These Are the 10 Sunniest Places in the Midwest

If you live in the Midwest and love the sun, this list is for you. We looked at the data and found the 10 sunniest cities in the region. These towns aren’t just sunny; they’re great places to live.

1. Dodge City, Kansas

Dodge City in Ford County, Kansas, is well-known for its cowboy history, but it’s also a sunny place to live with 241 total sunny days per year. The city gets about 22 inches of rain and 19 inches of snow, so you’re looking at around 70 days where you’ll need an umbrella or snow boots.

Even though Dodge City has a strong tie to the Old West, today it’s a mix of history and modern living. About 27,000 people live here, and they have access to everything from museums that tell the story of the town’s past to parks where families can enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re a fan of warm weather, June through September are the months to be in Dodge City.

2. Concordia, Kansas

Nestled in Cloud County, Kansas, Concordia shines with an impressive 226 sunny days a year. The city sees about 29 inches of rain and about 14 inches of snow, so you won’t be stuck indoors for long. With roughly 5,000 people living in the area, it’s a cozy town to live in.

Concordia has more to offer than just sunshine. It’s a community where folks get to know their neighbors. With a mix of historical buildings and new developments, it has a small-town feel with modern conveniences. There’s a blend of activities available, from local festivals to peaceful walks in the park.

3. Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, the largest city in Kansas, has a big-city vibe but with 225 sunny days, it’s also a sunny haven. This city receives around 32 inches of rain and just under 10 inches of snow each year, so you’ll still need a raincoat but maybe not as many scarves and mittens.

Home to more than 389,000 people, Wichita offers a mix of urban and suburban lifestyles. From bustling downtown areas to quiet neighborhoods, there’s something for everyone. The city offers a broad range of activities, from arts and culture to outdoor adventure. You can catch a theater show or simply enjoy a picnic in one of its many parks.

5. Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, straddling the border between Missouri and Kansas, dazzles with an average of 216 sunny days per year. Don’t forget your umbrella, though—the city does receive about 39 inches of rain annually, along with approximately 13 inches of snow. But the sunshine more than makes up for it.

This city is a great place to live, packed with around 500,000 people. Here, you can dig into everything from mouth-watering barbecue to vibrant arts scenes. Music fills the air, especially jazz and blues, and sports fans cheer for their home teams like it’s their job.

6. Cairo, Illinois

Cairo, pronounced “Care-o,” is a small city at the southern tip of Illinois where the Ohio and Mississippi rivers meet. With 217 sunny days a year, it’s a sunny spot in the Midwest. Rainfall is around 45 inches a year, and you can expect about 8 inches of snow.

Though its population is just under 2,500 people, Cairo has a rich history and a strategic location that has shaped its identity. It has scenic river views and historic buildings that tell stories of the past. There’s room to breathe in Cairo, open spaces to explore, and yes, plenty of sunshine to enjoy.

7. Topeka, Kansas

Topeka, the capital of Kansas, enjoys a generous 211 sunny days a year, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Though the city gets around 36 inches of rain and 17 inches of snow a year, the sunshine usually makes a triumphant return.

With nearly 127,000 people, Topeka serves as a hub for Kansas politics and education, but it also packs a punch when it comes to everyday enjoyment. There’s a laid-back vibe here, with parks and open spaces offering a break from urban life.

8. Springfield, Missouri

Springfield, in southwest Missouri, shares the spotlight with Topeka when it comes to sunny days, clocking in at 211 a year. The city receives about 45 inches of rain annually and around 17 inches of snow.

With a population of over 160,000, Springfield is known as the “Queen City of the Ozarks” and offers plenty of reasons to spend time outdoors. From the nearby Ozark Mountains to a range of parks and lakes, there’s no shortage of spots to catch some rays. Beyond nature, the city offers a good mix of urban amenities including shopping, dining, and entertainment options, all ready to be enjoyed under the Missouri sun.

9. Moline, Illinois

Tucked away in the heart of the Midwest, Moline is a city that loves its sunshine. With 201 sunny days each year, you won’t lack for opportunities to be outdoors. Moline gets around 39 inches of rain and 28 inches of snow annually, but the sun usually isn’t far behind.

Around 43,000 people live in Moline, which is one of the Quad Cities along the Mississippi River. The city offers a blend of outdoor and indoor activities. For a sunny day, you could visit the beautiful Riverside Park, or if you’re a fan of John Deere tractors, the John Deere Pavilion offers a fun indoor option.

10. Evansville, Indiana

Evansville, Indiana, steps up to the plate with 202 sunny days per year, giving you plenty of time to explore what the city has to offer. The city sees about 44 inches of rain and 12 inches of snow each year, but when the sun is out, it truly shines.

Evansville has a population of 117,000 and sits near the Kentucky border and is often referred to as the “Crescent City” because of the way it bends along the Ohio River. Whether it’s taking a peaceful walk along the river or checking out the Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science, the city offers a mix of activities that feel even better under the sun.

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