10 Slow-Paced Jobs That Pay Well With No Experience

Let me guess! You are looking for a slow-paced, low-energy and low-stress job that pays decently? You’re not alone!

One of the most important aspects of life is the peace we have in our lives, minds, and hearts. But it is also the hardest to achieve. Many of us are drowning with one problem on one day and ten problems the next day.

The daily hustle and bustle of our lives barely allow us to take a breath in peace. The pressure and stress are enough to drive a person insane.

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The Best Slow-Paced Jobs

This might sound like something out of a fairytale. Not to worry! We have gathered 7 slow-paced jobs that are perfect for just about any situation.

Whether you are looking for a change of career or even a side hustle, this article is perfect for you.

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Being a writer is one of the most sought-after jobs in today’s world.

This field is so versatile and has countless niches and specialization areas.

Even if you are a beginner with no experience, you can easily get into this occupation. 

Creativity is the biggest weapon of a writer. The ability to form sentences with mere words is nothing less than magic.

Some people spend years trying to hone their skills, while some are born gifted.

The famous author J.R.R. Tolkien took almost 17 years to write the “Lord of the Rings” series. It is considered one of the best fantasy literary pieces. 

There are many niches you can explore and choose the one that suits you best. You can be a novelist if you are a fan of fiction. 

If you are interested in fiction stories and novels, you could publish your book someday. Be the next Tolkien or Rowling!

Storytellers are the most imaginative people of all. Building an entire world and bringing its characters to life with just the power of a pen is truly something to behold. To be able to captivate your readers and transport them to a different world and take the ride alongside them is truly delightful. 

You can start a blog or write articles. If you spend a lot of time on social media, you can be a writer there too. Social media writers are in demand all the time. Web content writers create material for websites. If you are good with words and a good communicator, you can use your talent to write speeches and essays. 

The power to write is the most potent dynamism on Earth. You can use your writing to raise your voice and convey a message to everyone around the world.

Help the less fortunate who do not have this luxury. Some literary genres of writing include fashion, technology, pets, fantasy, mystery, science fiction, children’s stories, horror, romance, action, and adventure. 

As you can see, the world of writing is exceptionally diverse. Some writing categories are mentioned below:

  • SEO Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Blog Post Writing
  • Web-content 
  • Social Media Writing
  • Resume/Cover Letters
  • Books/eBooks/short stories
  • Video scripts
  • Biographies/autobiographies
  • Product descriptions
  • Content for educational courses
  • Speeches/essays

You can work as a freelance writer on services like Upwork. Or you can even apply for a company that specializes in content writing. It is a whole new world out there, be brave enough to explore it! 


If you are good at painting captivating landscapes and drawing life-like sketches, this is the path for you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be the next Picasso or Van Gogh to earn a decent salary.

The world of colors is beautiful to lose oneself. But many people hesitate to make a career out of this profession. And rightly so. It can be very awarding if done right, but it takes patience, time, and effort to reach there. 

If you have this hidden aspiration of being an artist, what is holding you back? In today’s world of social media, there are plenty of people who are making a living out of selling their art online. Etsy is a great place to sell your art. Facebook and Instagram are also popular sites for displaying your work and selling it. Connect with your customers and make your work so good that people just cannot resist! 

You can even go the traditional way and open your art gallery or display your art in an existing one. It is all a matter of preference and picking the right platform.

One of the most important things in this profession is how your customers perceive your work and your ratings. Word of mouth travels faster than the speed of light! A good rating will boost your sales and attract more customers. Make sure your work is of the highest quality. A happy customer is bound to return for more. 

Online food business

Want to make money online?

This has been one of the most popular family businesses in recent years. Everyone needs food, and there is plenty of easy food to make and sell!

People can start an online food business easily from the comfort of their own homes. The only two things customers require from you is that the food should be delicious and hygienic. 

This particular field has so many areas; you can pick any style of cooking. You can choose a specific cuisine and focus on that, like Italian or Chinese. Some people go for organic food and cook their dishes accordingly. 

You can prepare desserts, family lunches, food for special occasions, weddings, birthday cakes, lunches, and much more. Many people choose to specialize in one kind of dish as well. For example, some deliver freshly baked, delicious chocolate fudge brownies or custom cakes. It is up to you to decide what is convenient for you. 

Once you have established your reputation, the orders will come rushing in! You do not even need a professional kitchen setup or expensive equipment to start this business.

You can literally walk into your kitchen right now, make something tasty, put it online, add some good marketing, and voila! 

Software Developer

Remember the games you spent hours playing? The app you used to edit your pictures? The program you used to keep track of the daily budget. All of these are made by software developers. 

Software developers are the creative souls behind an app or software you may come across. There are two main categories: applications software developer and systems software developer.

