4 Ways To Get Paid To Write About Your Life

Life can be full of a lot of experiences. Some are good, and some are dreadful.

Get Paid To Write About Your Life

However, regardless of how these experiences turn out, these moments and experiences are never forgetful. The memories you experience are unique, and many will not get to experience them, despite their wishes. 

Ever since the early ages, reading has been a way of interpretation for humans. Where experiences fail, words can stimulate them and allow you to visualize them. While sharing your stories with people is an interesting thought, earning a few bucks alongside will sound even better! 

So how can you be paid to write about your life? Let’s find out. 


One of the best ways to share your experiences and make money while doing it is to start your blog. Think of blogs as online journals. Here, you can pen down your experiences and stories of your life without any limitations. 

Perhaps you recently made the trip of your life, had a baby, or were promoted at your job. You could elaborate on the experience through the blog to help prepare for the necessities and know what to expect.

Initially, blogging will not bring you much money. However, as your blog generates more views in the long run, you can integrate various monetization tools and strategies to profit from your blog. Using the right strategies and curating interesting content can allow you to earn up to $50K. $50K as a passive income sounds like a good deal! 


Developed by the Former Twitter CEO, Medium is another platform dedicated to helping you tell your story to the world. According to the platform, Medium has over 100 million readers coming together to share their stories and experiences. 

However, the platform has certain criteria for you to earn through its partner program, including being over 18. You must write at least one story on the platform. While there is no limit to the stories you can post, Medium requires you to have at least a hundred followers to earn. Lastly, you must publish one story every six months to keep your account active. 

If you qualify for the given criteria, Medium will respond to your application within a few working days. On Medium, you write a story and let the app do the rest. As long as your publication stays on the platform, Medium will remain a source of passive income for you. 

You can also maximize your earnings by referring others and promoting your blog. Your earnings will depend on how many people visit your blog. To maximize traffic on your Medium blog, add multiple stories and be an active platform member. 

However, working for Medium has only one catch; The application is only available in some countries, so ensure to check the platform’s availability before putting more research into Medium.

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Quora Plus

Anyone who has been on the internet long enough has heard about Quora. Nevertheless, did you know that Quora also has a partnership program that can help you to earn money by sharing your experiences? But, earning through Quora Plus is not as simple as joining the platform and start writing. 

Quora only allows you to earn by sending you an invite to Quora Plus. Being a trusted member of Quora’s society, the forum pays you to share your thoughts and advice with people seeking answers to their questions. 

Apart from being invited, Quora Plus does not have any significant requirements. Focus on writing helpful answers and participating in threads with many views. Once Quora thinks that you have been an active participant and added value to their platform, they will choose you for their Quora Plus program. 

As you answer questions and people upvote your responses, you are all set to earn profit from sharing your experiences and advice with the internet worldwide. Once you make it to Quora Plus, consider reading various threads on the platform to maximize your profits. 


If you have been through some experiences that will make great advice for relationships and mental well-being, Greatist is the right platform for you. Focused on helping people to become a better version of themselves, Greatist accepts blogs on mental health, life, and relationships. 

Their target audience is focused on people in their 20s and 30s since this phase can be critical for changing your life for good. You can write here about how people can manage their expenses, deal with troubles in their relationships, or maintain a healthy relationship. 

Greatist is also an amazing platform for anyone recovering from substance abuse or addiction and managing their time better. 

When writing on this platform, your guides must be at least 1000-1500 words long. Greatist will pay you at least $125 for every article they accept. Considering you write one blog every day and it gets accepted, you will accumulate a healthy amount! 

Final Words

Earth is a place scattered with experiences all across the globe but, only some are fortunate enough to enjoy all their desired experiences. Writing is the ultimate savior for the unfortunate. If you have been lucky enough to experience something rare, sharing it with others might be a good idea. 

While the others will get a chance to stimulate the experience and get an idea of what to expect, it might also help you feel happy and complete. Talking about an experience you cherish will also give you a chance to relive those memories and feel lively again. 

The platforms mentioned above are the perfect places for writing about your life. Not only do these sites bring you interested readers, but they will also pay you for telling your story to the world. 

The earnings from these platforms will allow you to integrate a passive option into your income stream and make writing more fun. However, Ensure to perform due diligence beforehand to choose the right option. 

We hope you found the provided information helpful!

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