11 Ways to Get Paid to Play Solitaire

Believe it or not, there are ways to get paid to play solitaire.

Whether you’re a casual player or a pro, there are opportunities out there for you to turn your passion into a side hustle.

How to Make Money by Playing Solitaire

Sit back, shuffle those cards, and let’s dive into the world of getting paid to play solitaire.

1. Play Solitaire for Money on Skill-Based Gaming Websites

Playing solitaire online in a tournament is one method to win cash prizes. For real money, users of these sites may participate in real-time games and tournaments. Some events have prize pools in the hundreds of dollars, while others have much smaller pots.

Usually, you’ll need to sign up for an account and pay a little charge to participate. After that, you may join a tournament or game of your choice and face off against other players. Games are usually timed, and the winner of the game or tournament is awarded the prize money based on their final score.

Solitaire Cash is a top app for playing Solitaire in paid tournaments against other players. You can win anywhere from a few dollars to $50 or more by paying small entry fees to join these tournaments.

The game focuses on speed and accuracy, and if you win, you can cash out your prizes to your bank account or through PayPal.

2. Download Solitaire Apps That Pay

These applications often include virtual currency that can be exchanged for real-world rewards like cash or gift cards. Cash rewards are available for tournament winners in several applications.

Searching the app store or using a website like Swagbucks, and aggregating paid game applications, are good ways to locate these programs. You may start playing solitaire and collecting points as soon as you download the program.

Other Android and IOS apps to win cash by playing solitaire are:

  • Solitaire Cube
  • 21 Blitz
  • Solitaire Smash
  • Solitaire Cash
  • Solitaire Clash

3. Play Solitaire on Paid Survey Sites

This is one of the favorite online jobs among teens.

You may earn points on certain paid survey sites such as InboxDollars by participating in solitaire games and exchanging these points for cash or gift cards. Although this approach won’t lead to a fortune, it can be a way to make extra money in your leisure time.

You must sign up for InboxDollars which provides in-game incentives to participate. After that, you may begin playing solitaire and collecting points.

4. Participate in Solitaire Contests

You may win real money at many online solitaire tournaments. In such competitions, participants must often complete a specified number of games in a certain time, and prize money is awarded to the top scorers in the competition.

To enter a solitaire contest, you will typically need to pay a small entry fee. Once you’ve paid the fee, you will be given a set amount of time to play as many games of solitaire as you can. The player with the highest score at the end of the contest will win the cash prize.

While these contests run year-round, I would say they are more suitable for making money in the winter than in the summer, as you tend to spend more time at home during the colder months.

Side note: Solitaire contests can be quite competitive, so you’ll need to have some skill and strategy to stand a chance of winning. If you’re not amazing at a game (like top 0.1%), you won’t earn anything.

5. Become a Solitaire Streamer

You may make a living as a livestream on Twitch or YouTube by playing solitaire and amusing viewers. Sponsorships, advertisements, and contributions are all ways to monetize your growing audience and viewership.

Start by making a Twitch account and broadcasting your solitaire sessions there. Viewers may ask questions and get advice on playing better, and you can participate in the conversation. The more subscribers you have, the more money you may make from advertising on your channel.

Just like Solitaire contests, this is quite saturated market. Less than a few thousand Twitch streamers, which accounts for less than 0.1 percent of all streamers, earn more than minimum wage.

That said, if you want to make it big as a streamer, you gotta have some marketing and digital production skills up your sleeve. That way, you can create super entertaining videos and streams that will keep your viewers hooked.

If you’re not too hot on the tech stuff, no worries! You can always team up with someone who’s got the skills to help bring your content to life.

6. Create Solitaire Videos for YouTube

Make YouTube videos of yourself playing solitaire instead of streaming live if that’s your thing. Advertisements, sponsorships, and affiliate programs are all viable revenue streams, and making instructional or amusing gaming videos may get you a following and financial reward.

To begin recording your solo playing on YouTube, create a YouTube account first. The videos may have music, additional effects, or commentary added to them during the editing process.

The potential to make more money from sponsorships and adverts increases with the number of subscribers to your channel.

7. Write Solitaire Guides and Ebooks

If you have an extensive understanding of solitaire games and strategy, you might help others by penning books or ebooks. Your ebooks and manuals will sell well on websites like Amazon and Etsy and your site. The key to making money from your writing is providing material readers value.

Selecting a topic constitutes the fundamental element in writing a book or ebook. There is no taboo on discussing winning solitaire strategies, helpful tips, or even the game’s backstory. Format it as you would for a publication, and then upload it to your chosen platform when you’re ready to share it with the world.

8. Sell Solitaire Merchandise

If you’re artistic, you can make money on sites like Etsy and Redbubble by making and selling solitaire-related goods. Designs may include cards, the game board, or even puns on the game’s name. You can increase your sales and win over consumers by making items in demand stand out from the competition.

The first step is deciding what kinds of things you want to make. Merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs, phone covers, and stickers may be offered. After finalizing your product designs, you can open a storefront on any available e-commerce platform and begin taking orders.

9. Participate in Solitaire Testing

Game development companies often seek the expertise of experienced gamers to playtest and provide feedback. If you provide some of your time to help enhance solitaire, you’ll be compensated for it.

You should begin your search for a position testing solitaire by looking at job boards and making direct contact with game developers. These are both excellent locations to look at. You’ll need to be able to provide precise feedback and report any issues that arise while you’re playing.

10. Offer Solitaire Coaching Services

If you’re an expert at playing solitaire, you may function as a coach for other people and assist them better their game. One option is to give individual coaching on an hourly basis. Another possibility is to develop online courses and sell access to them for a charge.

Establishing oneself as a coach requires several steps, the first of which is developing an internet presence. It is feasible to attract new customers by offering them free blog articles and movies to watch on your website.

When you have established a clientele, you will be able to turn your coaching knowledge into a profitable business by charging for your services.

11. Find a job that allows you to play Solitaire during work

While playing Solitaire on Twitch or other apps that offer prizes can be fun, the reality is that the earnings from these sources are usually not substantial. So, if you’re serious about making money playing Solitaire, your best bet is to find a job that allows you to play during work hours.

One option is to look for jobs that are not too demanding, such as a night janitor, gas station attendant during slow morning hours, or crane operator, where you may have downtime during your shift. With jobs like these, you can play Solitaire during breaks or downtime, and earn money from your employer at the same time.

Another option is to look for work-from-home jobs, which allow you to set your own schedule and work in a comfortable environment. With this kind of job, you can play Solitaire during breaks, and even while you work, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your productivity.

Of course, playing Solitaire during work should never compromise your performance or responsibilities. However, if you’re able to find a job that offers some downtime, it can be a great way to make some extra cash while enjoying your favorite game.

Making Money Playing Solitaire

There are many ways to get paid to play solitaire, from competing in online tournaments to creating solitaire-themed merchandise. By leveraging your skills and creativity, you can earn money while doing something you enjoy.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, there are opportunities to make money playing solitaire.