Applications software developers are responsible for the design and development of computer and mobile apps. With improving technology and everyone being a smartphone user, the need for such developers is constantly increasing.

Many people prefer developing apps from the comfort of their homes and publishing them in the market. In contrast, others prefer working within a company. Whatever your preferred way is, it is a sure way to earn a handsome amount of money. Who knows, you could even start your studio tomorrow!

Systems software developers design and create software that is focused on the backend processing systems. These are the mechanisms that are in play behind the scenes. Users barely have any interaction with these as they are used for administrative purposes.

Systems software developers are also responsible for testing and modifying systems so they operate accurately and reliably. They must consider customer feedback and make changes accordingly. They use development tools to write and test code to develop solutions.  

Being a software developer has its ups and downs. But there is something to do for everyone. Whether you are the tech wizard in the family or just a beginner interested in Excel side hustle and learning the necessary skills, the hard work will pay off if you put in sincere efforts and dedication.

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Graphics Designer 

This is arguably one of the most popular fields that are rising quickly. Due to its versatile nature of work, this is the side hustle of choice for many. You can work as a freelancer or work with a company recruiting graphic designers. 

The eye-catching banners you see on billboards, pamphlets delivered to your home, advertising posters you see on social media, are designed by skilled graphic designers. It takes a creative mind and an imaginative soul to create something breathtaking. 

Playing around with different hues of colors, deciding what font goes best, making a creative design all require a sharp eye and mind. Even if you are a beginner and with no experience, it is not hard to learn. It is one of the easiest skills you can acquire. 

You can utilize many online resources to develop your skills, like Coursera, edX, Udacity. Many paid courses help lay the foundation for your career, going from beginner to advanced levels. A certificate of completion is also offered that you can add to your resume. There are courses offered by leading ivy league schools like Harvard, CalArts, and more. If you cannot invest in a paid course, there is always YouTube. Countless tutorials are designed for you. Choose the one you like and get started right away!

Before you start designing, it is important to know and understand the areas of graphics design. We have added a few for you below:

  • Brand identity: as the name suggests, brand identity deals with the visual image of a brand that is seen and perceived by customers and the audience. The mood, theme, tone, essence, presence, and emotions that the brand conveys are of the greatest importance. To be able to channel these unembodied qualities into shapes, images, and colors, a skilled graphics designer is very appreciated and high in demand. Whether it is a major brand or a small-scale business, brand identity is an essential aspect. 

From deciding the color palettes and typography to designing logos, business cards, posters, banners, social media posts, this is the most common and popular category of graphics design. Strong visual concepts and a good understanding and implementation of creative design is an asset.

  • Marketing and advertising: successful marketing is the key to success for any business. Companies invest a lot in advertising and making sure they reach most of the audience, if not all. For this, graphics designers that can engage customers and get them attracted to the company are needed. Marketing designers work with directors, social media managers, owners, or marketing professionals to discuss then create the required material for advertising. Some examples of this category are flyers, brochures (print and digital), email marketing, menu designs, social media ads and banners, images for websites and blogs, etc. 

This area works great for entry-level positions as they get the opportunity to acquire valuable skills and gain experience. Marketing designers should have excellent communication skills, time management skills, in addition to graphics skills. Having a good idea of several graphic designs, layouts, presentations, print production, and online publishing is a plus. 

  • User interface (UI) design: this deals with how the user sees and interacts with applications. The task of a UI designer is to design user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing app designs with technical functionality. It deals with the user’s visual experience, including buttons, menus, login screens, layout, and more.  UI designers are in constant demand as apps would not exist without UI/UX designers. Make a strong portfolio, and you can land a job with a major company!

The world of graphic design is very vast. There are many more categories you can choose from, in addition to the ones mentioned above. Make sure you do your research before choosing one.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are the backbone of marketing and advertising. They are responsible for brand promotions, marketing campaigns, social media analytics, and audience engagement.

They must constantly monitor the social media activity of their brands and suggest creative ideas and innovative solutions for increasing audience engagement every day. 

Good social media managers are always in demand in any company as they add value to the brand. They report to directors or the head of the brand. They work with creative teams and the public relations team to coordinate campaigns and ideas for ongoing company initiatives.

These are some of the top 6 slow-paced jobs that have gained popularity over the years. You can pursue them as a full-time career or engage in one as a side hustle.

People of all ages can go for one or more of these, even from a young age. In today’s world, it is important to have a job that you love and preserve your sense of self and sanity! So, give a try to one of these a, you never know, it could completely change your life!


A janitor, also known as a custodian or cleaner, is a professional who is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and cleanliness of buildings such as schools, office buildings, and residential complexes.

