate marketing.

2. Post Links on Facebook

As one of the top social media platforms, Facebook has lots of opportunities for featuring advertisements through paid links. If you have a business (or are hoping to create one!), creating a business Facebook page can be a free way to start promoting your business and attracting advertisers.

Once your page is created, start sharing it with your friends, family and customers and work on growing your following. Advertisers generally won’t be willing to pay to promote on your page until your follower count has grown, so growing it takes time.

But once you have a larger page, paid link opportunities do become available. All you have to do is to share and get paid.

You can also share affiliate links with your followers as a way to earn income as your page continues to grow.

  • How much can you make? $10-300 a week depending on the size of your page.

3. Referrals

Do you have apps, products or services that you love that you think your friends, family or followers would love too? One way to get paid to post links is to share your referral codes with others.

Many companies pay users to increase their user base. This is done by giving out referral codes, which other potential users can use to sign up on the company’s app. For example, Acorns gives a $10 bonus when others sign up through your referral link.

While this can be a way to get cash by posting links, be sure you are only recommending worthy products and services. Otherwise, they may lose trust in you.

  • How much can you make? $50 a month.

4. Paid Guest Posting

Accepting posts from guest authors can be a good way to increase both the content on your blog and your income. Many online companies and advertising agencies are looking to post guest posts on successful sites that include links to their products and services.

While some services will offer content only, others do have budgets to pay for guest posting. They also have writers accessible that can provide professional content for your site.

Before accepting a guest post, be sure to review the content, as well as the links included to make sure that it is a fit. You’ll also want to set ground rules as far as the types of links (do-follow or no-follow) and be aware of how these impact your own site.

When an article is paid for on your website, you’ll also want to make sure that you provide a sponsorship disclosure as well.

  • How much can you make? $200-300 a month.

5. Paid Surveys

Are you earning cash for surveys? If so, you may be able to earn even more by sharing survey opportunities. Many companies give out surveys, and they’re willing to pay top dollar for every survey completed. 

Some places to look for surveys to take and share include:

This method of posting involves getting as many people as you can to complete surveys, and you’ll earn rewards too.

You can share surveys on your social media handles, or your YouTube page if you have one. Generally, anywhere that gets traffic is an ideal place to post your survey link. Anyone who completes the survey could generate a referral fee for you.

  • How much can you make? $50 a month.

6. Link Shortening

Have you ever wished you could have shorter links? Link shortening involves changing your link into a shorter, more appealing link.

This makes your link more attractive to click. E.g. instead of a suspicious-looking string of letters and numbers, you can make a prettier link like “website.com/refer”.

There are also services that can attach an ad to links that can earn you money. Whenever interested users click on your shortened link, they will view a small ad (5 seconds long). Viewers can then skip the ad by pressing a skip button, which will direct them to the page you linked.

A useful tip would be to embed these ads in trending and relevant content, so it gets the maximum number of interactions. You can shorten URLs with websites such as AdFly.

  • How much can you make? $100 a month.

7. Start A Link Dropping Service

Here’s an out-of-the-box idea for you: maybe you could turn it into a real business and start a link dropping service for bloggers.

To do this, you would need to join different Facebook groups that are relevant to your clients, participate in discussions, and share your clients’ links whenever it’s suitable.

Additionally, you would need to provide answers to the original questions and engage meaningfully with the community. With the right approach, you can help bloggers increase their online exposure and drive traffic to their websites.

Tips Before you start posting links

While posting links can be a way to earn money without any investment, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

In general, users prefer not to be showered with ads and content that they find unappealing. This means that if you start spamming your page, website, or blog with hundreds of ads, this can end negatively for you. Posting too many links can reduce your traffic and income.

When posting links, try and keep a balance between ads and relevant content. Keep it fun, trendy, and helpful. Sprinkle a few advertising links on your blogs and websites, or let users know that ads support you and will help continue to make your content possible. As with all things, balance is key.

Do you have tips on how to get paid to post links that I missed? Leave a comment below!