Does AutoZone Price Match Walmart And Amazon?

When you compare products online, it is very convenient to get all the prices on the same platform. Instead of surfing the prices on ten different sites, you can review and check for the perfect fit for your budget in one place. How about a site that provides a price match for products?

Especially for products such as automotive, finding good quality at a reasonable price can be a daunting task. Therefore, sites like AutoZone price match for comparison and purchasing a product efficiently and smartly.

AutoZone has a price match feature; read on to understand the benefits of price match and how to avail of Price Match on AutoZone.

Does AutoZone Price Match Amazon and Walmart?

AutoZone Price Match policy has stated its guidelines for price match very clearly. There are a few points to note and then avail of the service.

AutoZone does not price match with any other online competitor. They do not price match with Walmart or Amazon either.

Hence, when opting for the price match feature on AutoZone, it is necessary to note the exclusions mentioned above. Therefore, you can avoid confusion, and you can shop smartly.

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What Does Price Match Mean?

Price match is the feature in which stores offer to match the prices of competing sellers. They execute the process with retail signs, promotions, and adverts.

Companies should have a detailed and transparent price matching policy. An online store could offer a price match with the other online stores but not include the price match’s local stores.

The practice of price match helps customers to organize their purchasing decision while also saving some money. Therefore, it gives an added benefit to stores to promote their products while comparing their prices and explaining the benefits and the reasons for their prices.

The potential customers feel confident by purchasing from your store as they know the value of the product they pay for.

Process of Price Match at AutoZone

Although AutoZone offers a price match, this feature comes with a certain constraint. Like any other company’s price match policy, AutoZone has a set of exclusions and inclusions.

The exclusions of the AutoZone price match policy are listed below:

  • AutoZone will not price match the products that you purchase online.
  • There are only selected companies that AutoZone matches the price. That means that companies you would like to check and compare prices for may not be included. You would have to check them manually.
  • If you see a lower price and put it up for suggestion, you need to prove it. There wouldn’t be a price match without any proof.

To avail of the price match service, here is the process:

  • You need to offer proof of the product that you want AutoZone to price match.
  • The product’s features should match or be close to the product’s feature that you would want to price match with.
  • Unless the product is in stock, AutoZone will not price match it.
  • Companies need to be eligible in certain criteria; only then will AutoZone approve to price match.

AutoZone follows the process as mentioned earlier to apply for a price match with detailed scrutiny. Once AutoZone approves the process, and it is proven to be legitimate, then you would be able to avail yourself of the price match service at AutoZone.

Benefits of Price Match

Price Match is a marketing technique that helps the customers choose smartly and understand the value of the product they are purchasing.

The benefit of having a price match feature is that the company that offers a price match feature already has the lowest price. The low price can hinder the business’s sales as the customers may perceive the product to have a lower quality.

Hence, while price matching, the company explains the reason and the benefit of the product over the other products.

AutoZone Gift Cards

Gift Cards from huge companies, especially those you have to save up to make a purchase, make the best gifts.

Therefore, AutoZone offers gift cards for automotive and accessories. It is an exciting gift for car lovers. The AutoZone gift cards get delivered with the company’s standard design; there are fifteen other looks available too.

You can also make a customized AutoZone Gift Card.

Companies Other Than AutoZone That Price Match

AutoZone is certainly not the only company that offers price match. Other companies offer price matches as it’s a great marketing technique.

Here are some of the companies that offer price match:

  1. Walmart: They would price match any other identical product in stock.
  2. Target: Similar products available at other online retailers. The products are price matched if they are in stock.
  3. Dick’s Sporting Goods: They products that are available at their qualifying stores.
  4. Bed Bath & Beyond: Any product similar to the chosen product, available at the online retail store or the local store. 


Price Match is a very helpful function for both the buyer and the seller. The buyers get to market their products effectively even though they are at a low price. The sellers can smartly purchase as they are fully aware of several brands’ features for the same product.

AutoZone, one of the largest online retail stores, offers price match. However, certain restrictions come with the service. AutoZone aims to offer the best services, and thus it has enabled the price match feature.

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