4 Places To Sell Funko Pops Online and Locally

Have you been looking for where to sell Funko pops? Or maybe before now you have always thought that they are very hard to sell. That would be very far from the truth. Today, just like in times past, many people place a lot of value in these collectibles and are willing to pay top dollar for them. Funko pops come in different shapes and sizes, and due to the rising demand, there is always someone who is willing to buy yours from you.

So whether you are looking to trade off your massive collection of pops or the few you have in your bottom drawer, there is a market waiting for you to sell them off. In this blog post, we will show you easy places you can flip your Funko pops online as quickly as possible so keep reading.

How to determine the value of your funko pops

Before we show you where to sell funko pops, you first need to know how to determine their value. Funko pops are classed under collectibles, and their prices are never the same since they change depending on their demand. Furthermore, Funko pops are of different types, with some having thousands of individual figures while a few were only released in limited value

This is why some funko pops never accumulate value. In fact, most do not, but the ones that were released under limited editions accumulate value after a while when they are no longer available on supermarket shelves. So what is the best way to determine the value of your funko pops?

The easiest way to do that is to use Value aggregation websites like poppriceguide.com. This site has an inventory tracking tool that provides users with evolving prices of different pieces. Another way to evaluate price is to look at eBay listings to see how many different pops are going for and compare their prices with yours.

Where to sell Funko pops

Now, let us review some of the places you can sell your funko pops for a good price online.


eBay is one of the best places to sell funko pops because there are thousands of sellers looking to buy them on this platform. You can list your pops on your page or sell them via eBay franchises.

All you will have to do is to create a listing page and upload clear images of your pops on the page for interested buyers to see. You can pick one pop from every box and arrange them on a table or flat surface before taking a picture. If they have any flaws, you are expected to list them as well as mark the “Used” icon, so buyers know what they are buying to avoid future disputes.

Funko pops collectors are quite picky about the pieces they buy, so you want to make sure the box is in good condition, and your listing provides accurate representations of the pops.

As long as you have a PayPal account, you can sell your pops on eBay but note that the platform takes a 10% cut from the sale. With the amount of traffic eBay gets, you should be able to sell yours within days or weeks if they are in good condition.

Besides, on eBay you can sell used Disney VHS Tapes, board games, or even your prom dress.

Facebook Community Sales

Another place where to sell funko pops for cash is Facebook Community groups. These groups are quite popular for sellers who don’t want to pay the 10% commission fee demanded by eBay. You will find community groups on Facebook dedicated to anything that has to do with Funko pops. Here, buyers, sellers, and facilitators coordinate to trade pops.

What makes these groups a huge draw is because of the level of transparency. The buyers and sellers are accountable to each other, and you know who you are dealing with at every point in time, so the chances that you will get scammed is low. The only downside to FB groups is the level of competition, so you require a lot of effort to get the attention of buyers.

Lot Sales

There is another method sellers who want to get rid of large units utilize, and that is with lot sales. Lot sales involve selling many units at discounted rates instead of spending so much time and energy selling them in smaller units. You can mix your higher value pops with the not so valuable ones. While you can do a lot of sales on eBay, there are special online platforms dedicated to marketing large volumes of pops.

If you have so many pops to sell, you can use established lot stores to sell them off. At the end of the day, your take-home profit will be similar to how much you would have made had you spent time selling only the more valuable pops in bits.


Still looking for where to sell funko pops? You can try Reddit.

Just like Facebook, Reddit has loads of exclusive subreddits for funko pops. On these forums, people share their pictures of their pops. While not every member is looking to sell or buy pops, there are active collectors in these subreddits who buy them.

To sell on these forums, you need to adhere to their rules. You also need to know that the rules here are far more stringent than on Facebook, and buyers are very choosy and demand significant information on the items they buy. While you may not make much profit from Subreddits, at least you still get to sell off Funko pops that you have no need for. On top of that, you don’t pay any commission from the sale, so you keep all the proceeds.


If you have been looking for where to sell funko pops, we hope this post has thrown more light on online mediums where you can do so. These mediums provide you with access to buyers and collectors, and you can utilize all of them to find a willing buyer who will offer you a very good price.