Duties can vary widely depending on the size and type of the facility, but common tasks include sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, emptying trash and recycling bins, and ensuring supplies like soap and toilet paper are stocked.

Janitorial work can be physically demanding as it often involves bending, lifting, and standing for long periods of time. Janitors might also be responsible for maintaining outdoor areas, shoveling snow, or performing minor maintenance tasks like changing light bulbs or fixing leaky faucets.

While the job of a janitor can be slow-paced in terms of not requiring rushed or time-sensitive work, it does require attention to detail, a degree of physical stamina, and the ability to work independently.

Janitors often work after hours when buildings are empty, so they must be trusted to work unsupervised and protect the safety and security of the buildings they clean.

No formal education is typically required for janitorial work, and most skills are learned on the job. Some larger facilities, especially those in industries like healthcare or food production, might require janitors to complete training in specific cleaning methods or safety protocols.

In some cases, janitors might be part of a union or similar organization that provides job protection and negotiates wages and benefits.

Night Auditor

A Night Auditor is a key role within the hospitality industry, typically found in hotels, motels, and resorts. This role is generally responsible for the overnight operations at these establishments, ensuring seamless service and a smooth transition from the evening to the morning shift.

Night Auditors usually work the front desk, checking in any late-arriving guests, responding to guest inquiries or issues, and providing excellent customer service even during off-peak hours. This can also include tasks such as making reservations, answering phone calls, and occasionally assisting with luggage or providing local information.

Apart from customer service, Night Auditors have a critical role in daily financial reporting. They’re often responsible for reviewing and reconciling the day’s transactions, auditing the accounts and postings of all departments, and preparing daily revenue reports. This involves a good understanding of the property management systems and the point of sales systems used at the establishment.

Depending on the size and the structure of the hotel, the Night Auditor might also supervise other overnight staff such as security officers or cleaning staff, and ensure that safety and security standards are upheld. In cases of emergency, the Night Auditor may need to coordinate with local authorities or the hotel’s management.

Even though the role of a Night Auditor doesn’t usually require specific prior experience, it does require a blend of customer service skills and a basic understanding of accounting. A high school diploma is typically required, and a degree in hospitality or experience in customer service or bookkeeping can be beneficial.

Due to the overnight hours, Night Auditors must be comfortable working late and maintaining a high level of alertness and professionalism even during the quiet hours.

Mailroom Clerk

A Mailroom Clerk, sometimes known as a Mail Clerk or Postal Clerk, is an integral role in many organizations, responsible for managing the flow of mailed and shipped items. They typically work in the mailrooms of businesses, government offices, hospitals, universities, and other institutions that regularly send and receive large volumes of mail.

The role of a Mailroom Clerk involves sorting and distributing incoming mail, packages, and interoffice communications to the appropriate recipients within the organization. They also handle outgoing mail, which may involve packing items, addressing envelopes or packages, applying postage, and scheduling pickups with postal services or couriers.

In addition to handling mail, Mailroom Clerks may be responsible for maintaining records of incoming and outgoing items, tracking packages, and managing inventory of mailroom supplies such as envelopes, stamps, and packing materials. In some organizations, they may also be required to operate and maintain mailroom equipment like postage meters, folding machines, or envelope printers.

While the job of a Mailroom Clerk is typically entry-level and does not require specific prior experience, it does require strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work efficiently. As the job often involves lifting and moving boxes, a certain degree of physical fitness is typically required. Basic computer skills may also be needed for record-keeping and tracking tasks.

Education requirements for a Mailroom Clerk are usually minimal, with many roles only requiring a high school diploma or equivalent. On-the-job training is typically provided to familiarize new clerks with the organization’s mail procedures and any equipment they’ll be using.

What do other people think?

A good way to gauge if the job is really slow-paced and a right fit for you is to see what real people think. So, what do people think are good slow-paced jobs?

  • “Most government jobs. There are some exceptions, but a lot of government jobs are slow paced. Even IT jobs which are fast paced in the private sector can be very slow and inefficient in the public sector. Some site security jobs where you’re just guarding a fixed facility. Retail jobs at stores that don’t sell much. I’ve worked fast paced retail, but some stores are slow paced.” – allworkisthesame said.
  • “Science is pretty slow paced, but mostly because it’s meticulous. Have you considered working in a lab? Not sure what your qualifications are but that could be something.” – AllOutCareers said.
  • “Data entry jobs, including accounting and bookkeeping. Anything, where accuracy is valued, isn’t going to think the slowness is bad (btw, you’re not slow, you’re thorough in job interviews), such as proofer, quality control, and many jobs in it and such” – appleandcheddar said.

Basically, the consensus is Government jobs like park ranger or similar. Actually, any kind of government job. Science jobs as they are detail-oriented jobs, or data entry jobs where accuracy is valued more than speed.

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